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Information on Working in Germany for Hungarians

Hungarian citizens working in Germany:
With a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the areas of of  IT, engineering, technology, manufacturing, logistics, science, mathematics and healthcare, Germany is now looking to immigration to battle this labour shortage. This makes it a very attractive destination for qualified personnel from abroad. Qualifications or certificates from Hungarian universities and colleges are recognised as proof of expertise.

Did you know that 
- There are currently approx. 1,3 million vacant specialist positions (both academic and technical) in German companies. 

- If you receive an offer of employment from a German company, you have no restrictions in moving to and working in Germany. 

- Germany is a great place to work – being one of the global leaders in innovative change and technological development. 

Unrestricted Movement in the EU for Employment: 
Hungarian citizens, in also being citizens of an EU Member State, are allowed to move within the EU for employment reasons without restrictions. You do not require a work permit or visa to take up employment in Germany. Since the beginning of 2013, you do not need a residence permit to live in Germany.

You still however have to confirm where you are living in Germany by registering at the local authorites „Einwohnermeldeamt“ within one week of arriving in Germany. 

Good News for EU workers – The 2013 Cancellation of Residence Permit Rule in EU countries:
As a result of the new EU rule in 2013, you no longer need a a residence permit called a „Aufentshaltserlaubnis“ or a document stating your freedom of movement called a „Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung“ to live and be employed in Germany or elsewhere in the EU.

This employee friendly change in EU regulation will help EU nationals to move to and work in Germany more easily as there is less paperwork necessary for them. 

The personnel department at the German company must have the following documents in case the local authorities have any questions:

-     Copy of your passport
-     1 current biometic passport photo
-     Education and Training Certificates
-     A letter confirming your employment at that company (The authorities usually request this as a means of being sure you are earning enough to pay for your living costs)

What you have to do – Registering on Arrival in Germany:
First of all, go to the „Ausländeramt“ (Immigration Registration Office) at the „Einwohnermeldeamt“ (Local Registration Office) and register that you are living at your new address. This registration policy runs as part of a ticket system where you take a ticket and wait in line.

Many cities or towns in Germany have different service centers or departments providing these services. You will need to check the details of these offices for your area. 

Tax, Health Insurance and Pension Obligations for Working in Germany:

Tax Income Card - „Lohnsteuerkarte“:  When you start working at the German company you will be given documents you need to apply for your Tax Income Card - „Lohnsteuerkarte“:
To get this, you will need to go to the Ausländeramt“ (Immigration Registration Office). Income Tax is paid monthly in Germany, and will be paid directly from your gross salary. The amount you pay depends on what you are earning. 

Health Insurance – „Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung“: In Germany, health insurance is compulsary by law, and is connected to your wage. At present, the percentage is 14,9%, half of which is paid in by the employer and half by the worker. Every month this amount will automatically be deducted from your salary and paid into the health insurance scheme.

In general, most people pay their health insurance into of the public health insurance companies. Because these are normally less exensive than than the private insurance companies. Your employer will ask you to decide which insurance company you would like to be registered at. 

Statutory Pension Scheme - „Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung“: All workers have to pay into the National Pension Scheme. 19,9% of your gross salary is calculated. Your company pays half the amount and you pay the other half. It is also deducted from your monthly wage. 

Germany as a Place of Work for Hungarians:
- Germans enjoy a good work and leisure balance. They are very kind and helpful in assisting their foreign colleagues adapt to life in Germany. They will be pleased to show you around the area or to go out for a meal, take you on an excursion etc.

- Germans will also offer assistance with any queries you may have in relation to filling out forms or setting up heating, phone or internet services for your apartment. 

- Qualified Hungarian citizens living in Germany can enjoy an indulgent lifestyle with stable working and housing conditions. 

- Hungarian dish specialities are very popular in Germany. You will often see Hungarian style food served in German restaurants, and it is easy to purchase such products in supermarkets. 

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