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Business Degree Programs in Shanghai, China

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Raffles Design Institute-Shanghai:
Established in 1994, Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai is a collaboration between Singapore’s Raffles Design Institute and Dong Hua University, China. The college enjoys pioneer status as one of the earliest approved Sino-Foreign Joint Cooperative Schools in China. Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai is located within the campus of Dong Hua University, one of the most prestigious top ranking universities in China. Throughout its 20 years of development, Raffles Design Institute, Shanghai has become the leading creative and business education provider in China offering higher education programs of international standards across a variety of disciplines in a multicultural setting.

Photo of Business Degree Programs in Shanghai, ChinaManagement is an exhilarating career choice if you have a broad interest for the stimulating world of business. It will allow you to work in a wide range of office administrative roles that are in high demand worldwide.

Business industry is very versatile; Our syllabus is evolving constantly, not only in response to general knowledge itself, but also to evolving nature of the commercial industries. The courses offer a broad range of management issues and solutions, taught and guided by a pool of dedicated, well qualified international lecturers.

Through lectures, assignments and research, students examine topics such as Business Law, Strategic Management, Business Policy and Risk Management. Students learn how to apply their knowledge and skills to different real-world scenarios through case studies and project-based methods.

This major will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to work in this dynamic and exciting industry. With a sound knowledge of the basic principles associated with commerce and management, you will gain access to employment opportunities in management across different industry sectors.

Fashion Marketing

Image of Business Degree Programs in Shanghai, ChinaThis course teaches you how to market fashion, bringing the world’s fashion from the designer’s studio to the wholesale showroom and to the retail outlets.

You will learn a wide range of business activities in fashion, branding, retail, merchandising and international marketing that fosters creativity, innovation and good business acumen.

Fashion Marketing is an exciting field that opens up many opportunities in the fashion industry. It’s one of the major components that drive the fashion industry. You will learn how to develop, analyse and implement brand strategies, study buying and merchandising practices, plan and execute effective advertising and promotional strategies.

As the fashion and retail industries continue to grow, more trained fashion marketers and managers are needed by fashion houses to remain competitive. The broad-based skills acquired in this course can be applied to many areas such as marketing, merchandising, publishing, advertising and fashion show productions as well as luxury goods and mainstream consumer products.

Our Fashion Marketing graduates will be ready to assume professional work in the fast-paced fashion industry in public relations and marketing consultancies. You will work with classmates on professional presentations with real-world scenarios and you will complete your degree with fashion marketing proposals and that will take you straight into your first job.

Fashion Design
Photos of Raffles Design Institute-ShanghaiOur course will help you to discover and explore the individual style and talent you can offer this high profile industry. You will develop your skills and interests with projects which build technical know-how in everything from concept to catwalk.

This major will introduce you to both high fashion (haute couture) as well as ready to-wear fashion, using both the computer as well as traditional manual skills.

You will work on developing a design idea for a collection from concept through to production and marketing. You will also work with classmates on professional presentations which simulate real world scenarios. 

At the end of the third year, you have the opportunity to present your final range to your family and friends, the public and industry at Shanghai Fashion Week.

The fashion show is the prime example of our aims and objectives in the course which are to identify and develop the talents and interests of each student, polish their technical skills, and introduce them to real-life fashion design environments.

Fashion is a global as well as local multimillion dollar business, which increasingly demands students to be multi-skilled in both manual and digital technologies. When you complete your degree, you will have a magnificent final range and a professional portfolio to take you straight into your first job.

Interior Design

Picture of Business Degree Programs in Shanghai, ChinaThe designer not only works on the aesthetic, but also the functional, social, safety and cultural aspects of the inner space environment. Raffles’ interior design course will give really make a difference in this booming discipline.

A successful interior designer needs to understand the technical requirements of a project, as well as have good interpersonal communication skills and management strategies.

This major will teach you an appreciation of design, lighting and colour, and provide you with technical skills to create unique spaces. You will learn to convert your ideas from conceptual drawings to detailed building specifications and technical drawings of practical projects which will challenge you to find creative, functional solutions to a variety of briefs.

There is a very good balance between the theories that underpin the understanding and articulation of design ideas and concepts, and the hands-on practical application of those theories.

To fully support you, we provide the appropriate building, construction and communication technologies to give you the confidence needed to have an impact on your professional world.

From awkward domestic spaces to vast shopping malls, interior design is a diverse and global discipline which can take you and your talent wherever you want to go.

