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Tuxedo Park School:
Tuxedo Park School is a private, independent, coeducational day school for students in preschool through to freshman year, and is one of the most unique educational opportunities for PreK -9th grade children in the United States. We are located in Tuxedo Park, a village within the southern part of the Town of Tuxedo, in the southwestern corner of Orange County, NY, 15 minutes north of Bergen County, NJ (and just west of Rockland County).

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Primary School - Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, First, Second and Third Grade: 
From the very earliest years, the academic and co-curricular programs encourage students to explore new concepts and skills. Expectations at each grade level in the Primary School recognize that children develop at different rates.

Language Arts:
The goal of the language arts curriculum is to create a learning environment that will enable each child to grow in all aspects of language usage and appreciation. The language arts program uses the best of whole language and phonics techniques to introduce and develop the strategies and skills used by good readers and writers. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are integrated within a literate environment appropriate to the interests and readiness of the child. Students refine their writing skills through a multi-draft process that teaches them to revise critically and edit carefully.

Math classes employ a robust curriculum based on aspects of Everyday Mathematics, Singapore Mathematics, and skills based work. Using manipulatives, models, and computer programs, students explore increasingly complex problems that require careful analysis and synthesis.

The Primary School Science Lab is specially designed for investigations by younger students. Through hands-on experiences in the laboratory and in the beautiful natural environment surrounding the school, students learn to hypothesize, observe, and draw conclusions.

: Students have easy access to computers in the library media center, and many Primary classrooms have Smart Boards.

* Middle School - Grades Four, Five, and Six: 
Thematic projects link history and literature at various times during the year. Studies of early civilizations, Egypt, ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Age of Exploration help students explore historical periods from several perspectives. Students in grades 4 and 5 participate in an archaeological dig.

Classroom dramatics, projects, research papers, and historical fiction give students a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate their understanding. In Middle School math, students build on their whole number computation skills, becoming accomplished in solving problems involving fractions, decimals, signed numbers, and variables.

In reading and writing workshops, teachers help the students refine their ability to read critically and write with clarity and power. Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar lessons further strengthen students’ skills.

Science classes meet in the Middle School Science Lab, in a Smart Board equipped classroom or outdoors. Through experiments and observations, students explore biological, chemical, earth, and physical science concepts.

* Upper School - Grades Seven, Eight and the Freshman Year (9th Grade
Our school offers a challenging preparatory curriculum for students. The literature-based English program continues to develop students’ analytical skills. Works by Shakespeare, Homer, Steinbeck, Salinger, and many other authors challenge students to analyze in depth and construct thoughtful responses.

The history curriculum in grade 7 focuses on colonization through reconstruction. Eighth grade history concentrates on reconstruction to the present. In grade 9, students investigat a range of world cultures and study their influence on recent history and the present.

Science in the Upper School makes extensive use of the Dow Science Lab and technology. The seventh grade course is earth science, eighth grade is physical science, and ninth grade is biology. The mathematics curriculum continues with pre-algebra or algebra in grade 7, and concludes with either geometry or advanced algebra.

Freshman Year
- Based on our experience, the academic, social/emotional, and leadership confidence gained as a result of the Freshman Year pay dividends in secondary school and beyond.

* After School Programs:
- Late Group:
(3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday) Late group runs to accommodate those Primary School students who must wait for the 4:00 bus.

- Discovery Programs: Throughout the year, faculty members offer various fee-based special enrichment programs that have included ceramics, art, music lessons, quilting, and chess instruction. Most Discovery Programs meet once a week for five or six weeks.

- Intramural Sports Program
: Students can participate in an intramural sports program that meets on most Friday afternoons at 3:00 p.m. This fee-based program usually offers fencing, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse.

- Homework Club:
 Students in the Middle and Upper Schools may enroll in fee-based homework clubs. During these homework sessions, faculty members answer questions and provide guidance to students from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Address: Mountain Farm Road, Tuxedo Park, 10987, Orange County, New York , USA
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Goshen Christian School, centrally located in Goshen, Orange County (50 miles northeast of NYC), New York State, is a private Christian school offering a Christ-centered education for students from pre-school through 9th grade. We are a parent-run school with a diversity of denominations represented in both our staff and students; families that are committed to training up their children to fear and serve the Lord in the world community. Our common bond is our faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ for our salvation.
- Pre-Kindergarten for 3 & 4 yr. olds
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- Grades 1 through 9
- Bible
- Language Arts
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Oogie Art: Art Portfolio Development School
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Oogie Art is the World's No.1 art portfolio preparatory school based on college and art award results alone. We are located in Manhattan, NY, Boston & Lexington, MA, and Shanghai, China.

Every year, we have help students gain admission with scholarships to their 1st choice colleges and universities.

These are the results from 2018:
2 students accepted from Harvard
1 student from Stanford, MIT, Yale
3 students from Cornell
2 students from Columbia University
+ and many more from SVA, RISD, Parsons, and Pratt.

The results of this year's 2019 for Early Action and Decision:
1 student accepted to Harvard
2 students accepted to Cornell

At Oogie, students will build college prep skills and develop diverse portfolios with varying levels of experience. Our rigorous classes hone student's technical skills in a range of media, as well as develop an extraordinary body of their own frameworks because our students follow a curriculum that is specifically based on their individual needs, goals and most immediate deadlines.

