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The Hill School, Montgomery County:
The Hill School is a co-educational boarding and day school consisting of grades 9-12 and a post-graduate year. We are located in Pottstown in Montgomery County PA, 40 miles north-west of Philadelphia. Founded in 1851, as The Family Boarding School, The Hill School provides students from across the U.S. and around the world with an outstanding liberal arts education designed to prepare them well for excellence in college, careers, and life.

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Co-ed Boarding & Day School Programs for Grades 9-12:
- A challenging curriculum (including post-grad year) for boarding and day students, emphasizing critical thinking and writing.
- We offer 23 Advanced Placement courses, as well as an array of honors classes and independent studies.
- Hill students are active in athletics, the arts, student-run organizations, and community service.
- College advisers are assigned during the winter term of the fifth form (junior) year.

Subjects include

- English
Because of small classes and close contact, we are able create hard-working, safe and fair communities of learning at each level of English at The Hill School. The core of all learning involves writing, reading, listening and speaking.

- Humanities
The two-year sequence of humanities courses exposes students to various literary genres such as poetry, drama, and short story beside representative examples of painting, architecture, music, and film which foster thinking on key themes. 

- Classics
The classics department is, strictly speaking, a "language" department offering elementary and advanced courses in Latin and Greek for the successful fulfillment of The Hill School language requirement.

- Modern Languages:  
The Modern Language Department offers Chinese, French, and Spanish, from beginning to AP levels, and beyond. All courses, regardless of the language, emphasize the four “pillars” of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) and use both intensive classroom instruction and innovative technology to enhance student learning. The Department offers integrated and sequential program offerings that allow for instructor autonomy that enhances student learning.

- Math:  The Hill School mathematics department’s primary focus is to challenge its students to learn mathematics as deeply and thoroughly as possible.  Through courses carefully designed at the regular and honors level, all Hill School students have the opportunity to take four full years or more of stimulating and demanding mathematics classes.  

- History
The history program at The Hill is designed to introduce students to both the stories of the past and the practice of history as an intellectual discipline. 

- Science:  
The science curriculum builds students' skills as scientific thinkers and analytic problem-solvers, exciting them about the field and preparing them for the rigors of college-level study. Just as important as classroom instruction are weekly double lab periods, limited to no more than 16 students, which allow time for applying concepts hands-on and learning to work cooperatively in small groups.

- Religion:  
The Hill's courses in Religious Studies consider both humanity's perceived relationships with the transcendent and the many elements of our cultures shaped by those perceptions—elements which the Western world has typically grouped together under the category "religion".

- Arts
The mission of the arts department at The Hill School is to instill in each student a sense of the joy of creation and the will to strive for excellence in his/her life; build a sense of community through co-operative learning, collaborative activities, and shared experiences; provide Hill students with exposure to, appreciation for, understanding of, and opportunities for practical application in the visual and performing arts; and prepare Hill students for further study and / or participation in the visual and performing arts beyond the secondary educational level. 

Athletics at The Hill School
With 29 varsity sports programs and our fitness-centered intramural program, athletics play a vital role in every Hill student’s development.  The Hill School's extensive athletic program will promote and perpetuate the school's educational ideals. Athletics at Hill is a core educational experience because of the growth and maturity that results from mastering the primary opportunities of athletics.

Boarding Students
Hill boarding students learn by living with students from across the United States and around the world. Whether through the weekly dorm meetings, lively “dorm feeds” or "Open Houses," the residential curriculum program, or daily interaction with peers and adults, boarding students make lifelong friends in a unique way and learn important life skills in the process. Best of all, some of the most memorable, positive, and fun experiences happen within the dormitories.

Our residential community provides a true second home for those who live on campus. More than 30 Hill faculty members live in the dorms as “dorm parents,” and a majority of those who do not serve as affiliates to a dormitory. These faculty members support students as they learn to be independent young adults.

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Address: 717 East High Street, Pottstown,19464, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania , USA
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Perkiomen School
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At Perkiomen, we know that experience is the best teacher, and that the challenges of life can only be solved by digging in, taking part, and pushing through. Our students learn to take calculated risks and to create value wherever they go.

Our close knit, caring, accomplished faculty create a highly participatory learning environment that encourages students to be courageous. Equally impactful is our culture of gratitude and joy. We are all teachers and learners, celebrating differences and supporting each other’s well-being, through everyday tasks and in defining moments.

In this boarding and day environment, we all feel welcomed. Faculty and students engage and develop meaningful mentorships. And, students find lasting friendships in our globally diverse community.

What we learn today must prepare our students for tomorrow. With a strong liberal arts foundation and future-focused innovative education, we prepare our students for college and the challenges of a new economy.
Co-educational Boarding & Day School Program:
- Day Program (Grades 6-12)
- Boarding Program (Grades 6-12)
- Post-Graduate Year
- Challenging college preparatory curriculum
- Advanced Placement courses
- Entrepreneur Institute
- Medical Institute

Core curriculum subjects include:
- English
- Mathematics
- Science
- World Languages
- History
The Phelps School, Malvern, Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Area
Courses / Programs
The Phelps School is a private, nonsectarian boarding and day school for boys in grades six through 12. The School inhabits a beautiful 70-acre wooded campus in Pennsylvania’s historic Chester County, 25 miles outside of downtown Philadelphia.

