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Live Oak School, San Francisco:
ive Oak School is an independent, co-educational day school for students in kindergarten through to 8th grade located in Potrero Hill on the east side of San Francisco. Founded by parents and teachers in 1971, Live Oak draws families from Portrero, Central East, Mission District and other communities throughout the Peninsula. Live Oak is a small school where students and families know each other well. We believe that school is both a place to learn and a place to learn how to learn. We want our students to know themselves and to know how to work with others. We want our students to leave Live Oak with the doors wide open. Our faculty, staff, board and families work together to create a learning environment that is diverse, challenging, nurturing, engaging and inspiring. We believe that the journey is as important as the destination, and at the same time, we are proud that our graduates choose among public, independent and religious high schools.

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Education Programs:
- Elementary School Programs
- Lower School Programs
- Middle School Programs

School life at Live Oak is a time of broadening horizons. Live Oak expands to two classes per grade as we welcome new students into the Live Oak community. Small class sizes ensure focused, personalized instruction. Students rotate among subject-based classrooms, focusing on a core curriculum supported by special programs and resources. The middle school program is designed not only to prepare students well for the rigor of high school, but also to instill values and self-knowledge that will serve each individual student well in life.

With the freedom and independence of the learning environment comes dramatic growth. Students can stretch out in full-scale dramatic productions, compete in four differePhoto of Private Preschool / School in San Franciscont sports in the athletics program, lose themselves in the library, keep track of their homework assignments, or dive deep into technology via integrated podcasting, video production, music composition and digital image processing projects.

Students learn to approach mathematical problems with confidence, curiosity, and the ability to apply appropriate problem-solving strategies. Working individually and in small groups, students build skills and understanding in all mathematical strands through exploration of real-world scenarios, discussion, daily routines, games, manipulatives and year-long projects.

Students develop the skills they need to better understand the universe. Students explore physical, life and earth sciences, and acquire scientific tools through use of research materials, experiential activities, discussion, cooperative learning and field trips. In Middle School, students participate in the Science Fair, where they present the results of an in-depth scientific inquiry of their choosing.

Language + Literacy:
Students build skills in the areas of reading, writing, listening and communication in our literature-based language arts program. Students read for information and write to express understanding in all grade levels. Students acquire skills and strategies for listening and speaking through active participation in small group explorations, class discussions, and presentations.

Social Studies:
Student study and understand the relationships that affect and define people and places over time. Working with primary documents, simulative experience and concept-driven investigations, students build a critical understanding of the Image of Private Preschool / School in San Franciscoconnections between history, geography, economics, culture, government and technology that define a society.

Personal + Social Skills:
Effective communication, compassion and respect are core values emphasized as part of the curriculum throughout all grades. Students learn and are expected to uphold five behavioral expectations: be helpful, not harmful; be safe; respect yourself and others; take care of the school; participate and do your best.

Visual Arts:
Students learn how to use art to express and respond to their experiences, and how to understand and appreciate art throughout the ages. Students explore a variety of mediums, and view and discuss artwork from a wide range of viewpoints and cultures.

Music + Movement:
Students learn to express themselves through music and movement, and to build skills and techniques for reading and playing music. Musical explorations include the use of percussion and other Orff instruments, choral singing and dance.

Physical Education:
Students develop fine and gross motor skills, gain an understanding of personal health and safety and acquire lifetime habits for fitness. From ball skills to rock climbing to yoga, students learn to move with balance, coordination and agility. Middle School students may participate in After School Athletics, which includes basketball, track and field, volleyball and futsal.

Beginning in grade 5, students take Spanish classes designed to help them to appreciate the Spanish language and speaking cultures, understand the structure of the spoken and written language and communicate in Spanish both verbally and in writing. Advanced Spanish classes are available for students in grades 6 through 8.

Middle school students gain an appreciation for the dramatic arts by reading plays, exploring drama theory, attending performances aPhotos of Live Oak School, San Franciscond learning dramatic techniques. Students are encouraged, coached, and provided opportunities to perform in a variety of venues throughout the year.

Summer Camp:

Classes led by skilled instructors in arts, academics, sports, and project-based learning immerse students in a world of summer learning and summer fun. Half-day sessions, all-day sessions, and pre- and post-session extended care offer maximum flexibility for families.

Assessment at Live Oak helps students, parents and the school evaluate student growth and performance in relation to curricular and individual goals. Tools used to assess student understanding include student observations, interviews, portfolio collections, writing samples, projects, class discussions, tests and student self-assessments. Incremental assessments are used to create trimester summary reports that describe the student's growth and performance in each area of the curriculum. In seventh and eighth grades, these reports also include letter grades.

Additionally:  Extended care programs, after-school programs and extra-curricular activities.

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Address: Mariposa Street , San Francisco, California , USA
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The University Of Children Montessori School, located in Inglewood, South Bay, LA, California, is a Montessori School offering programs to newborns through fifth graders. Since 1965, the University Of Children has been a trusted source of quality education for young scholars. Our unique environment is designed to give each child a solid educational framework. However, we know that an enjoyable hands-on learning environment is conducive to optimal development, and that’s why we make sure our young scholars have fun too!
- Newborn Through Fifth Grade
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Children's Day School, San Francisco
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Children's Day School in San Francisco's Mission District excels as a community of learners who believe in a better kind of learning and possess the passion and skills to shape and continually grow the school. We are an independent, co-educational school for students in preschool through eighth grade. We serve families in San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area communities. Children’s Day School provides children with an education that reveals itself not only in how well children write, think mathematically and investigate questions, but also in how much they love school, their classmates and their environment.

