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Acting School for Kids, Teens & Young Adults in LA County, CA

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3-2-1- Talent Showcase Acting Studios:
3-2-1- Talent Showcase Acting Studios in Los Angeles is an affordable on-camera acting school which specializes in launching acting careers for children, teens and young adults. We are located in the beautiful La Crescenta Valley above the Southern California cities of Glendale / Burbank (only 15 minutes from Burbank Airport, Hollywood and Downtown LA).

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Acting classes offered by 3-2-1- Talent Showcase Acting Studios include:

 Introduction to Basic Acting skills. Acting warm-up games. Improvisation Skills, Listening, Concentration, Focus. Cooperation, Taking direction. Confidence. Creating instant relationships.
 UsingPhoto of Acting School for Kids, Teens & Young Adults in LA County, CA your Imagination, Finding your emotions. Confident hand shakes and smiles.
 Voice & Diction, Tongue Twisters, Pronunciation. Proper Vocal Delivery. Enunciation techniques.
 On-Camera Slating, First Impressions, Confidence, Personality development.
 Cold Reading of Scenes & Monologues from: TV Commercials, Sit-Coms, Soap Operas, TV shows Dramas, Comedies, Movies, Theater and more! Auditioning techniques. How to Audition.
 Understanding the story, On-Camera performance, Playback & Critique.
 On- Camera Eating, Drinking, Handling & Reacting to Products.
 Using your imagination create your own commercial. Film, Playback & Critique.
 Memorize scenes & Monologues, Film, Playback & Critique.
 Visual Poise, Posture, Basic Model Stance. Models walk for girls & boys!
 Model’s T-Turn ½ & ¾, Head & Hand placement. Runway Modeling & Posing.
 Model’s full turns. Audience appeal, Entrance & Exits, Modeling with partners and groups.
 Dance Modeling, Photo Posing rules for Print Work, (magazines etc.). Manners/Etiquette

 Introduction to Basic Acting Skills, Improvisation Warm ups. Accents.
 Voice and Diction, Enunciation exercises. Tongue twisters. Proper Breathing.
 What it takes to be a Professional Actor. First Impressions, On-camera Slating,
 Confidence Techniques, Firm hand shake & smile, posture. Postive body language.
 The Personality Interview. How to introduce your best qualities. On-Camera Techniques.
 Cold Readings of TV commercials. Using your iImage of Acting School for Kids, Teens & Young Adults in LA County, CAmagination, Spontaneity, Creative choices.
 Understanding Commercial Scripts (copy) One-liners, Spokesperson copy, 1 & 2 person and Group Commercials, Teamwork. 10 step T.V. Commercial Breakdown.
 How to use a Cue card hitting your “marks,” How to win the audition and get a callback!
 On –Camera Correct handling of Products and Props for T. V. commercials. On-Camera Eating.
 Memorization of Commercial Copy, On-camera taped performance Playback and Critique.
 Mock Casting Audition from interview to booking the TV commercial!

TV2: FILM AND TELEVISION ACTING ( Advanced Scene Study) Ages 11-up
 Introduction to Scene Study through Film and TV acting techniques, for Sit-Coms, Soap Operas, Episodic TV, Prime time Drama, Comedy, Movies, Internet and more!
 Acting warm ups, Advanced Improv Skills, Emphasis on Focus, listening, relaxation, concentration.
 Sense memory exercises using the 5 senses, Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell.
 Exploring your own emotions exercises. Self-knowledge, Personal Inventory. What is your emotion?
 Affective Memory exercises. Remembering emotions that occuPhotos of 3-2-1- Talent Showcase Acting Studiosrred in your past and applying them to character.
 How to build and analyze a character, the 4 W’s, Who, What, Where, Want, Using your imagination to create your character, Magic of believing, Communicate feelings and ideas to an audience, Strong, Bold, Creative choices.
 Cold readings of Monologues, 2 person scenes, Group scenes. Playing different characters. D
 Script analysis, Scene breakdown, Finding the emotional transitions, Interpreting and breathing life to the scene.
 Committing yourself to the given circumstances of a scene, Creating instant, believable on-camera relationships, Working well with others, Cooperation and Trust. Believability.
 Memorization of scripts, On-camera performance, Playback and Critique.
 Audition techniques for cold reading of Film and TV scripts. Bringing your unique self to the casting office. Professionalism.

3-2-1- Lift Off! Showcase/Acting Career Intensive

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Address: 3131 Foothill Blvd. La Crescenta, 91214, Los Angeles County, California , USA
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