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TESL Certification Programs in Vancouver Island BC

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VIA Training Centre, Victoria BC:
We are a specialized TESL Training Centre recognized by TESL Canada. VIA Training Centre offers the most modern TESL programs in Victoria. The programs are very interactive and practical, giving students more teaching opportunities which provide confidence for new teachers entering the classroom, and new ideas for seasoned educators.

The VIA TESL Diploma Program is recognized by TESL Canada and is based on the standard 120 hours: 100 classroom, and 20 hours of practicum. Theory taught in the classroom is combined with activities, allowing our graduates to become confident, skilled teachers. Graduates of the VIA TESL Diploma Program will be able to apply Communicative Language Teaching, learned principles, theories, strategies, and practical classroom techniques and implement them successfully in effective ESL lessons.

120 Full-time Program Schedule:

Week 1
         Day 1: Introduction to course outline including rules, expectations and homework assignments.
                    Introduction to Communicative Language Teaching procedures and techniques.
                    Lesson demonstration

          Day 2: (Chapter 1) Getting Started: lesson analysis and comparison
                     (Chapter 2) A Methodical History of Language Teaching
                     (Chapter 3) The Post-method Era: Toward Informed Approaches: introducing CLT method, techniques and types of questions.

        Day 3: Principles for Teaching Vocabulary and idioms
                   Peer teaching vocabulary/Idioms
                   (Chapter 4) Teaching by Principles: Needs analysis
         Day 4: (Chapter 6) Teaching Across Age Levels
                    Demonstration of Children’s lesson and discussion
                    (Chapter 7) Teaching Across proficiency Levels
                    Metalanguage terms and definitions

         Day 5: (Chapter 10) Lesson Planning: Aims/objectives, giving clear instructions.
                    (Chapter 11) Teaching techniques and Materials

Week 2

        Day 6: (Chapter 22) Form-focussed Instructions (Teaching Grammar)
                   Grammar terminology, verb tense chart and form.
                   Grammar lesson demonstration/discussion

        Day 7: ESL Teachers observations
        Day 8: Grammar lesson prep day.

        Day 9: Grammar lesson Peer teaching
                   (Chapter 13) Initiating Interaction in the Classroom
                   Questioning Strategies
                   (Chapter 14) Sustaining Interaction Through Group Work:
                    advantages and disadvantages
                   (Chapter 15) Classroom Management: unplanned events.
         Day 10: (Chapter 18) Teaching Listening
                      Principles for teaching Pronunciation
                      Listening lesson demonstration/discussion

Week 3

          Day 11: Listening lesson peer teaching
                      Review of past lessons.
          Day12: Listening lesson peer teaching
                      (Chapter 20) Teaching Reading
                      Reading/Idiom lesson demo and discussions

          Day 13: Reading/Idiom lesson Peer teaching 
          Day 14: Importance of using games in lessons. 
                      Tune-in activities.
          Day15: Grammar test
                      (Chapter 19) Teaching speaking: Taboo topics
                      Conversation lesson Demo/discussion
                      Progress reports

Week 4

           Day16: Conversation Lesson Peer teaching
           Day 17: Conversation Lesson Peer teaching

           Day 18: Practicum schedule
                      (Chapter 21) Teaching Writing
                      Writing lesson demo/discussion

           Day 19: Practicum prep day

           Day 20: Final exam, ESL game, pot luck

NB. Days will vary depending on student enrollment

Evaluation is based on attendance and participation, homework assignments, written examinations, class presentations, submitted lesson plans, and practicum results. Students scoring 75% (cumulative) or better on the evaluation criteria qualify for the VIA TESL Diploma.

270 Full-time Program Schedule:

Week 1: English as a World Language/Theories, Methods, and Techniques (Units 1 – 3)

- English as Lingua Franca and Variations of World Englishes
- EFL vs. ESL learning contexts (Challenges and Opportunities)
- Behaviourism and Conditioning in the classroom
- Functions of Language (Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Week 2:  Learners and Teachers/ Managing Learning (Units 4 – 6)

- First and Second Language Learning (vs. Acquisition)
- Humanism in the CLT classroom
- Learning Styles (MI, VAK Testing) and Teacher Styles & Roles
- Fluency & Accuracy

Week 3:  Materials, Resources and Technology/ Focusing on Language I
                (Units 7 – 9)

- Student and Teacher Motivation
- Textbook analysis and assessment
- WB usage & organization
- Advantages/Disadvantages of technology and internet in the classroom

Week 4: Focusing on Language II, Focusing on Language III
                (Units10 – 12)

- Error Correction and Feedback Strategies
- Inductive vs. Deductive Grammar Lessons
- Parts of Speech Review & Punctuation
- Clauses, Phrases, Gerunds, Conditionals, Sub. Verb Agreement, & Subjunctive