Class scheduling is extremely flexible - students register by the semester or year.
1. Art Portfolio Prep Program: Gr. 7-12 & Transfer
2. Junior Program: Grade 7-8
3. Art HS or Boarding School Art Portfolio and Audition Prep Program: Gr. 7-8
4. Young Talent program: Gr.4-6
5. AP Studio Art Program: Gr. 10-12
6. Foundation Program: Gr. 7 and Up
7. Curating and Art Research Program
8. Art College Counseling Service

- Painting/Drawing
- Illustration
- Perspective Drawing & Painting
- Figure Drawing & Painting
- Advanced Drawing & Painting
- Mixed Media & Collage
- Sculpture
- Group Crits
- Film & Animation
- Fashion Design
- Business of Design
- Graphic Design
- Digital Art
- Installation Art
Town House International School, Manhattan
Courses / Programs
Town House International School (T.H.I.S) is a non-profit, licensed pre-school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. We offer an enriching pre-school program that incorporates language, science, math, play, computers, music-and-movement and arts in a multicultural environment. We have a full pre-school curriculum, both outdoor and indoor play areas, and we visit the park and library. Our schedule options are designed to meet the different needs of different families.

We have qualified and experienced teachers who love their jobs. Our age-appropriate program focuses on the whole child in the areas of cognitive, socio-emotional, physical and intellectual development. Our youngest students are two and our graduates are five. The curriculum in each of our classrooms is age appropriate and incorporates the critical components of child-initiated and teacher-supported activities.
Enriching Preschool Program for Children ages 2-5 years.

Subjects include:
- Language
- Math
- Science
- Circle time
- Art
- Music and movement
- Drama
- Reading
- Computer
- Play time...
Academy of St. Joseph
Courses / Programs
The Academy of St. Joseph is a private, co-ed, humanities-based school located in the heart of Greenwich Village, Manhattan. Featuring small class sizes and a rigorous, dynamic curriculum, we are dedicated to creating a new generation of leaders by fostering character, competence, and compassion in every student.

The Academy, which is under the direction of long-time educator and head of school, Angela Coombs, has limited openings in Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade classes for the 2010-11 school year. Founded in 2007, the school will add additional grades each year up to 8th Grade.

In addition to the core curriculum of math, literacy, science and social studies, the Academy offers religion, a formal art history / art studio program, music, French, Italian, innovative physical education, public speaking and library. Healthy lunches are also included everyday. Learn why families call AOSJ the best-kept secret in Manhattan.
- Pre-Kindergarten Program

- Kindergarten Program

- Elementary School Program: First Grade, Second Grade and Third Grade classes

* Subjects include: Math, literacy, science and social studies

* Additionally: Religion, a formal art history / art studio program, music, French, Italian, innovative physical education, public speaking and library
El Taller, New York
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EL TALLER LATINO AMERICANO (The Latin American Workshop) is a non-profit arts and education organization in New York City. We offer year round art and music workshops for children. El Taller also has a 22-year history of being the musical home in New York for musicians from all over the Americas. Our Artistic Director Bernardo Palombo is a composer, performer and impresario who has brought some of the greatest names in American music to El Taller including: Mercedes Sosa, Philip Glass, David Byrne, Leon Gieco, Atahualpa Yupanqui and many more.

At our art classes, children can enjoy engaging in different techniques and processes while exploring their own abilities and aesthetic. Different processes that are explored include painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and multimedia projects. Our music classes which take place at our center or your school or other choice of location bring the room to life, with exciting instruments from different countries of South America including learning the instruments, rhythms and dances of the Peruvian coast.
- Year round Arts Classes and Workshops

- Year round Music Classes and Workshops

- Most of the artists in our network are bilingual so workshops can be offered in English, Spanish or a combination of the two languages.

- Classes take place at our center or at your choice of location. We also offer Little Masters Summer Art Classes and Workshops.
ABC Languages, Manhattan - Classes in NYC & Online via Zoom / Skype
Courses / Programs
• Are you searching for quality Spanish language classes in NYC for your child or teenager?

• A leading provider of foreign language instruction, ABC Languages NYC provides private Spanish tutoring for kids (ages 4+), teens and adults.

• Our popular language school is conveniently situated at 146 West 29th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan West Side (between 6th and 7th Avenues, near Penn Station, NoMad, Koreatown, Flatiron and Midtown).

• Our qualified and experienced teachers will help your child to improve their Spanish language skills in a fun and effective way.

• Whether you want a weekly after-school Spanish program, an at-home Spanish language play group or more intensive Spanish classes as part of your curriculum, we can help to design a program that suits you.

• Private Spanish lessons mean your child gets the exclusive attention of the teacher and can learn faster. You can choose the days and times of the lessons which can be held at our school or your home (or other location of your choice).
Spanish Language Lessons for Juniors:

• Private Spanish lessons / one-to-one tutoring for kids & teenagers

• After-school Spanish programs for elementary, middle & high school students

• High school study assistance

• We also work with schools who wish to offer a Spanish language program as part of their curriculum.

• Additional foreign language classes include French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Greek, Arabic, Farsi.