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Information on Working in Germany for Foreigners

Germany is currently looking for up to 150,000 qualified specialists for many sectors and professions. By 2020, 3 million skilled workers are needed in Germany to combat the shortage in available employees.

- Qualified workers in the areas of  IT, engineering, technology, manufacturing, logistics, science, mathematics and healthcare  as well as other areas are in demand
- Qualifications and certificates from foreign universities and colleges are recognised 
Career prospects for experienced foreign people are therefore excellent
The time is now, Germany awaits you!

Living & working in Germany offers:
- Secure employment packages in innovative working environments
- Long term fair and stable wages as well as up to 30 days paid holiday 
- Economic success and stability
- The benefits of a first class health care system 
- The lowest unemployment rates in central Europe (6.8%)
- Further qualifications and training in your new job
- High standard of living, cultural and culinary diversity 
- Easy travel to other parts of Europe 

What you will also gain:
- The opportunity to work for some of the world´s leading companies 
- Considerable progress in your profession  
- Enormous work satisfaction working in a creative, fast-pace setting

What to consider when moving to Germany: 
- Residence Permits, Visa Regulations and Further Information: (see below)
- Family: Germany is a family-friendly country with lots of assistance for parents and families.
Language and Integration: German language and integration courses are available at good value and are provided as full-time or part-time courses.
Education: A solid education and day-care system is provided throughout the country.
Culture: Germany is a multicultural society. Approx. 19% of people living there have a foreign background.
Housing: There is a large choice of good rental apartments and houses. Standards are very high.
Free Time: There are a wide range of leisure activities on offer, from cycling, hiking, skiing to museums, concerts, and cinema.

Important Information when moving to Germany:
Registering with the local authorities: Anyone who moves to Germany is required to register with the local authorities called the „Ausländerbehörde“. You must do this within one week of moving to Germany.

Opening a Bank Account: You will need a bank account to receive your salary payments. To open a bank account you will need your passport, proof or registration, a letter to confirm employment and possibly payment slips. 

Residence Permits, Visa Regulations, Things to Consider, and Further Information:

- Bulgarian citizens 
Croatian citizens
Czech citizens 
- Greek citizens  
- Hungarian citizens 
- Indian citizens
- Irish citizens
Polish citizens  
- Romanian citizens 
Spanish citizens  
- U.S. citizens 

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