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Notre Dame High School:
Notre Dame High School, located in Lawrenceville, Mercer County, New Jersey, is a private, Catholic, coeducational, college-preparatory school offering grade 9–12 programs. Notre Dame High School stresses preparation for college with a challenging curriculum for all students. with ever expanding Advanced Placement programs and honors courses, academic departments offer a variety of subjects designed to provide a rigorous academic experience to students who plan to pursue a college degree. Courses are rooted in the basics, yet incorporate progressive teaching strategies. Teachers encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. Instructinal approaches help address a variety of learning styles. Notre Dame is committed to supporting this progressive, student-centered academic program that is connected to the global community.

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At Notre Dame High School each student is known, and the results of student progress are carefully monitored. We maintain restrictions on class size, on overall teacher-student ratio to ensure individual atention and focus on effective use of technology as a learning tool. Notre Dame students select from the courses listed to qualify for graduation. In addition to the academic course work, students must complete a service requirement.

- Economics 
- Notetaking 
- Accounting 
- Honors Accounting
- Introduction to Business 
- Computer Science 
- Honors Computer Science

- Study Skills
- Enrichment
- Interdisciplinary English
- Honors English
- English 2/Literature Appreciation
- Honors English
- Interdisciplinary American Literature
- Honors English 3
- English 4/British Literature
- Honors English 4
- AP English 4
- AP English Seminar
- AP English Language and Composition
- AP Englilsh Language and Composition Seminar
- Academic Writing 1
- Academic Writing 2
- Public Speaking
- Introduction to Creative Writing (10, 11, 12)
- Introduction to Film
- Journalism
- Introduction to Film

Fine Arts:
Notre Dame High School's offerings in Visual Arts range from basic courses in Art and Painting, Photography and Ceramics to advanced courses in two and three dimensional design. Students may choose foundation studies that introduce the concepts and techniques of art, photography and ceramics. Those who elect to concentrate in courses designed to prepare them for post-high school art training find advanced level instruction available if they satisfy the criteria for admission.

Interdisciplinary Studies:
The Interdisciplinary Program is an integral part of a Notre Dame education. Currently our Freshmen and Junior students spend a semester in an interdisciplinary block that combines Social Studies, Religion, and English curricular concepts to provide a richer learning experience. Shared activities, reinforced concepts and practical skills provide an environment that promotes class spirit, social consciousness, and superior academic performance.

Students participate in special events sponsored by Interdisciplinary Studies:
* I.C.A.N. (Interdisciplinary Community Action Network) Service trips
* Portfolio Projects
* Field trips
* Senior Projects
* Senior Internships
* Senior Project

It is the goal of the mathematics department to help our students develop strong reasoning abilities so that they may become independent and self-reliant mathematical thinkers. To achieve this goal the mathematics department will provide the opportunity for all students to:
* Develop an understanding of mathematical concepts by posing and solving problems related to real world situations.
* Mathematically represent and analyze patterns, relationships, and real world data.
* Develop an understanding of how the various fields of mathematics are interrelated and how mathematics relates to other disciplines.
* Routinely use graphing calculators and available technology to enhance mathematical thinking and problem solving capabilities.
* Synthesize their knowledge and demonstrate creativity through application problems, group and individual projects.
* Communicate mathematically through classroom discussions, reading, and writing experiences.
* Learn with and from other students through cooperative learning experiences and peer tutoring situations.

Performing Arts:
Notre Dame offers many opportunities for the student wanting to pursue his/her talent. Through course work and in co-curricular activities students may be involved in productions, whether onstage or behind the scenes. Students can participate in the building, painting and technical aspects of productions. School productions include:
* Evening of Theatrics in November
* Christmas Concert in December
* FUSION (Dance Performance) in January
* Spring Musical in February/March
* Courtyard Concerts in April
* Spring Drama in May
* Spring Arts Concert and Festival in May
* Other Various Performance Opportunities, including trips
The Performing Arts Department also offers summer camps emphasizing dance, voice, acting and scenic painting during the month of July.

Physical Education:
Physical Education is an important part of each student’s educational program. Various activities will provide for physical and mental development as well as social-personal interactions and moral ethical comprehension. The outcomes of a quality physical education program is a physically educated person who:
* Has learned skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities.
* Is physically fit.
* Does participate regularly in physical activity.
* Knows the implications of and the benefits from involvement in physical activities.
* Values physical activity and it’s contributions to a healthful lifestyle.

The Religion Department endeavors to help students develop a living, conscious and active faith life. Recognizing the developmental nature of faith and the diverse needs of adolescents, we provide the Catholic Christian vision of life through instruction, and through opportunities for reflection, worship and service.

Notre Dame's Science Department offers courses on all academic levels. Students can plan a course of study that will include AP Biology, AP Physics and/or AP Chemistry. Students can opt for special interests, such as Environmental Science, Sports Medicine or a Mentored Senior Project . New lab facilities and computer technology enhance the ever expanding Science Curriculum at Notre Dame.

Service Learning:
Notre Dame High School is a National Service-learning Leader School. Notre Dame's Service-learning Program is a commitment to a lifetime of giving to the local and global community. Service to others is expected and required. Students involve themselves in projects such as preparing and serving daily lunches to the homeless, caring for the elderly, sponsoring a summer camp for children living in Route 1 shelters, and working with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, American Red Cross and NJ Special Olympics Programs. The opportunities are endless. Service at Notre Dame is a way of life, a cornerstone of the educational experience.

Social Studies:
Core Standards
* All students will increase their understanding and awareness of the social, economic and political diversity of humankind.
* All students will learn how to acquire and process historical information using traditional as well as new technology through research, writing and student interaction.
* All students will learn the common connections between historical developments, literature and religious teaching through an interdisciplinary approach.
* All students will understand geography in terms of its five themes of location, place, interaction between people and their environment, movement, and region.
* All students will increase their ability to examine historical information by incorporating a cyclical approach to the study of historical events and contemporary subject-matter utilizing methods that involve the critical analysis of information, evaluation of relevant material, and the development of unconstrained judgment.

Technology is one of the highest priorities at Notre Dame. It is infused into all subject areas of the curriculum. From virtual tours to maintaining stock portfolios, students and teachers create new and exciting projects that enhance their presentations and coursework.

World Language:
World Languages encompasses multiple levels of French, Latin, Spanish and German. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are available to students who qualify. Honor Societies and Language Clubs offer additional opportunities for students to experience World Cultures and their Languages.

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Address: 601 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, Mercer County, New Jersey , USA
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