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Information on Working in Germany for Spanish Citizens

Spanish citizens working in Germany:
- Germany needs qualified employees for jobs in engineering, technology, IT, manufacturing, logistics, mathematics, healthcare and science. Germany is now looking to recruit workers from other EU countries for these jobs.
German companies are welcoming skilled Spanish employees. In the past two years, up to 10,000 Spanish workers have found new employment in Germany. 
German is the most secure workplace in Europe, and offers great job opportunities with stable wages.
- The levels of your qualifications and education certificates (academic and vocational) from Spain are accepted and respected in Germany.

Unrestricted Movement in the EU for Employment:
As a Spanish citizen, you can work in Germany without a work permit or visa. You do not need a residence permit to live in Germany. 

Important: However, you must register your address at the immigration department of the local registration office „Einwohnermeldeamt“. You need to do this in your first week in Germany.

Good News for EU workers  – No Need for Residence Permit for EU citizens as of 2013:
Because of a new EU rule in 2013, you do not need a a residence permit called a „Aufentshaltserlaubnis“ or „Freizügigkeitsbescheinigung“ to work in Germany or another country in the EU. Now, you can move to and work in Germany without a lot of paperwork.

Your German company must have a copy of the following documents, so that he can give any information to the local authorities if asked:

-     Copy of your passport
-     1 current biometic passport photo
-     Education and Training Certificates
-     Employment Confirmation Letter (The authorities will ask to see this as a guarantee that you can pay for your cost of living.)

What you have to do – Registering on Arrival in Germany:
Go to the „Ausländeramt“ (Immigration Registration Office) at the „Einwohnermeldeamt“ (Local Registration Office) and confirm that you are residing at your new address. You will take a ticket and wait for the service.

Check for the exact address of this office in your city as there may be many different departments or buildings. If you have any questions, your employer can help you. 

Things you need to know about Tax, Health Insurance and Pension in Germany:

1) Tax Income Card - „Lohnsteuerkarte“:  To work in Germany you need a Tax Income Card „Lohnsteuerkarte“. 
In Germany, you pay income tax each month and it is automatically deducted from your monthly salary. 
Your German employer will give you information on how to apply for your Tax Income Card - „Lohnsteuerkarte“.
Go to the „Ausländeramt“ (Immigration Registration Office), give them the necessary documents and you will get your tax income card. 

2) Health Insurance – „Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung“: In Germany, health insurance is obligatory. 
- The rate is 14,9% of your monthly pay. It is deducted from your monthly salary. 
This is taken and put into your health insurance scheme. 
Your employer pays half and you pay the other half. 
Public health insurance companies give better value rates than private insurance companies. 
You may decide which health insurance company you would like to join. 

3) Statutory Pension Scheme - „Gesetzliche Rentenversicherung“:
Every worker must pay into the National Pension Scheme. 
This is 19,9% of your salary. 
It is subtracted from your monthly pay. 
Your company pays half the amount and you pay the other half. 

Germany as a Place of Work for Spanish:
- There are approx. 140,000 Spanish people living in Germany. This number is rising every year. 
- There is a strong sense of community amoung the Spanish living in Germany. 
German companies welcome Spanish workers. Germans see their Spanish co-workers as well-educated, diligent and friendlly. 
Spanish culture and style of cooking is very popular in Germany. You will find Spanish restaurants and tapas bars in every city. 
Many Germans speak some Spanish. They often go on holidays to Spain. 

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