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Arizona Flight Training Center:
Arizona Flight Training Center is based at Glendale Municipal Airport, Maricopa County, Arizona, approximately 9 miles north-west of Downtown Phoenix. We provide quality pilot training for both recreational pilots and career pilots. In either case, you will be trained to airline standards. We offer courses from zero time beginner students through to Multi-Engine Commercial certification. We also provide the full range of certified instructor courses.

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On-Site Flight Training Certification Courses (Recreational Pilots & Career Pilots):
We offer courses from zero time students through to Multi-Engine Commercial certification. We also offer the full range of certified instructor courses. Our Professional Pilot Program, for example, may be completed in six months and includes FAA certifications for Private Pilot, Instrument rating and Multi-Engine Commercial. We believe AZFTC offers the finest pilot training available anywhere in the world, with a great training environment and a very complete program.

- Private Pilot Course:
This three month course provides a means of training pilots with little or no previous flight experience to a standard well above the minimum accepted for FAA Private Pilot certification. It includes all pilot supplies, headset, flight bag, books, charts, examiner fees, taxes and airport fees.

* Ground Training:
 The ground training begins with an on-line or CD based Ground School to prepare the student for the FAA Private Pilot written exam. The ground school provides the student knowledge and understanding in the following subjects: Aircraft Systems, Airworthiness, Aerodynamics, Loading, Performance, Airspace, Airports, Air Traffic Control, Safety of Flight, Aviation Weather, Federal Aviation Regulations, Aeronautical Information Manual, Flight Physiology, Navigation Planning, Avionics, Flight Physiology, Navigation planning. 

The course also includes 15 hours of one on one ground training with an instructor.

* Flight Training:  A Cessna 152 is used for flight training. The student must successfully complete all flight training maneuvers outlined in the FAA practical test standards before the final evaluation for the Private Pilot Certificate. Flight training is programmed to require 31.5 hours dual instruction, 10 hours solo and 2.0 hours for the practical exam (checkride).

- Instrument Rating Course
This 60 day course provides a means of training pilots to cope with flying in restricted visibility. The pilot is taught to trust what is seen on the instruments.
* Ground Training:  The initial ground training utilizes an on-line ground school to prepare the student for the Instrument Rating written test. The ground segment also includes 15 hours of one on one ground instruction with an instructor. The primary objective of ground training is to provide students knowledge and understanding of the following subjects: Attitude Flying, Communications, Radio Navigation Aids, Charts, Procedures, Holding, Approaches, Meteorology, Task prioritization, CRM, Aero medical Factors, and the IFR System.

* Flight Training:  A Cessna 172P equipped with a Garmin 430 is utilized for all dual instruction.  The student must successfully complete all flight training maneuvers outlined in the FAA practical test standards before the final evaluation for the Instrument Airplane Certificate. Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures, Flight by Reference to Instruments, Navigation Systems, Instrument Approach Procedures, and Emergency Operations. Flight training includes 41.5 hours of dual instruction, 25 hours of solo flight tim e (Cessna 152) and 2 hours for the practical exam (checkride).

- Time Building Course:
This course provides 125 hours of solo flight time in a low cost Cessna 152. Upon completion of the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating Courses, the student should have already accumulated 110 hours of flight time. The student must have a minimum of 235 flight hours before enrolling in the Multi-engine Commercial Pilot Course.

- Professional Pilot Program:
The Professional Pilot Course is designed specifically for U.S. residents with no prior experience. It is a six month program that includes FAA certification for Private Pilot, Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot. The course provides 64 hours of ground instruction, 73 hours of single engine dual instruction, 164 hours of single engine solo time, 16 hours of multi-engine dual instruction and 2 hours of multi-engines solo time. Upon completion, the new professional pilot will have accumulated 255 hours of flight time.

- SE (Single Engine) Commercial Add-on Course:
The student must have both a Private Pilot Certification and and Instrument Rating before enrolling in this course. An assumption has been made that the student has already logged 235 hours of flight time including any FTD hours.  A Cessna 172 is used for the flight training. The Commercial Pilot course includes advanced training concepts such as CRM, ADM, LOFT, and Crew Coordination. The cost of this one week course is based on FAA minimum requirements. It includes all pilot supplies, books, charts, examiner fees, taxes and airport fees. Ground and flight training included.
- Civilian ATP Course:
Minimum previous experience requirements are 1,500 hours total flight time, 500 hours cross country, 75 hours instrument and 100 hours night. Ground and flight training included.

