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Professional Make-Up Artist Training in Los Angeles, CA

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All About FACE Academy, Los Angeles:
Located just 10 minutes south of Downtown Los Angeles CA, the All About FACE Academy is a leader in hands-on professional makeup training. Makeup artists are in demand like never before. The All About FACE Academy is a private makeup school that specializes in precise and extensive training in the areas of Professional Makeup Design, with Beginner & Master courses including Beauty Makeup, Makeup Tools, Teen Beauty, and more. Students learn specific techniques & proper makeup application for every skin type & for every ethnicity.

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Professional Makeup Artist Training Certification Programs:

Makeup for Photography, Film & TV including Hi-Def:
- Duration: 2 weeks

This course is designed to teach our students precise makeup techniques for camera, effective makeup tools & advanced product knowledge.

Beauty Makeup:
Photo of Professional Make-Up Artist Training in Los Angeles, CA- Duration: 2 weeks. Day or Evening study options

Knowing the do’s & don’ts of Beauty Makeup is essential. This course teaches day beauty vs evening beauty as it is important for one to know & understand looks that are suitable for each.

Lash Extension Course:
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options

This course is designed to teach our students (beginners, intermediate and advanced) eye lash extension techniques to ensure great success. 

Pro Smokey Eyes:
- Duration: 2 weeks. Day or Evening study options

Learn advanced techniques for Partial Smokey Eyes, Full Pro Smokey Eyes, and Pro Smokey Eyes w/color.

Makeup for Fashion:
- Duration: 2 weeks. Day or Evening study options

This course is designed to teach makeup for fashion; including runway & editorial. 

Portfolio Development:
Image of Professional Make-Up Artist Training in Los Angeles, CA- Duration: 1 Day (Day or Evening)

Having a professional portfolio shows the true essence of your work. Our students only shoot with the industry’s top fashion & beauty photographers.

Hair Styling 101:
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options

This course is designed to teach quick, easy and very beautiful hair styling techniques including gorgeous up-dos, hair extensions, while learning beautiful straightening & hair curling techniques for different hair lengths and different textures. 

The Art of Special Effects Makeup:
Photos of All About FACE Academy, Los Angeles- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options

This course is designed to teach our students awesome techniques for film & tv. Students learn skin discoloration, body wounds, aging techniques for face & hair, bruising, teeth coloring, extensive cuts, blood application & more.

Red Carpet Glam:
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options

Understanding red carpet glam keeps our students & alumni ahead of the game. Learning these techniques while achieving stunning red carpet looks can be a great advantage to one’s career.

Foundation Matching, Highlighting/Contouring:
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options

Proper foundation matching & learning advanced foundation application tools are extremely important for every woman & for every makeup artist.

Picture of Professional Make-Up Artist Training in Los Angeles, CAAdvanced Bridal Beauty:
- Duration: 2 weeks. Day or Evening study options

This class is designed to teach precise makeup techniques for every bride, for every wedding culture, for every season and for every bridesmaid; including mother of the bride & groom. 

Proper Lip Application for Day & Evening:
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options

This course focuses on teaching beautiful lip liner application, choosing suitable lipstick & lip gloss shades and how to effectively apply them.

Advanced Blush Application:
- Duration: 1 week

Learn how to choose the proper blush tones while gaining techniques that are sure to enhance your makeup look flawlessly.

Lash Application (Strips & Lash Tabs)
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options

This course is designed to teach our students false eye lash application. Students are taught how to apply eye last strips as well as individual eye lash tabs. 

Eyeliner Techniques:
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options 

In this course you’ll learn precise liner techniques while also learning how to add a pop of color using eye liner, as well as phenomenal cat eye techniques for more dramatic eye enhancement.

Beauty Business 101:
- Duration: 1 week. Day or Evening study options 

This class is designed to educate our students on the business side of it all. As a Professional Makeup Artist, having great knowledge of the beauty & entertainment business is key.

