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Dance Lessons in Monmouth County, NJ

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Step by Step Dance Studio:
Step by Step is a family friendly dance studio offering quality dance education in Monmouth County, NJ. Dance classes are available for kids from the age of 2 1/2, teenagers and adults. We offer ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, pointe, musical theater, acro, broadway jazz, and turns & progressions to both the recreational and competitive dancer.

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Step by Step Dance Studio offers the following dance lessons:

TINY TOTS (ages 3-4):

This class introduces the basics of tap, ballet and creative movement in a warm and nurturing atmosphere. It is designed to encourage coordination, large motor skill development, musical awareness and liPhoto of Dance Lessons in Monmouth County, NJstening skills. 45 minutes.

Dress Code: White Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Leather Ballet Shoe, White Tap Shoe

COMBO (ages 5-6):

This combination class incorporates tap, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Students are introduced to the basics of each style in a fun and nurturing environment. Students gain confidence while increasing their sense of rhythm, flexibility, coordination and the foundations of proper technique. 90 minutes.

Dress Code: Lavender Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Leather Ballet Shoe, Tan U-Shell Tap Shoe, Tan Jazz Gore Boot, Pink Ballet Skirt, Black Jazz Shorts / Pants

ACRO (ages 5-9):
This class will learn Cartwheels, Rolls, Headstands, Bridges, Balance Beam, Flexibility, Floorwork incorporated into jazz dance. This class will start with a warmup to increase flexibility and prepare the dancer's body for the stunts to be performed.

Dress Code: Any Color Leotard, Acro Shoes, Black Jazz Shorts

MUSICAL THEATER (ages 4-10) & BROADWAY JAZZ (ages 10 & up):
Musical theatre offers a fun alternative to students who desire to be a “triple threat,” that is, a performer who excels in dancing, singing and acting. In addition to learning Broadway-style choreography, children will work on their vocal range and acting techniques. This is the ideal class for the well-rounded entertainer. Broadway Jazz is a theater jazz class consisting of acting and dancing, portraying a theme/character through movement. Students enrolled in Musical Theater or Broadway Jazz must also be enrolled in a technical dance class (ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop). 45 minutes.

BALLET (ages 7 & up):

This is a classical ballet class that introduces the fundamentals in a traditional manner. Class includes barre and center work with emphasis on buildImage of Dance Lessons in Monmouth County, NJing a strong foundation for the dancer. Ballet is the foundation for all other disciplines of dance. It teaches balance, coordination, and flexibility, as well as style and grace. All ballet classes will be taught proper alignment, terminology, stage positions, barre work, center floor and progressions across the floor.

Dress Code: Level Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink Leather Split Sole Ballet Shoe, Solid Ballet Skirt (optional).

JAZZ (ages 7 & up):
This class introduces the elements of Jazz Dance. Various styles of dance fall under the discipline of jazz. All jazz classes will be schooled in styles such as Fosse, Luigi, Broadway, and Funk. Classes will begin with a warm-up, followed by across-the-floor and technique, and ending with a variety of choreography. 60 or 90 minutes.

Dress Code: Level Leotard, Tan Jazz Gore Boot, Black Jazz Shorts/Leggings.

Tap (ages 7 & up):
This class is designed to increase rhythm and dexterity. Combinations are taught exploring elements of both Broadway style tap as well as rhythm tap giving students a solid foundation for both. This class is an excellent tool for learning sound and movement. Students will further this training by learning syncopation and rhythms. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement, positioning, weight shifts, and clarity of tap sounds and rhythms. 45 minutes.

Dress Code: Level Leotard, Tap Shoe (Instructor's Choice), Black Jazz Shorts/Leggings.

CONTEMPORARY (ages 9 & up):
Contemporary combines ballet, modern, lyrical and jazz in a unique style of dance. Class begins with a warm-up to instill technique and increase flexibility. The second portion of the class is dedicated to learning combinations, leaps and turns. Students enrolled in Contemporary must also be enrolled in a Ballet class. 45 minutes.

Dress Code: Level Leotard, Tan Jazz Gore Boot OR Barefeet, Black Jazz Shorts/Leggings.

HIP HOP (ages 5 & up):
This high-energy dance class is tailored to boys and girls who want to learn the latest urban dance steps. It includes conditioning, a warm-up, dance steps and combinations. This class is a great way to improve rhythm, coordination, and movement skills. Dancers are constantly working throughout the class on isolations, attitude, and performance skills. Choreography is set to contemporary, popular songs that get the body going! Some previous jazz training is beneficial but not required. 45 minutes.

Dress Code: All black and/or SBS attire, Black Hip Hop Sneakers (girls ages 5-7 wear Tan Gore Boot).

POINTE/ PRE-POINTE (ages 10 & up):
This class focuses on developing the strength and technique required to dance en pointe. It encompasses a tremendous amount of ballet technique. Students enrolled in Pointe/Pre-Pointe must also be enrolled in a Ballet Class. Advancement to Pointe will be solely based on teacher discretion.

TURNS & PROGRESSIONS (ages 10 & up):
This class is a technique class concentrating on turns & jumps as well as the technical execution of these movements. This is a great class to help reinforce techniques learned in regular dance classes.

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Address: 490 Highway 33- Millstone Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey , USA
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