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The melodic language Quechua was the spoken vernacular of the ancient capital of the Inca Empire. Today it is still spoken in many parts of Peru, North-Western Argentina, parts of Bolivia, Northern Chile, and Southern Columbia and Ecuador. It is the most widely spoken language of the indigenous peoples of South America. There is dialect variation depending on where the Quechua is spoken.

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ACUPARI’s Quechua course is designed for anyone interested in learning Quechua, whether it is for pleasure or personal reasons, work, research, understanding and gaining insight into another culture, or working and interacting Photo of Contact Page - Quechua Courses in Cusco, Peruwith the Quechua people. The only prerequisite is an intermediate Spanish proficiency.

Originally a spoken language, and nowadays also written, it is difficult to approach Quechua with traditional and academic teaching methods. Additionally, most important to Quechua language acquisition is an opportunity for conversation with native Quechua speakers in their social environment. Therefore, Quechua is best learned hands-on which is why only part of ACUPARI Quechua classes takes place in the classroom. The rest of the time is spent out and about with your Quechua teacher in markets and village communities to practice by direct contact and communication with native Quechua speakers.

ACUPARI’s Quechua courses are offered at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Beginner Quechua is designed as an introductory course for people who have had little or no Quechua. By learning indispensable greetings and essential vocabulary and grammar, students will be able to participate in simple Quechua dialogues with their teacher and other native Quechua speakers. Though students, at the beginner Quechua level will also learn reading and writing skills, greater emphasis is placed on conversation, pronunciation, listening, and understanding. Students finishing the beginner class will be able to have very simple Quechua conversations.

Intermediate Quechua is designed as a course for people who already have a basic knowledge of Quechua. In the intermediate course, while there will be continued importance on conversational skills, students will work on building a broader vocabulary, learn the three basic language tenses – present, past, and future – and other grammatical structures that are important to improving and amplifying their Quechua skills. At the end of the intermediate Quechua class, students will be able to hold more involved conversations with native Quechua speakers on just about any subject.

Advanced Quechua is intended for those students who already have a solid conversational and grammatical base of Quechua who are looking to increase vocabulary and refine conversation, reading, and writing skills. During this class reading, writing, and communication skills will be improved by reading texts on Inca history and society; and texts of Inca legends and traditions. By the end of the advanced Quechua course students will be able to communicate in Quechua, even in complicated situations, with little or no difficulty.

Tandem Conversation
A tandem conversation partner can be arranged for Quechua students. You and your tandem partner will converse in Quechua and your maternal language, not in the classroom, but out and about in Cusco. Best of all, the optional Tandem® is FREE to all ACUPARI students.

Quechua classes are given on a one to one basis only so that your teacher can focus directly on you and help you develop your Quechua language skills. Your conversation development is dependent on speaking with native speakers such as your teacher and other native speakers.

The Teachers

To provide the highest quality in the classroom, our teaching team is made up of highly qualified professionals who undergo continuous training.

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Quito is a great place to learn Spanish! Our school is located in the contemporary part of the city, so you’re never far from cafés and shops. Outdoor adventures are nearby as well– hiking, mountain climbing, and biking. Meet the Ecuadorian students who also study here and practise your Spanish with locals.
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