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International school in Bangkok, Thailand

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International School Bangkok (ISB):
Widely recognized as one of the premiere international schools in the world, International School Bangkok (ISB) has been providing quality education to expatriates representing more than 50 countries since 1951. Conveniently located just outside the heart of the city, ISB’s 35 acre campus is nestled in a beautiful community where children can walk or ride their bicycle to school along tree-lined paths. ISB serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12, offering a North American curriculum enriched with International best practices including the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program.

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Mission and Vision:

Photo of International school in Bangkok, ThailandISB's Mission guides us in providing our students with the highest quality education in the region.

Through outstanding teaching in a nurturing environment, ISB inspires students to:

• achieve their academic potential
• be passionate, reflective learners
• become caring global citizens

Our Vision

To be a model of excellence in educating students for success in the world community

The ISB Advantage

• ISB is … a learning focused international school with a North American educational philosophy and curriculum broadened and enriched with best practices from other nations.

• ISB offers … a balanced program focusing on the development of the whole student.

• ISB provides … students with high standards of academic instruction, opportunities for service to others, and a well-rounded program of activities directed toward the development of their skills, talents, and self-confidence for lifelong learning.

• ISB prepares … students to become leaders in meeting the ever-changing needs of the world and equips them with the knowledge to face challenges in a cross-cultural environment.


The accreditation process validates the integrity of a school's educational program and student transcripts enabling our students to transition easily to other schools and to the finest universities around the world.

ISB is fully accredited by the Western Association of  Schools and Colleges (WASC) which provides accreditation to schools and universities in the United States, US territories and East Asia.

WASC awarded ISB the longest accreditation time possible during their last inspection. ISB not only met, but exceeded WASC accreditation standards.


Elementary School Program; Middle School Program; High School Program. International Curriculum based on North American standards. International Baccalaureate Diploma. Programs are taught in English.

Outstanding Teaching:

Image of International school in Bangkok, ThailandAt ISB, educators - both administrators and teachers - are learners that work in a dynamic collaborative environment for the purpose of improving student learning. In our professional community, learning from one another, sharing best practices, and continually striving for excellence are the norm.

We believe that the growth and development of our educators is as important as the growth of our students. Educators collaborate on the establishment of organizational and personal goals that support the school’s Vision. These goals are designed to inspire our teachers to achieve high levels of excellence. ISB dedicates significant resources to supporting teachers in reaching their goals. In addition to numerous professional development experiences such as conferences, advanced degrees and workshops, our teachers have growth opportunities embedded into the fabric of each school day. They routinely gather to review student work, reassess curriculum, and make shared decisions about student learning. Successful integration of these practices enriches both their performance and the performance of their students.

Our Definition of Learning:

Learning is the primary focus of our school and we recognize learning as a life-long adventure. We value meaningful learning where students construct enduring understanding by developing and applying knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Increased understanding is evidenced by students who:

- Explain its relevance
- Describe how it connects to or conflicts with prior learning
- Communicate it effectively to others
- Generalize and apply it effectively to new situations
- Reflect critically on their own and other’s learning
- Ask questions to extend learning
- Create meaningful solutions

Guiding Principles:

Photos of International School Bangkok (ISB)As a result of the educational experience at ISB, students receive transportable gifts of intellectual development, metacognition and cross-cultural understanding. Although these gifts have considerable immediate benefit, they also appreciate in value with the passage of time. For many, the gifts are most fully realized and appreciated in adulthood.

These gifts are transportable because, in a very practical way, they allow students to move seamlessly from this school to schools and universities of choice throughout the world. With the opportunity to experience outstanding teaching that challenges, supports and nurtures, students become experts in their own learning. Having learned how to learn, they are adaptable and able to maximize their learning in a variety of settings.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Our students and parents can choose from a wide array of activities at ISB and in the surrounding community. Some of the activities that take place on our campus for the community are:

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts
Girl Guides
Bangkok Baseball/Softball Association
Bangkok Youth Basketball League
North Bangkok Soccer/Football League
Junior Golf
Panther Swim Club
ShaoLin Kung Fu
Interscholastic Sports League
Dance Program of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Modern
Summer School
Adult Education Classes

Besides access to superb ISB facilities, this area is a convenient location for shopping, golf, movie theatres, fitness centers, country clubs, bowling, beauty salons, restaurants, health/dental care, preschools, swimming pools, tailors, spas, and many other amenities.

