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Brentwood School, Los Angeles:
Brentwood School is an independent day, co-ed school for K-12 students with two campuses in Sunset Boulevard and South Barrington Place in Los Angeles. Families from throughout Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Beverly Glen and surrounding communities value Brentwood School as a vibrant and diverse community whose purpose is to promote personal and intellectual growth. We provide challenging programs in a nurturing learning environment. Embracing high standards of character, commitment, and achievement, Brentwood School encourages students to think critically and to act ethically. Our success is the strength of the relationships between students and teachers. The environment is supportive and encouraging as well as challenging. Asked to describe the strengths of the school, alumni are nearly unanimous in citing their superior preparation for a successful college experience and their cherished relationships with their Brentwood teachers.

Lower School K-6:
The Lower Division provides a learning atmosphere filled with endless possibilities. Children are encouraged to be curious and creative while developing confidence in their abilities. The curriculum is traditional in nature with an emphasis on reading, writing, and math, yet the teaching and learning process is child-centered. Written and designed by the faculty, our program is uniPhoto of Private K-12 School in Los Angeles, CAque to Brentwood School. Grades study various themes integrated with the subjects of social studies, science, and other “special” subjects. Basic skills are taught, and the thematic approach encourages students to retain their enthusiasm and love for learning at the same time.

The program is written and designed by the faculty and is unique to Brentwood School. Grades study various themes integrated with the subjects of social studies, science, and other "special" subjects. Basic skills are taught, but the thematic approach encourages students to retain their enthusiasm and love for learning at the same time. Lessons employ day-to-day real life experiences and knowledge, making learning fun, meaningful, and participatory.

Middle School 7-8:
In the Middle Division, our emphasis is on deep understanding and wide participation, as well as learning how to learn. As students begin to take more responsibility for their own learning, the faculty remains supportive and nurtures curiosities and competencies. Teachers work together to build explicit links between subjects to deepen students’ understanding of the world in which they live and to enable students to consider higher-level thinking. Our hope is to engender wonder and a belief in every student s/he is a powerful learner.

In addition to preparing students for life after the Middle Divison, Brentwood School provides experiences that allow students to grow intellectually, physicallyImage of Private K-12 School in Los Angeles, CA, and morally. We believe that we should prepare our students to be confident, independent, and responsible citizens. It is also our aim to help students learn to lead their day-to-day lives with compassion and kindness and to serve the needs of others. Finally, it is the fervent hope of Brentwood School's Middle Division that students will gain not only vision but also joy in the discovery and fulfillment of that vision. We hope that they will be endowed with the moral fiber to work through difficulty toward a true understanding of the way in which individual goals can harmonize with the greater good of the world in which we live. Our Middle Division's programs are committed to this development.

Upper School 9-12:
Brentwood students are immersed in a rigorous college preparatory environment that challenges them to become critical thinkers, articulate and persuasive writers, and ethical decision makers. To complement our robust academic offerings, we encourage students to pursue their interests in the fine and performing arts and through our myriad interscholastic options. Students develop the research, writing, and presentational skills that will equip them to meet the challenges of a 21st century global economy.

Our curriculum challenges students to take academic risks. We offer twenty-three Advanced Placement classes, numerous honors level courses, and independent study courses (e.g., organic chemistry, German philosopPhotos of Brentwood School, Los Angeleshical thought, beginning and advanced Greek, etc.) that provide students the opportunity to study disciplines with greater depth and complexity.

With the support of their teachers, counselors, and administrators, students are encouraged to take risks while balancing their competing interests. Ultimately, our goal is to graduate poised, confident, curious, and balanced students.

Summer School:
Summer at Brentwood offers an exciting range of classes and activities for children entering 1st-12th grade in the greater Los Angeles area.

Summer at Brentwood is located on the East Campus of Brentwood School. The 30 acre campus offers state of the art facilities including a competition swimming pool, multiple athletic fields, championship tennis courts, and technology integrated classrooms. Our team of dedicated faculty, staff, coaches, and counselors are here to provide a memorable experience for your child.

Arts Program:
The mission of the arts at Brentwood School is to inspire personal and intellectual growth through the exploration, critical analysis and disciplined practice, and ultimately the shared experience of creative expression. Our arts faculty, artists and performers themselves, offer instruction in visual arts, dance, music, and theater. In every course, our teachers strive to foster self-knowledge, a willingness to experiment and take risks, an understanding that through art we create and reflect culture, and a commitment to the creative process. Exhibits, recitals, and productions throughout the year celebrate our students’ accomplishments.

The creative process is not a straight line. In class, each student engages in a series of projects or pieces that require continual rethinking, refining, revising, and rehearsing. And, it is this dynamic of disciplined effort and imaginative response that underscores the creative process in all the arts.

Students participating in the Arts Program at Brentwood School will find a supportive atmosphere that promotes questioning, individuality and diversity. They will be guided by a faculty who are all engaged in the creative process themselves in their individual art forms, and this ensures that the relationship between faculty and student is based on the reality that we are all doing the same work but at different levels. It is a comfortable, mentoring relationship.

Athletics Program:
At Brentwood School, we believe participation on interscholastic athletics teams enriches the academic experience making it an integral part of every student’s education and personal growth. We view sports as logical extensions of the classroom and we see coaches as teachers on the fields and courts. Thanks to the hard work of these dedicated teacher-coaches and coupled with the enthusiastic participation of our talented student-aPicture of Private K-12 School in Los Angeles, CAthletes, we have cultivated and developed an established tradition of athletics excellence. But, winning alone is not enough at Brentwood. We place an even greater emphasis on winning the right way—that is, by Honoring the Game and by developing character with a focus on teamwork. Sports include Light Athletics, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball.

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Address: Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California , USA
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The Delphi program includes a fully rounded curriculum available for all age levels. Even the very youngest students are exposed to basic concepts of science, history, and the various humanities.

A rigorous mastery of the basics forms the core of the curriculum, with the complete program developing a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge in cultural, scientific and social subjects.

In addition to traditional academic subjects, students get training in practical areas such as communication, manners, computers, nutrition and organization.

Delphi Academy of Los Angeles admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

Parent Testimonial:

"I am so grateful that a school like Delphi exists. The academic program is challenging and it makes the study of vital subjects (like reading and math) absolutely fun and rewarding.”
- Elementary School Parent
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All of our schools have repeatedly met the standards of excellence required by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs (NAEYC) and are fully accredited.

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Amanda has worked with all vocal skill levels and specializes in vocal health and performance delivery. She also emphasizes sight reading, breath control, diagnosis and correction of vocal faults and vocal stylization. As a teacher, she is passionate, energetic and always searching for new ways to help her students meet their goals. Start with a consultation free of charge.
- Private Vocal lessons

- Broadway Kids classes

- Beginning Vocals classes

- Voice for the Musical Stage classes

- Triple Threat classes

- Writing & Performing Your Own Song classes

- Vocal Performance workshop

- Music Audition Training workshop