* Ground Training
:  AMEL Piston Aircraft Ground Training, home study segment (10 hours) and ground training segment (8 hours).

* Flight Training:  Programmed Flight Training (Training flight #1: 2 hours, Training flight #2: 2 hours and Checkride: 2 hours).

- Military ATP Course:
Minimum previous experience requirements are 1,500 hours total flight time, 500 hours cross country, 75 hours instrument and 100 hours night. You must have passed the ATP written exam within the past 24 months, and you must meet all the requirements of FAR 61.153 & 61.159 to be eligible for the ATP rating. The course is programmed to be completed within 2-3 days and includes all fees and supplies. Ground and flight training included.
- Military SE ATP Add-on Course:
The single engine ATP course is typically utilized by military pilots that also intend to add the Certified Flight Instructor Single Engine rating. The single engine ATP checkride maneuvers and procedures are similar to those performed for the the multi-engine ATP, making the checkride uncomplicated. Upon a successful conclusion, you will automatically receive the single engine commercial certification required for the CFI Single Engine add-on program.

The student must currently hold the multi-engine ATP certification. If you wish to use the Single Engine ATP as your initial ATP rating, then minimum previous experience requirements are 1,500 hours total flight time, 500 hours cross country, 75 hours instrument and 100 hours night.  You must also meet all the requirements of FAR 61.153 and 61.159. Ground and flight training included.
- Military CFI Add-on Course:
Minimum previous experience requirements are 1,500 hours total flight time, 500 hours cross country, 75 hours instrument and 100 hours night. You must have passed the ATP written exam within the past 24 months, and you must meet all the requirements of FAR 61.153 & 61.159 to be eligible for the ATP rating.

The course is programmed to be completed within 2-3 days and includes all fees and supplies. Ground and flight training included.

- Military MEI Add-on Course:
The CFI Add-on Course is available to military pilots that currently hold another instructor rating and now wish to add the single engine Certified Flight Instructor certification. Ground and flight training included.

- Certified Flight Instructor Course:
The course is available to pilots that currently hold the FAA Single Engine Commercial certification and now wish to add the Single Engine Certified Flight Instructor rating.

* Ground School:  60 hours.

* Programmed Flight Training
:  Flight Training (4.5 hours in a Cessna 172, 2.0 hours in a Cessna 172RG) and Final Stage Check (1.5 hours).

- Instrument Instructor Course:
The course is available to pilots that currently hold the FAA Single Engine Commercial certification and now wish to add the Single Engine Instrument Instructor (CFII) rating.

* Ground School:  60 hours.

* Programmed Flight Training
:  Flight Training (6.0 hours of flight training in a Cessna 172) and Flight Check (2 hours).

- Multi-Engine Instructor Course:
The course is available to pilots that currently hold the FAA Multi-Engine Commercial Pilot certification and now wish to add the Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) rating. Ground and flight training included.

This is a full immersion course designed to be completed in 15 days. Classes begin every morning at 8:00 am and end at 5:00 pm for 15 straight days. The student should plan another 3-4 hours of home study each evening. Students are grouped in pairs so morning sessions can be used to work on lesson plans and to practice instructing each other. Training flights are also done in the morning. The afternoon session is a 4 hour ground school conducted by an AZFTC instructor.

- King Air Course:
The King Air Course is available to any pilot that currently holds the FAA Multi-Engine certification (Private or Commercial) and satisfies insurance requirements for initial and recurrent training. A King Air 90 series aircraft is used for all the training flights. Ground and flight training included.

- Flight Instructor Program

- Additional training courses:  
On-line / CD-based ground training courses - We utilize on-line or CD based ground training courses to significantly reduce your ground school instructor fees. If interested, we'll help you select the most appropriate system for your training course.

Military Transition:
Arizona Flight Training Center offers military aviators the professional level of flight training that comes from working with military pilots for over ten years. We know what it takes to get an Airline Transport Pilot rating, and our program’s proven results speak for themselves. Satisfied ATPs from all over the world have trained with our instructors and know that when it comes to getting an ATP rating, our expertise makes the difference.

Time Building Programs:

Arizona Flight Training Center offers a variety of aircraft time building programs designed to get you the hours you need in the most cost efficient manner. Whether it is your first flying job or your next flying job, we can get you there quickly and for the least amount of money

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Address: 801 Glen Harbor Blvd., Suite 107C, 85307, Glendale, Arizona , USA
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