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Spanish Language Immersion in Chile

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Escuela de Idiomas Violeta Parra - Tandem Santiago:
Established in 1992 in Santiago, Chile, we at Escuela de idiomas Violeta Parra pride on providing top qualiy Spanish Courses in a magical environment.

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Our name:

Why is the school called "Escuela de Idiomas Violeta Parra"? Because through her art, music and poetry, Violeta Parra, a woman of many talents brought to life the true spirit of the nation. Because, for us, this popular figure best represents the people of Chile.


Our purpose is to offer modern, fast spanish language learning programms to our clients, which entitle them to envolve themseves in the shortest time in any spanish speaking country.

Method and structure:

We offer Spanish immersion courses at the school, in three intensities using a communicational method. Our Spanish courses differ from those of other language schools in Santiago in terms of progression and, related to this, the short duration. We work with seven different levels. Each level has 1 week of duration, which means, that we pass the fundamental Spanish grammar in only 7 weeks, whereas other schools take 3 month for the same offering only a three level structure! This is your fast track to the Spanish language.


Spnaish Group Courses; Private Spanish Lessons; Intensive Spanish Classes; DELE Exam Preparation Courses; Spanish for Professionals.


We offer carefully selected accommodation of many different kinds for the time you are taking a course and also absolutely independent form the booking of a course. We classify lodgings in private households (shared apartment and Family homestay), Hotels and furnished apartments/studios.


Photo of Spanish Language Immersion in ChileWith our field trip program and our excursions, we want to give our Spanish students a deeper insight to the Chilean society. We offer a big number of activities every week. We have a welcome reception with empanadas and wine every Monday after the morning classes, Tuesdays we make a free guided field trip, Wednesdays takes place our Tandem lunch and in the afternoon the Tandem group interchange. After the Interchange we offer an outing to Bellavistas nightlife.

Field trip program:
* Visit of a vineyard with a wine tasting.
* The museum house of Pablo Neruda.
* Visit of the pre columbian museum.
* Visit of the Archeological Museum
* Visit of the Museum of fine Arts


Image of Spanish Language Immersion in ChileSantiago has a population of 5 million people and is located in the central valley at the foot of the Andes. It is a safe and modern city with good public transportation and a warm mediterranean climate In the evenings it cools off comfortably. Spring already starts in the middle of August with the flowering of the fruit trees. In the nearly rainless santiago cathedralsummer period between October and March, the average daytime temperatures are 80-85 degrees F (29 °C). It always cools of comfortably during the night. The winter is short and mild. 95% of the 330mm yearly rain, falls between April and December. June and July are the rainiest month in the year. Nevertheless there are more sunny than rainy days in these month and temperatures during a sunny day can reach (16-20ºC). When it is cloudy or rains 8-10ºC are normal. In Santiago we rarely have light frost and then only during a few hours early in the morning. Between June and October we can ski in the Andes.

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Address: Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 362 - Recoleta, Santiago, Chile
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Universidad de Aconcagua - UAC
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Located in Valparaiso, on Chile's Pacific Coast, 90 minutes west of Santiago, University of Aconcagua (UAC) is a private institution of higher education recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Education as a degree-granting institution of higher learning.

GoAbroad-UAC International Programs is responsible for supporting the negotiation, facilitation, and coordination of institutional relationships with international partners.

We offer Semester / Year Abroad / Trimester / Short Term International Programs to students from around the globe.

University enrollment comprises 70% of working students who aspire to attain a higher level of training for a second degree or a professional career.
Semester / Study Abroad / Trimester Programs for International Students:

- Semester / Year Abroad Programs (Nursing, Engineering, Tourism..)

- Intensive Spanish, Chilean Culture and Entrepreneurship Trimester Program (Fall / Spring)

- Short Term Programs (Summer / Winter)

- 4-week Intensive Spanish, Chilean Culture and Entrepreneurship Programs
Natalis Language Centre NATALISLANG, Santiago
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Natalis Language Centre, Spanish language school in Santiago, in the north of Chile, offering personalized and group Spanish lessons as well as D.E.L.E Training. All our students have special programs according to their level and requirements.

We have courses at all levels and all our teachers are native speakers with a university degree as well as experience teaching Spanish to foreigners. Most have learned a second language themselves and understand the student’s perspective.
Regular Spanish Lessons; Crash Spanish Course; Full Spanish Immersion; Intensive Spanish Courses; Business Spanish Courses; Group Spanish Courses; Individual Spanish Lessons; D.E.L.E Exam Preparation.
PILS - Spanish School at the Beach
Courses / Programs
Pichilemu Institute of Language Studies (PILS) is a unique Spanish language school offering intensive and non-intensive Spanish courses in Chile's surfing capital, Pichilemu. In addition, we offer study abroad semester programs and college credit programs for US and international students. Pichilemu is located on the rural coast of Central Chile and is approximately 3.5 hours by bus from the capital, Santiago which has an international airport.