Week 5: Teaching the 4 Language Skills: Reading and Listening 
               (Units 13 – 15)

- Challenges in Listening (Elision, Contractions and Allophones)
- Pre-teaching Strategies and Elicitation
- Authenticity, Appropriacy and Frequency of Lexis
- Sample Lesson Analysis
- Task-based Learning with 4-skills integration

Week 6: Teaching the 4 Language Skills: Speaking and Writing/
              Designing and Incorporating Learning Activities
               (Units 16 – 18)

- Intelligibility & Pronunciation Techniques (Phonetics and Articulators)
- Functional Dialogues (Presentation and Practice)
- Writing Conventions (Genre-based)
- L1 Focussed Pronunciation Remedies

Week 7: Lesson Planning & Syllabuses/Evaluation and Assessment
               (Units 19 – 21)

- Needs Analysis and S.M.A.R.T. goal assessment
- PPP Lesson Structure and Practice
- Testing Methods (Validity and Reliability)
- Lesson Pacing and Sequences (Week, Month, Year)

Week 8: Applied Linguistics I: Sociocultural Factors
              (Units 22 – 24)

- Second Culture Acquisition & Cultural Imperialism
- Native English Speaking Teachers vs. Non-Native English Speaking Teachers
- English Only vs. L1 Value
- Communicative Competence

Week 9:  Applied Linguistics II: Linguistic Factors
                (Units 25 – 27)

- Krashen’s Theory of Comprehensible Input
- Functions of Language
- Cross-Linguistic Influence
- Conversation and Discourse Analysis

Week 10: Professional Development and SLA Research
                 (Units 28 – 30)

- Action Research in the ESL classroom
- TESL Journals as a pedagogical learning tool
- Peer-Review and Observation (Best Practices Modeling)
- Presenting at Seminars, Workshops or Conferences


Evaluation is based on attendance and participation, homework assignments, written examinations, class presentations, submitted lesson plans, and practicum results. Students scoring 75% (cumulative) or better on the evaluation criteria qualify for the VIA TESL Diploma.

Email: Contact Us

Address: 654 Yates Street, V8W 1L3, Victoria, BC , Canada
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Grand Forks, B.C.;   Duncan BC;   Sooke;   La Perla, Callao, Peru;   Duncan, BC;   Victoria;   Victoria BC;   Ladysmith Bc;   and more.
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GV Career Training Centre, Vancouver
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Global Village Career Training Centre offer TEFL / TESOL certification courses in the heart of the cosmopolitan Yaletown District of Vancouver, BC, Canada. We are affiliated with Global Village English Centre - an English language school offering English courses to students from around the world.

We offer full-time, intensive TESOL diploma courses. Our 8-week TESOL diploma includes the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT). Our 10-week TESOL diploma includes a 2-week Young Learners (YL) Extension. Our TESOL / TEFL courses are primarily designed for intermediate / advanced ESL students who want to teach English as a second language in their home countries in classroom settings.

GV Career Training Centre is devoted to providing a growing number of career training programs and related services of the highest quality. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced. We are government-regulated and registered with PCTIA (Private Career Training Institutions Agency). We have a new and spacious modern campus with full computer access and resources.
- 8 week / 160-hour GV TESOL Diploma + Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)
- 10 week / 210-hour GV TESOL Diploma with a 2-week Young Learners (YL) Extension
EBC International TEFL Certificate, Madrid
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EBC would like to invite Canadians to consider Madrid and Spain as a quality TEFL course + work destination in Europe. Madrid is a TEFL hotspot year-round with a vibrant nightlife and cultural immersion experience, and EBC Madrid offers an accredited TEFL course with job placement program for our graduates!  Contact us today for details of our next course dates.

• EBC Madrid is an accredited centre of Trinity College, and a leading provider of internationally-recognised TEFL courses and job placement opportunities for career-change seekers and global travelers.

• EBC offers a British Council-accepted Trinity CertTESOL certificate course in Madrid, the ability to earn up to 60 university credits, and the key resource of free worldwide, lifetime job placement for our TEFL graduates.

• The Trinity CertTESOL qualification is preferred by many renowned language schools worldwide, and over the last 16 years, EBC has been instrumental in helping more than 8000+ TEFL graduates finance their travels and realise their dreams of living and working outside of their home countries.

• If you are a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, EBC Madrid provides our comprehensive Road2Spain program which offers you a 1 year student visa to work, live and travel throughout Spain and Europe.

• EBC also runs accredited TEFL courses in Crete (Greece), Buenos Aires, (Argentina) and Boracay (Philippines).
Intensive 4-week accredited TEFL / TESOL teacher certificate course:
• Comprises 150 hours including 24 hours of teaching practice.
• Written to UK QCF level 5 standards.