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Address: 6601 Center Drive West, Suite 500, Culver City, Los Angeles, California 90045, USA
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Los Angeles Makeup School
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Los Angeles Makeup School (LAMUS) is a makeup school located in Burbank, Los Angeles, California. We offer comprehensive hands-on beauty makeup and special FX makeup courses who students who are committed to becoming professional makeup artists. We offer our courses at very affordable prices.

LAMUS offers four distinct programs of study: Beauty Makeup Course, Special FX Character Makeup Course, Advanced Special FX Makeup, Monster Making Course; that are taught by qualified instructors who are working professionals within all realms of makeup industry.

LAMUS offers each student an individual professional portfolio as they complete the course. We prepare each student with the highest level of confidence and skills to prepare them for actually work in commercial fashion, TV, film and entertainment industry.
LAMUS offers four distinct programs of study:
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Arts University Bournemouth
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• Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) is a leading university specialising in arts, performance, design, and media education. Easily accessible less than 2 hours south of London by train, AUB provides study abroad BA (Hons) courses for US / international students & professionals who wish to spend time abroad in pursuit of careers in creative arts, graphic design, interior design, textiles, fashion, makeup, animation, visual communication, event management, architecture, dance, acting, film production, photography, & more.

• Our short study abroad courses are designed for students who want to spend time learning in the UK, developing their creative skills and perhaps gaining credits towards their university degree, but do not necessarily want to spend as much as 2-3 years studying in the UK.

• Students are fully integrated with our full-time BA (Hons) degree students, and these courses can be taken for 1 term, 2 terms, or 3 terms.

• If you can't find the exact course you want, we can design a course tailored to your individual needs. You can join several groups of students on a range of different courses and also receive one-to-one tuition.

• We also provide summer study abroad programs.

"The facilities that the Arts University Bournemouth has to offer are absolutely amazing. First off, the library was one of the most resourceful places I have come across in my entire stay there."
- Orlando, USA, Animation Production
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• Illustration
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• MakeUp for Media & Performance
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• Photography
• Textiles
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Further Courses:
• Portfolio Preparation Art, Design & Media (2 terms)

• Preparation for Masters (1 or 2 terms)
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Otis' interdisciplinary curriculum embraces new technologies and emerging disciplines, combining these with established traditions with longtime strengths in fine arts and design. An Otis education prepares students to embrace an expanded role for artists and designers to fully engage in social, economic, and cultural change.

Our graduates are citizens who are committed to community well-being on both local and global scales. They incorporate human values, social responsibility, and ethics in their thinking and action.

Otis College of Art and Design programs are accredited by WASC and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.
Bachelor of Fine Arts Undergraduate Degree Programs:
- Foundation
- Integrated Learning
- Liberal Arts and Science
- A.C.T.
- Architecture
- Communication Arts
- Digital Media
- Fashion Design
- Fine Arts
- Product Design
- Toy Design, and more...

Master of Fine Arts Graduate Degree Programs:
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MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty & Print, Los Angeles
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Located in Hollywood, just north-west of Downtown Los Angeles, MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty & Print is the creation of world-renowned makeup artist and author Margaret Kimura. MKC Academy provides a unique experience for novices, students and professionals who want a makeup school to help them excel in in the beauty makeup industry, in Fashion, Film, Television, Runway and Print.

Known for excellence, MKC Academy, a State of California-approved institution, offers makeup courses in beauty, special FX makeup, fantasy, avante garde and airbrushing. MKC also offers a Hair Styling School with courses in celebrity and print hair styling for fashion, runway and television.

Ideally situated in the heart of the entertainment industry of Hollywood on Seneca Avenue (just off Glendale Boulevard and close to the Golden State Freeway), MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty & Print is just a short drive from Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Disney Studios and the world-famous Hollywood sign, and within easy reach of neighborhoods such as West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Oakwood, Burbank, Pasadena and Alhambra.
- The Works-Makeup & Hair program (504 clock hours)
- Master's Makeup Artistry program (343 clock hours)
- Professional Makeup Artistry program (147 clock hours)
- Professional Hairstyling program (140 clock hours)

- Short Makeup Courses
- Short Hair Styling Courses
- Makeup Workshops
- MKC Internship Program
and more...