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Information on Working in Germany for Bulgarians

Bulgarian citizens working in Germany:
Germany needs Qualified Specialists in many different sectors - engineering, IT, technology, manufacturing, logistics, science, mathematics and healthcare. If you have a job offer you are allowed to take up a job in Germany by following the rules for a restricted EU work permit. 

Restricted EU Work Permit: 

- As a Bulgarian national, you need a restricted „EU work with freedom of movement permit“ to work in Germany. 
- EU rule which will end by 2014.
- Permit has to be given from The Federal Employment Agency in Germany.
You have to receive this permit before you can begin work.
It is a temporary EU work permit for twelve months.
After twelve months minimum of work without interruption you then have an EU right to work and can get a permanent work permit.

Obtaining a "restricted EU work with freedom of movement permit" to work in Germany:
1) Make sure you have an employment contract or written job offer from a German company.

2) You must send your application to:

The Work Permit Team (AE) of the International Placement Services of the Federal Employment Agency called the „Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung – ZAV“. 
-  The agency in charge of your permit is in the area where your German employer is based. 
-  Your employer in Germany can give you the contact details of the agency.

3) Your application must be sent to this agency a minimum of four weeks before you want to begin employment. 

4) Be sure to complete your application documents and add:
-  A filled in permit application form for a restricted EU work permit („Arbeitserlaubnis EU“)
-  Copy of Passport 
-  Copy of the freedom of movement certificate („Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung“) – you can get this from the same office which gave you your passport 
-  Qualifcation Certificate which states your training and skills background 
-  A detailed description of the position with the most important employment terms (especially pay and working hours) filled out by the employer

5) It will take a certain amount of time for your application to be processed.

6) You will be given a permit for a period of twelve months to begin with. 

7) If you can provide details of twelve months of continual work you will then receive the permanent right of work in Germany if you remain in employment. 

Full EU work permit („Arbeitsberechtigung EU“):
With the full EU work permit you get unrestricted access to the German employment market. This permit will be handed out, after a continual employment period of twelve months (minimum) in Germany. 

The families of Bulgarian nationals who have legally set up residence in Germany are allowed an EU work permit and may also apply for a work permit.

Germany as a Place of Work for Bulgarians:
- Qualified Bulgarians in Germany have a good living standard with stable income, good housing and a wide range of material goods and necessities available. 

- There are many Bulgarian communities, clubs and associations in Germany with evening and weekend activities so you can enjoy the taste of home while working and living in Germany.  

- Going back to Bulgaria to visit family and friends is easy. In Germany holiday days are at a high level (up to 30 days) so you can use some of this free time to travel back to Bulgaria.

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