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Visual & Performing Arts High School in Buffalo, NY

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Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts (BAVPA):
The Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, also known as BAVPA, is a magnet performing arts high school in New York State & is part of Buffalo's public school system. The school offers classes for Grades 5 to 12 and requires students to apply (as if for a job) in the field of their desired "major concentration". Majors taught in the school are Visual Art, Television and Film Production, Dance, Theater, and Music (vocal or instrumental). The Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts was founded as a part of the desegregation program in 1977. The goal was simple: provide an exciting college preparatory program for students in the arts and academics that will attract students from all parts of the city of Buffalo, NY.

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Courses / Programs Include:

Photo of Visual & Performing Arts High School in Buffalo, NYBiology; Earth Science; Chemistry; Environmental; Physics; AP Environmental; AP Biology; Spanish 1-4; AP Spanish; Algebra; Geometry; Advanced Algebra & Trig; Calculus; AP Calculus; AP World History; Global 9 & 10; AP Literature; AP Language; Acting; Theatre Arts; Theatre History; Voice and Diction; Dance; Chorus; Vocal Jazz Ensamble; Sculpture; Printmaking; Photography; TV & Film and more....

Class Schedule:
The School day at "BAVPA" starts at 7:55 a.m. and ends at 2:26 p.m. The day is divided into 8 45 minute periods, allowing the students 4 minutes to get from class to class, and a 22 minute lunch period. Two periods, (an hour and a half) are devoted to the study of the students major, while the rest of the day is used for academic classes.

Extra Curricular Activities:

Performing Arts offers over 40 competitive and extracurricular sports and activates for boys and girls. Each year there are up to six main stage productions. BAVPA is said to have some of the best local theatre in the Buffalo area. Tickets to BAVPA shows are generally $3 for students and senior citizens, and $6 for adults. After the school day ends, the building is still thriving with life. The Gospel Choir, directed by George Brown, is going to be the first Gospel Choir in New York to record a live CD and have it produced. Rehearsals for plays and musicals usually rehearse from 2:45 - 5 or 6 o'clock.

The Arts Academy debate team was #1 in Buffalo in 2008. The bowling team has held a #1 place. And the swim team is #3 in the city. Sports include - Boys and Girls Soccer, Volleyball, Swim, Baseball, Tennis, Bowling, Track, Cross Country, Boys and Girls Basketball, and does NOT include football. Because of no football team, some students go to play for other high school teams. There's plenty of other things after school as well, including the Drill Team, and Gay Straight Alliance, and Latin Dance Club.

About Dance:

Image of Visual & Performing Arts High School in Buffalo, NYFor the student inspired by the "joy of dance", the Arts Academy Dance curriculum seeks to transform that "joy" into inspiration, challenging both the body and the mind. Along with academic courses, Arts Academy Dance Majors are called upon daily to "center stage" as our three studios come alive with music and movement in ballet, modern dance, and Afro-Caribbean techniques.

While daily classroom dance experience prepares the student to "communicate", the artistic process comes full circle only in the presence of an audience, connecting dancer and viewer in a dynamic dialogue of mind, body and spirit. To complete this circle, Arts Academy Dance Majors participate in an unparalleled range of performance opportunities. Our goal is not only to train young dancers, but to provide them with a vibrant dance education, an education made possible only by our unique program.


About Theatre Arts:

The major in Theatre is tailored to the student who is excited by being involved in theatre both on stage and as an audience member. He or she thrives on collaboration, and craves creative problem solving.

Theatre majors take an active role in the hands-on discovery of the many facets of theatre, and in the development of personal and group skills. This extensive theatre course work compliments a well-rounded academic curriculum.

The skills nurtured in our program go beyond raw acting talent. Through the elements of theatre, the successful student will develop skills of observation, analysis and creative problem solving. Additionally, self reliance, team work, and social conscience are developed through lab, seminar and performance.

OUR VARIED THEATRE CURRICULUM INCLUDES: Playwriting Improvisation Acting Voice and Movement Theatre History Scene Study Internships Directing Audition and Resume Preparation Technical Theatre

About Music:

Photos of Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts (BAVPA)The music program at the Arts Academy is a comprehensive course of study encompassing all areas of general classroom and applied music education. Stretching from the fifth through the twelfth grade, music study at the Academy evolves along a steady continuum of instruction that begins with identification of basic music skills (melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic awareness). Concurrently, students examine a variety of musical styles from ancient to contemporary and enjoy a broad exposure to a variety of cultures and their music through listening, performing, and reading within the classroom setting.

The high school academic curriculum involves an in-depth study of Music Theory (levels I, II, and III) and the History of Music. A.P. Music Theory allows selective students to study at advanced levels for college credit. Applied music takes the form of numerous performance ensembles. Four choirs, three bands, a string ensemble, and a number of smaller student-run groups rehearse daily and perform regularly throughout the region. In addition, small-group instruction is available in all instruments and voice.

The high school academic curriculum involves an in-depth study of Music Theory (levels I, II, and III) and the History of Music. A.P. Music Theory allows selective students to study at advanced levels for college credit

About TV & Film:

Our purpose is to cultivate the individual talents of our students while exposing them to a world of technology and ideas in order to prepare them for success. The Communication Arts program is designed to provide a complete preparation for a diversity of communication oriented careers. Whether the student desires a connection with the world of broadcasting, the challenging fields of public relations and advertising or the myriad of opportunities emerging in marketing and business, our program provides a strong foundation.

Emphasizing technical and journalistic writing skills, public speaking, research projects and audio-visual production, our studios become proving grounds for young people who wish to express their ideas through a variety of media. Typically, our facility is a place where video documentaries are scripted and taped, television programs are planned and produced, musical groups are professionally recorded with digital sound equipment and contemporary issues involving news media are confronted and explored.

SOME COURSES INCLUDE: Audio-Video Production, Journalism, Filmmaking, Broadcasting Advertising...

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Address: 450 Masten Ave., Buffalo, New York , USA
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In addition to the core curriculum of math, literacy, science and social studies, the Academy offers religion, a formal art history / art studio program, music, French, Italian, innovative physical education, public speaking and library. Healthy lunches are also included everyday. Learn why families call AOSJ the best-kept secret in Manhattan.
- Pre-Kindergarten Program

- Kindergarten Program

- Elementary School Program: First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade classes

* Subjects include: Math, literacy, science and social studies

* Additionally: Religion, a formal art history / art studio program, music, French, Italian, innovative physical education, public speaking and library
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