Can such a school maximize academic achievement? Yes. And our students’ standardized test scores and high school placements back up that answer. We are proving that happy children make better learners. At Children’s Day School, academic achievement is only one learning goal. Integrity, love of learning, social competence and commitment to making a difference in the lives of others are equally important. This is our idea of what education is all about. We are accredited by California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS).
- Preschool Program

- Elementary School Program

- Middle School Program

* Our students enjoy a rigorous curriculum that includes math, science, humanities (language arts and social studies) and Spanish.

We provide lots of opportunities for athletics and many arts offerings including classes like sculpture, painting, Shakespearean monologues, comedy and music.
Nurture And Nature Early Childhood Education Center, Millbrae
Courses / Programs
Nurture And Nature in Millbrae in San Mateo County, just west of San Francisco Bay, is an Early Childhood Education Center offering part-day and full-day Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs for children ages 3-6 years. Parent involvement is key to our success. We strive to create a family-like community at Nurture And Nature ECE Center, where the learning and nurturing of home and school blend together.

Nurture And Nature Early Childhood Education Center seeks to maximize each child’s potential. We encourage and challenge each child to take social-emotional and academic risks to experience greater success and self-confidence. We highlight your child’s strengths and needs by writing individual goals in all developmental areas, which are created and reviewed frequently by the family and teaching staff.
- Part-day and full-day preschool and pre-kindergarten programs for children ages 3-6 years.

- We provide developmentally appropriate activities in a multi-sensory and varied learning style approach.

- Social skills and character education are taught within the classroom.
French American International School, San Francisco
Courses / Programs
Located in the heart of San Francisco between Gough and Franklin streets, the French American International School (FAIS-IHS) is a family of PK-12 institutions dedicated to the principles of international and cross-cultural education. We are the oldest and largest bilingual French / English school in California, the only truly international school west of the Mississippi, and the most widely respected, well-established and accredited world leader in global education in the United States. We offer consistently rigorous academic programs of study leading to both the International Baccalaureate and French Baccalaureate diplomas.

Our highly talented students graduate as sophisticated, knowledgeable, globally-aware, multi-lingual critical thinkers and international citizens of the world, and as such are accepted not only into national Ivy League universities but also into prestigious international universities around the world. Recent graduates were accepted into Dartmouth, Columbia, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Sorbonne, McGill and many others.
- Pre-Kindergarten Program
- Lower School Program
- Middle School Program
- Upper School Program

We are a bilingual French / English school and offer consistently rigorous academic programs of study leading to both the International Baccalaureate and French Baccalaureate diplomas, both through our tried and true programs in linguistic immersion, and through our many exchange trips and overseas community service projects.
Almaden Country School
Courses / Programs
Almaden Country School (ACS) is a nonsectarian, independent school in South San Jose that offers preschool, elementary and middle school programs for students from 4 years of age through to 8th grade. Our school is centrally located on Trinidad Drive in San Jose in Santa Clara County at the southern end of San Francisco Bay.

On average, 9 in 10 ACS graduates are admitted to selective private high schools (86% – Average score on the Catholic High School Placement Exam and 85% – Average National Percentile Ranking on Stanford Achievement Test for ACS 7th and 8th graders).

We are proud that in 2009 and 2010, our preschool, elementary, and middle school were voted “Best of Best” by Bay Area Parent magazine. Our highly regarded school, which has more than 400 students, believes that each child has unique capabilities and talents.

We offer Personal Learning Plans for every student; our Character and Competence program for developing strong, ethical leaders; small class sizes; a broad and challenging curriculum including a full enrichment program of art, music, drama, hands-on science, foreign language, and P.E.; and passionate teachers who are devoted to the children they serve.
Preschool, elementary and middle school programs for students from 4 years through to 8th Grade:

- Preschool program: This includes Begindergarten (four-year-old preschool), Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten.

- Elementary School program: This is made up of the Foundation Program for Grades 1–3, and the Intermediate Program for grades 4 and 5.

- Middle School program: This program includes years 6th-8th Grade.

- Enrichment program
- Extended Care program
- Summer Camp program
San Francisco Montessori Academy
Courses / Programs
San Francisco Montessori Academy in the center of San Francisco, CA, is a Montessori School offering preschool programs to children ages 3-6.

Our school offers the most complete service for your child. Not only do we have an extremely clean and healthy environment but we also offer motherly attention to each individual child.

We provide a safe and warm facility for your child to grow and develop, complete with learning materials appropriate for each age group.

The most important part of any preschool is the joy that it brings the children, and this is where we truly shine. Walk in any time and you will find your child laughing and learning.

The San Francisco Montessori Academy prides itself with being a fully accredited Montessori school by both, UMA - United Montessori Association and NAMTA - North American Montessori Teachers' Association.

Through the use of Montessori methods, our school will help prepare your child for excellence in their future academic endeavors and beyond.

Founded in 1999, the San Francisco Montessori Academy has been serving the community for over 10 years. We have an extensive medical and teaching background and over 20 years of combined experience in Pediatric CPR, First Aid and Health & Safety.
Preschool Programs for Kids ages 3-6:

- Montessori Education
- Mathematics
- Language
- Science, Geography, Art
- Practical Life
- Sensorial
- Arts and Crafts
- Martial Arts
- Ballet
- Music Instruction
- Warm Organic Meals..

- Our curriculum is divided into five core areas of study.

- It is structured around the child's self-initiated impulse to become engaged and learn from his or her surroundings.