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1. Language and Music for Life, Summer Camp in Florence, Italy 2025 (Program in the UK for 2024)
Courses / Programs
• Are you a talented or highly-motivated musician or parent searching for a quality classical music or jazz summer course in Europe this summer?

• If so, Language and Music for Life (LMFL) welcomes you to join us in the historic city of in Florence, Italy for our Musical Summer Course with optional language study programs.

• Designed for adults, older teenagers (17+) and talented musical families at advanced level or professional musicians, this intensive music course includes master classes & workshops in a wide range of instruments and voice training, as well as choir, orchestra conducting, composition and more.

• We also welcome younger students at the advanced level of Performer in at least one instrument may also attend the program, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

All students must be at a good level in at least one discipline; other choices can be at lower level. 

• Our high quality tuition is provided by internationally renowned professors, mostly at master class level. One-to-one lessons are also available.

• Also - Music Courses in UK in summer for children & adults:
LMFL also offers an annual music summer camp in the UK - with one-to-one training in a wide range of instruments & voice tuition to highly-motivated musicians of all ages (children aged 5+ years old, teenagers & adults).
Musical Summer Course for Advanced Level:
- 2 weeks for adults & youth (aged 17+).

• Instrumental Tuition: Piano, Piano Jazz, Violin, Viola, Cello, Harp, Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Flute, Oboe, Percussion, Brass.
• Vocal tuition: classical & jazz
• Orchestra conducting
• Music composition
• Opera workshop
• String orchestra
• Jazz sessions
• Entrance audition preparation
• Summer School choir
• End of Course concerts
• Music Tuition for already-constituted Chamber Music Groups

A choice of Italian, French or English language courses for non-native speakers.
2. U.E.C.A. United European Culture Association
Courses / Programs
Our music summer course Chianti in Musica has been taken place since 2006 in San Donato in Poggio, a wonderful medieval town between Florence and Siena. The masterclass lasts a week, this year (XIV edition) will be July 20th - 28th.

Each year the event comprises instrumental lessons and musical ensemble, musical aperitifs, concerts and recitals.

The instrument courses are aimed at both high school students and middle school students. Some junior children have also participated in the past, accompanied by their parents to San Donato.

The instrument lessons are individual, and therefore modulated on the level of the student. In general, all students are invited to listen to their classmates' lessons as well.

Amateur musicians are welcome and can participate in the activities of the string orchestra. In this case, however, a short video is required (also home-made) to know their instrumental level.
Music Summer Camp in Italy:
Piano (Maria Grazia Bellocchio)
Flute (Lorenzo Missaglia)
Oboe (Luca Avanzi)
Violin (Carlo De Martini)
Viola (Maria Ronchini)
Cello (Fernando Caida Greco)
Guitar (Francesco Biraghi)
Chamber music(Maria Grazia Bellocchio)
String Orchestra (Carlo De Martini)

The instrument courses are aimed at both high school students and middle school students.

Amateur musicians are welcome and can participate in the activities of the string orchestra.
3. Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci
Courses / Programs
Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci was founded in Florence in 1977 as an institute of Italian language and culture. Today, we provide a range of Italian language and music courses at our schools in Florence, Rome, and Milan.

In addition to specialised music programs, we also provide General Instrument courses for Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Horn, Guitar, and Drums.

Tuition is from beginner to advanced levels, with flexible course schedules available. Our music courses are taught by experienced, professional tutors.

Still today the school promotes, along with the language, the study of Italian culture. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci has been enriched by new courses to meet the demands of the contemporary market.
Music Courses in Florence & Rome:
- Musical Instrument Courses
- Singing and Diction for Singers
- The Language of the Libretti

Music Courses in Milan:
- Musical Instrument Courses
- Orchestra Conduction
- Musical Composition
- Accompaniment for Singers
- Singing
- History of Music
- Theory and Sight Reading
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