At PILS our students have the small school advantage - each group and private class is specifically designed for those students. We do our best to accommodate our students, from helping them with future travel plans to finding the best place to stay in town. Our college educated professors are creative and patient. They are experienced in working with the individual needs of their students privately or in small groups.

Our school is also an English language learning facility for local Chileans. Thus, we like to promote cross-cultural experiences between students. PILS is the perfect place for someone who wants to focus on learning Spanish in a small beach town with many outdoor activities available.
- Group Spanish Classes
- College Credit Programs for US college / university students (Design your own study abroad program)
- Semester Abroad Programs
- Universidad de Bolivariana certified 40- hour course for non-US students
- Private Spanish Lessons
- Spanish + Surf Package
- Spanish + Kite Board Package
- Spanish + Multi-activity Package
- Santiago-Pichilemu City Combination Program
- Online Spanish Classes
Academia Columbus, Quito
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We are located in Quito, Ecuador and offer individual, group and combined classes for all levels. We also offer internship and volunteering mediation for all areas, Business Spanish, Medical Spanish. Our international Spanish language school is situated in a modern quarter of Quito. The dynamic and experienced teaching staff conducts lessons in 12 bright classrooms, providing optimal learning conditions for students of all proficiency levels. Language courses begin every Monday for all language levels, even for absolute beginners.
Group classes (max. 5 students) with 20 or 30 lessons of 60 mins, Individual classes with 20 or 30 lessons of 60 mins, Combined classes with 20 lessons group classes plus 10 lessons individual classes of 60 minutes.
Mente Argentina Spanish Programs
Courses / Programs
Mente Argentina provides 2 different options for learning Spanish in Buenos Aires. They are completely different, and the best option varies according to your interests.

University Spanish School: UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires – a public university) is the largest and most well known university in Argentina, and is one of the most prestigious in Latin America.

The Foreign Language Department offers Spanish programs for foreign students, as well as other foreign language programs. Every year, more than 20,000 students study foreign languages there.

Mente Argentina´s Spanish School is located in the heart of Buenos Aires, within easy access and close to the main touristic sights. The school has been teaching Spanish as a second language for more than 10 years and has been committed to its students in order to provide a high quality education as well as personalized assistance so that students can achieve their objectives.

The professors of the MA Spanish School are professionals who graduated in the most renowned universities in Argentina. All of them are Spanish speaking people who can speak at least other two languages and have a vast experience working with foreign students.
1) University Spanish Programs at the Universidad de Buenos Aires - UBA (Fixed starting date / Monthly courses)

2) Mente Argentina's Spanish School (Weekly intensive courses / Flexible starting date)

Specialized Courses at the Mente Argentina Spanish School include:

- Legal Course (Spanish for Lawyers)
- Medical Course
- Spanish Literature
- Advanced Conversation
- Advanced Composition
- Latin American History
Spanish World Institute, Bogota & Cartagena
Courses / Programs
• Spanish World Institute (SWI) is one of the most successful Spanish language schools in Colombia. Established in 2006, we offer Spanish language courses to students from around the world at our campuses in Bogota and Cartagena.

• Our Spanish courses include General Spanish, Business Spanish, DELE exam preparation and private Spanish lessons. We offer 3 levels of teaching: basic, intermediate and advanced and follow the values of Instituto Cervantes.

• All of our teachers are native speakers and hold university degrees. They ensure that course work is relevant to our students' interests and objectives, utilizing a wide range of techniques and materials to vary the pace and variety of the Spanish classes.

• Our Spanish courses are offered year-round and start every Monday (except for bank holidays). Students can take classes for as little as one week up to an indefinite period of time.

• Our Spanish school is set in a colonial house specially refurbished to provide a suitable academic environment without losing its originality.

• With spacious classrooms, cafeteria, computers with free internet access and a library, it offers a complete range of facilities for students to improve their language skills.

Student Review:
"My Spanish class is great so far. I have one more day left and I hope I can stay a little longer so that I can learn more. I would highly recommend Spanish World Institute. The classes are informative and reasonably priced!"
- Lauren, USA
Spanish Language Courses:
- Beginner to Advanced Levels

• General Spanish Course (20 or 30 lessons per week)
• DELE Exam Preparation
• Business / Executive Spanish Course
• Private Spanish Lessons
• General Spanish Classes + Colombia Cultura
• General Spanish Classes + Salsa Lessons
• General Spanish Classes + Excursions