Our neighborhood:

ISB chose to relocate to its current campus within Nichada Thani to be part of the first planned international community in Thailand. Postioned just outside the heart of the city, ISB community members have easy access to the expressway for a 30-minute trip downtown.

By building in the suburbs, ISB is away from the downtown noise and air pollution. Children in the neighborhood can walk or ride their bikes to school, and all around the numerous complexes that comprise Nichada. Each mini neighborhood has its own security guards, in addition to the security guards that are stationed at the main gates, and the police substation that stands at the entrance of the community.

Neighborhood volunteers organize activities such as newcomers' coffees, monthly speakers, sightseeing trips, happy hours, charity sponsorship, and great shopping excursions in addition to putting out a free monthly newsletter and neighborhood guide.


On May 11, 1949, a royal proclamation changed the name of Siam to Thailand, which means Land of the Free. Thailand is the only Asian country that has not been colonized and has existed as a unified monarchy since 1350. The Kingdom of Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, has 2800 kms/1740 miles of coastline and is packed with cultural treasures, world-class hotels, fine restaurants, and unsurpassed resorts.

Thailand is a Buddhist country where Buddha images and the Royal Family are held sacred. The years are based on the Buddha's birth, which is 543 years before the western calendar. Dates are written with the day, month, and then year as used on most food or coupon expiration dates, so April 1, 2003 would be written 1/4/46. Other than Thai, many residents also speak English, which is a mandatory subject in schools.

The capitol city of Bangkok was established by King Rama I in 1782. Once known as the Venice of the East because of its extensive network of canals, Bangkok is now called the City of Angels by Thais. Climate ranges from 20C/68F. to 37C/98.6F. The three seasons are "hot" from March to June, "rainy" from July to October, and "cool" from November to February. The climate is tropical with plenty of sunshine and high humidity.

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Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2019-07-05 were from:

;   India;   Angono Rizal, Philippines;   Clay, New York, USA;   and more.
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Updated: 2021-06-21
Updated: 2021-06-21
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The medium of instruction is English, but secondary languages such as French, Hindi, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Mandarin Taiwanese, Spanish and Thai are also offered.

We are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and a member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT).

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Kids' Academy is conveniently located in Wattana, Bangkok, southern Thailand. Our curriculum is British based, with Early Years Foundation Stage leading to the British National Curriculum. We focus on a series of achievements and objectives, around which our theme and activities are structured. Our school is under license from the Ministry of Education and is a member of The International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT).

We accept children from 2.5 to 3 years old for Nursery and Pre-school classes, and 3 to 6 years old for Kindergarten 1 and 2. Our environment is set up in a manner that gives these independent explorers the freedom to gather facts and information in a setting that is consistent, safe and engaging. Our school has only safe, age appropriate materials that will keep children interested in their learning.
Pre - Kindergarten Program; Kindergarten 1-3 Program; Mother & Toddler Playgroup. Our curriculum is British based, with Early Years Foundation Stage leading to the British National Curriculum. Programs are taught in English.
The Village International Education Centre, Bangkok
Courses / Programs
The Village International Education Centre in Central Bangkok, Thailand offers full-time and part-time special education programmes for children and young adults who have specific learning, language, motor and behavioural / emotional difficulties. As well as our Bangkok campus, we also have a school in Pattaya, in the south of the country.

The current age range of our students is between 5-20. They come from all over the world and have a wide range of special needs, all of which are catered for, thanks to a large team of specialists, which includes a qualified educational psychologist, speech therapist, a Thai occupational therapist, native English-speaking teachers qualified in special education needs, counsellors, a family therapist, learning support assistants, and specialists in drama, art, and early childhood.

Our policy is to re-integrate children into mainstream education if at all possible. The adapted programmes we use at The Village are based on the English National Curriculum and, for the older students, the GED (General Education Development diploma). The GED diploma is an internationally recognised high-school leaving certificate.
Full & part time programmes and specialist programmes:

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- Speech & Language
- Dyslexia Programmes
- Occupational Therapy
- Literacy and Numeracy Multisensory Programmes
- Educational Assessments
- Dyslexia Assessments
- Exam Concession Reports
- Speech and Language Assessments
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