With approximately 100 students and an average class size of seven, The Phelps School offers the ideal setting for boys who thrive in a small, nurturing and structured environment. The learning experience is personalized for each student, with offerings ranging from college-level Advanced Placement courses for academically gifted students to a comprehensive Academic Support Program for students with learning differences.

Beyond rigorous academics, students will find a robust athletics program, numerous extracurricular activities, and a strong support system comprising deeply caring faculty and peers. The Phelps School empowers each student to reach his highest potential, and is committed to preparing young
men for college and for life.
Boarding & Day School for Boys in Grades 6-12, with an optional Postgraduate year.

Core academic subjects with a variety of Advanced Placement courses include:
- English
- World Language
- English as a Second Language (ESL)
- Mathematics
- Science
- Social Studies
- Academic Support Program(ASP)
- Art
- Physical Education
- Athletics Program...
George School, Newtown
Courses / Programs
Located in Newtown, Bucks County PA, just five miles north of Langhorne, George School is a co-educational boarding and day school for domestic and international students in Grades 9-12. George School is a great place to get ready for college.

Besides offering a wide variety of Advanced Placement and other interesting, challenging classes, we are one of only four U.S. boarding schools offering the International Baccalaureate Program.

We also offer English as a Second Language (ESL) to help international students adapt to an English-speaking system of education. Boarding facilities are available with separate dormitory sections for boys and girls. Each of our dorms has a personality all of its own.

There are lots of things to do on a typical George School weekend. You will have a chance to hang out with friends, work on a group project, or even get ready for an upcoming test. You will feel safe, nurtured and challenged as you encounter new ideas, new people, new ways of life.
Boarding and Day Programs for Boys and Girls in Grades 9-12:

- Senior High School
- Advanced Placement Courses
- International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
- English as a Second Language (ESL)
- College Guidance
- Academic Support

Core Subjects include:
- English, math, calculus, science, Chinese, Spanish, Latin, social justice, economics, woodworking, photography, music, art...
Erie First Christian Academy
Courses / Programs
Erie First Christian Academy (EFCA) in Erie, PA, is a private, accredited day and boarding school that provides a full-time college preparatory education for young men and women from all over the world. We provide co-educational day programs for Pre-K-12th Grade students, and boarding programs for Grades 8-12.

Our program is designed to bring out the best in each student through immersion in a nurturing environment that combines structured guidance with self-reliance and personal development and discovery.

At EFCA, international students attend school with American community students, this year we had students from 14 different countries. Our graduates experience academic success at the college and university level along with a high level of scholarship incentives.

Erie First Christian Academy is accredited by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and MSA (Middle States Association). All EFCA teachers are fully certified.
Co-educational Day & Boarding School Programs:

- Day School program (Pre-K - 12th Grade)
- Boarding program (Grades 8 - 12)
- College preparatory education
- Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
- Honors Classes
- College Credit

Core subjects include:
- Algebra I and II
- Geometry
- World Geography
- Economics
- Biology
- Chemistry
- English...
The Grier School
Courses / Programs
Located in Birmingham, Huntington County PA, the Grier School is a private boarding school for girls in Grades 7 through post-graduate year and admits girls regardless of race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin.

In addition to a college preparatory curriculum with AP courses and SAT and ACT college prep courses we also provide a learning skills program, an enriching arts program, an extensive athletics program, a horseriding program, a healthy lifestyle program, etiquette class, summer school, TOEFL and ESL programs.

95% of Grier's students reside beyond a 100 mile radius of the school so numerous activities are organized each weekend to make it truly a full-time boarding school experience. Grier provides students wih a valuable education in a beautiful environment.

At Grier, the dormitory areas of the building are supervised by housemothers whose sole responsibility on campus is to oversee the life in the dorms. Housemothers are mature women who have raised families themselves.
Boarding Programs for Girls in Grades 7-12 (incl. postgraduate year option)

- College Preparatory Curriculum with English, math, science, history, modern languages, the arts and athletics
- Advanced Placement Courses
- College Preparation Courses ACT and SAT
- Learning Skills Program
- Horseriding Program
- Healthy Lifestyle Program
- Etiquette Class
- Summer School
- TOEFL and English as a Second Language Programs
Linden Hall
Courses / Programs
Established in 1746, Linden Hall is the oldest girls' boarding school in the United States. The school is located in the historic town of Lititz PA, within a few hours of Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City.

As a college preparatory day and boarding school for grades 6-12 and a post graduate year, Linden Hall is dedicated to excellence in the education of young women.

Linden Hall’s mission is to provide what we believe is the best college preparatory experience in the nation. Through our signature 4C’s Promise, Linden Hall provides an experience that best prepares each student for success and leadership in college and the working world.

Linden Hall is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
College Prep Programs for Girls (Grades 6-12 & Post-Graduate Year)

- Middle School girls, grades 6, 7, and 8, gain a broad understanding of every academic subject.

- Upper School Girls, grades 9 through 12, focus on the challenging academic requirements for a Linden Hall graduation and college preparation.

- Both Honors level and AP courses are offered in English, History, Math, and Science; while others may be available upon request..