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Information on Working in Germany for Greeks

Greek citizens working in Germany:
Germany is presently looking for qualified foreign academics, scientists, IT specialists, managment employees and workers with specialist knowledge. Highly qualified Greek workers can now have numerous job opportunities with excellent benefits. 

Did you know that
- More than 15,000 qualified Greek workers have successfully gained employment throughout Germany over the past two years.
- If you have a job offer from a German company you are entitled to work in Germany without any restrictions. 
- Qualifications or certificates from Greek universities and colleges will be accepted as proof of expertise in your field.

Unrestricted Movement in the EU for Employment:
As a Greek citizen and citizen of an EU Member State you are entitled to unrestricted movement in the EU for employment.
You do not need a work permit to work in Germany. 
As of 2013 you no longer require a residence permit to live in Germany. 

Important:  You do however have to register and confirm your address at the local authorites „Einwohnermeldeamt“ within one week of arriving in Germany.

Good News for EU workers! – The 2013 Cancellation of Residence Permit Rule in EU countries:

Following a new regulation in 2013, as an EU citizen, you no longer require a residence permit called a „Aufentshaltserlaubnis“ or a document stating your freedom of movement called a „Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung“ to live and work in Germany or elsewhere in the EU.

This worker friendly change in EU law will help make it easier and less bureaucratic for EU nationals to move to and work in Germany. 

Your German employer has to make a copy of important documents and keep these on record in case the local authorities have any questions. 

These will include:
-     Copy of your passport
-     1 current biometic passport photo
-     Certificates of Education and Training 
-     Employment Confirmation Letter (The authorities usually request this as a means of verifying you are earning enough to pay for your living costs)

What you have to do – Registering on Arrival in Germany:
Go to the „Ausländeramt“ (Immigration Registration Office) and register and confirm that you are residing at your new address. You will have to queue for this service, which usually means pulling a ticket. 

Depending on where you are living there may be various different departments or service centers where you have to go. Check for the exact address and opening hours of this office in your city. 

Tax, Health Insurance and Pension Obligations for Working in Germany:

Tax Income Card - „Lohnsteuerkarte“: When you begin work at your German employer you will be given documents to take to the Ausländeramt“ (Immigration Registration Office) to apply for your Tax Income Card - „Lohnsteuerkarte“: In Germany income tax is paid monthly and deducted directly from your gross salary. The amount of income tax you pay depends on how much you earn. 

Health Insurance – „Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung“: In Germany health insurance is a legal requirement, which is directly linked to your earnings. The current rate is 14,9% and is paid half by the employer and half by the employee. Every month this amount will be deducted from your salary and automatically paid into the health insurance scheme.

Most people have health insurance policies at one of the state health insurance companies. These tend to be better value than the private insurance companies. You may choose which insurance company you would like to be registered at.

Statutory Pension Scheme „Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung: All employees must pay into the National Pension Scheme. It amounts to 19,9% of your gross salary. Here again half is paid by your employer and half by you, the employee.

Germany as a Place of Work for Greeks:
- Greek citizens working in Germany can a enjoy a very high standard of living and benefit from a wide range of opportunities for shopping, sport, leisure and culture. 
- There are approx. 295,000 Greeks living in Germany, offering a strong sense of community.
- Greek culture and lifestyle play a central role in modern multicultural Germany. Greek restaurants are very popular. 
- With up to 30 days paid holiday per year, travelling back home to Greece to visit family is easily possible.

So why wait? - A new prosperous career path lies ahead.

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