Graphic Design
Images of Raffles Design Institute-ShanghaiStudying graphic design will encourage you to identify and develop your own individual creative personality. The course provides a structure which opens the door to your creativity and personal growth.

It will provide all the necessary ingredients including freedom, structure and encouragement, empowering your personal and professional life. First you will master the basics.

You will begin by learning all the practical and theoretical skills needed. With confidence and expertise in these core skills, you will start to explore all the different areas of graphic design, including advertising, editorial design, package design and website design.

You will be given individual tuition by industry-based lecturers and encouraged to focus your energies on developing your own personal creativity. Taught by inspirational lecturers, you will gather great skills, techniques and useful knowledge in a diverse range of areas including illustration, multimedia, and history of graphic design.

Gathering skills and technical knowledge in a diverse range of areas, you will graduate with the ability to find creative solutions to problems using your own individual style.

By the end of the course, you will be confident, capable and ready to work. You will graduate with a strong sense of creative wisdom that will be greatly valued and highly desirable to future employers.

You will also have created for yourself an outstanding portfolio of high quality work that will showcase your individual style, talent and specialist skills to a world that is full of exciting opportunities.

Multimedia Design

Multimedia Design is an exciting career choice if you have a broad interest in media production and web design, love technology and have the creative passion of an artist.

It will allow you to work in a wide range of media including print, web and broadcast as an artist/designer. The multimedia design industry is veryfluid.

Our syllabus is constantly evolving, not only in response to the technology itself, but also to evolving nature of the industry. As a multimedia design graduate, additional skills gained will include graphic design, interface design, and information design.

Your practical skills will include web design, motion graphics, print and video creation, animation and compositing. Designers in this field may find themselves working on a number of aspects of one project.

For example, a client may want brochures, a web site, a powerpoint presentation and a video to promote a new product. Multimedia designers have to be aware of the requirements of a variety of mediums.

This major will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to work in this dynamic and exciting industry. With a sound knowledge of the basic principles associated with multimedia design and production, you will also be ideally placed to benefit from, and market your own special talents.

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Address: NO. 8 XingyiRoad, Maxdo Center at Changning District Shanghai, 200036, Shanghai, China
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Hangzhou; Mexico City, Mexico; East London, Beacon Bay, South Africa; Moscow, Russia; Milan, Italy; Dar es salaam, Tanzania; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Tunis, Tunisia; Rivers state, Nigeria; Addu city, Maldives; and more.
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At HKUST, we provide a meeting point for minds from East and West. Hong Kong’s position as one of the world’s leading financial centers and a springboard to Mainland China offers excellent opportunities for our students to forge further international ties.
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IFA Paris Fashion School, Shanghai
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Conveniently situated in Shanghai, International Fashion Academy (IFA) Paris is the leading fashion school in China, providing undergraduate and graduate fashion degree programs to students from around the world. In partnership with our school in Paris, we offer quality MBA programs in Luxury Brand Management, Fashion Business and Global Fashion Media. The language of instruction of all our programs is English.

IFA Paris also offers MBA / Master's degree programs in Fashion Business and Luxury Brands Management in collaboration with POLIMODA, Italy's top fashion design and fashion marketing school. These programs require study in Shanghai, Florence and Paris, with Dual Degrees awarded on graduation.

Students join our graduate programs from all over the world to discover an academic atmosphere that’s professional and focused on academic goals and industry projects. IFA graduate programs provide exceptional opportunities for students to develop their professional network by offering numerous and valuable interactions with leaders in the industry. IFA Paris proves its dedication to fashion by using the best professional instructors from France, the US, and other international countries.

Scholarship Programs:
In 2014, IFA Paris will offer 9 scholarships at postgraduate level and 5 scholarships at undergraduate level for programs in our Shanghai and Paris schools. Contact us today for more information on how to apply for this excellent opportunity.
1-Year MBA Programs

-MBA Luxury Brand Mgmt: 30 wks Shanghai/10 wks Paris

-Dual MBA/Masters in Luxury Brands Mgmt or Fashion Business in collaboration with Polimoda: 30 wks Shanghai/ 8 wks Florence/ 2 wks Paris

-MBA Fashion Business: 40 wks Paris or 30 wks Paris/10 wks Shanghai

-MBA Global Fashion Media: 36 wks Paris/12 wks Shanghai/12 wks Capstone Project

-MBA Cosmetics, Beauty & Fragrances: 24 wks Shanghai/24 wks Paris/12 wks Capstone Project

Bachelor Degrees
-Fashion Design & Technology: 3 yrs

-Fashion Marketing: 3 yrs with 10 wks in Shanghai in Yr 2