With Study Package options:
• Bronze, Silver, Gold and Road2Spain (Road2Spain is an ideal option, for example, for citizens of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa who want a seamless stay in Spain with accommodation and study visa included).
Sol Schools Calgary
Courses / Programs
Become an English language teacher and start an exciting and rewarding career that can take you anywhere in the world and help you to change people's lives! Sol Schools Calgary provides modern, professional, accredited courses in a real ESL setting as well as full employment assistance!

We offer a full-time or part-time TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Diploma course and a one-week introductory TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate course. Our family of teachers and staff are well travelled, qualified and caring individuals. 

Ideally located in the downtown core right on the C-Train public transit line, Sol Schools Calgary is in the heart of the city's shopping and entertainment district. It is serviced by the Crowfoot/Somerset train line, with Victoria Park/Stampede LRT the closest train station. Our school offers spacious classrooms, media room, computer lab, student lounge with foosball table, lunch room, kitchen, a lending book and DVD library, as well as a quiet study room.
- TESL Diploma offered full-time (4 weeks) or part-time (10 weeks)
- TEFL Certificate: One-week introductory course
McKinsey International College, Toronto
Courses / Programs
Situated in Toronto, Ontario in east-central Canada, McKinsey International College offers a TESL International course which provides students with the training, skills, and practice to confidently teach in a variety of settings in the ESL field. Students will study in historical perspectives and models of second language acquisition, pedagogy, linguistics, as well as relevant methodological and professional issues. Practicum and observations are conducted on site; no off-site training required.

We also offer a MIC-TESL program, available to international students as a pre-requisite course to the TESL International course. In addition to this, we provide a Coventry TESL (TESOL) program. This provides students with the finest training and instruction to teach English in Canada or abroad through their Standard TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or Trinity CertTESOL certificate courses.
- 4 to 12 week TESL International course (Full or Part-time)

- 5 week Coventry TESL (TESOL) course

- 4 week MIC – TESL course (for International students only) as a pre-requisite course to the TESL International course
StudyCELTA: CELTA & Delta Courses Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Courses / Programs
StudyCELTA is a professional English teacher training provider that offers teacher training programs in 13 countries and 24 different cities around the world. Our schools in Vancouver BC provides 4-week, full-time CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) courses to students from around the world. The West Pender Street venue also offers Delta course modules.

Our CELTA tutors are highly-experienced and qualified teachers who have also received CELTA Trainer accreditation through the University of Cambridge. They have completed both the CELTA and Delta qualifications and have many years of both teaching and training experience.

Accommodation can be arranged by the teacher training centres for trainees from outside Vancouver. We're here to help and give you our advice based on personal knowledge of Vancouver and of English language teaching as a career.
CELTA English Teacher Training Certificate:

- Full time program
- Duration: 4-weeks
- Experienced tutors
- Includes 6 hours of teaching practice

Delta Course Modules:
- Module 1
- Module 2
- Module 3
Oxford Seminars, Canada
Courses / Programs
Established in 1992, Oxford Seminars promotes excellence, professionalism and affordability in our combined online / on-site TESOL/TESL English teacher training Certification course. Our well organized and challenging, intensive 100-hour certification courses are held on university campuses across Canada; to ensure that our students can easily attend all classes, and that they are being taught in a professional and appropriate learning environment.

Our course is designed for anyone who is interested in an exciting career teaching English in an international setting. The material is devised for those who have no hands on teaching experience, as well as licensed teachers who want to teach English abroad, and other trained professionals looking to make a career change.

Your chances of finding a job with our TESOL/TESL certification are second to none. Oxford Seminars' TESOL/TESL certificate demonstrates to employers that you are familiar with the theoretical approaches and the practical techniques required to be a successful ESL teacher.

We offer our TESOL/TESL Certification Course in: Abbotsford, Barrie, Brandon, Brantford, Burnaby, Calgary, Charlottetown, Edmonton, Fredericton, Guelph, Halifax, Hamilton, Kamloops, Kelowna, Kingston, Lethbridge, London, Montreal, North Bay, North York, Oshawa, Ottawa, Peterborough, Regina, St. Catharines, Saint John, St. John's, Saskatoon, Sherbrooke, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria, Waterloo, Whitehorse, Windsor, & Winnipeg.
Combined Online / On-site TESOL Certificate Course:

- 6-day on-site classes are taught on Canadian college campuses, while a 40-hour online component must also be completed.

- The fundamentals of language acquisition, learning, and teaching are explored through case studies.

- Through a critical evaluation of grammar resources and lessons, teachers will hone their understanding of English grammar and how to teach it through stimulating and engaging lessons