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Music Technology / Audio Production School in California

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SAE Institute Los Angeles:
SAE Los Angeles is located in Hollywood in Southern California. We offer a combined practical and theoretical curriculum in audio engineering. SAE Los Angeles offers a certifiate course in Electronic Music Production which provides training in Logic, Ableton Live, Reason and Pro Tools within the context of making Electronic Music. We also offer a diploma program in Audio Technology. The diploma program is offered on a full-time or part-time basis and we provide job placement assistance upon graduation. Over the past 30 years, SAE has developed into a world-wide network of campuses, boasting some of the most advanced equipment and facilities available to students studying in the creative media industries. SAE Institute arrived in the United States in 1999 and opened its first campus in mid-town New York City. SAE also has campuses in Nashville, Miami, Atlanta and San Francisco.

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Photo of Music Technology / Audio Production School in CaliforniaDiploma of Audio Technology

Total Duration:
9 months full-time
18 months part-time

Full-time: Monday-Thursday (AM classes, 10AM-1:30PM, 3.5 hours)
Additional 10 hours/week studio lab time

Part-time: Mon/Wed (or) Tues/Thurs (night only, 3.5 hours)
Additional 5 hours/week studio lab time

Included Materials and Overview:
- Apple Laptop with ProTools LE system, 1 year AppleCare, Peak, Logic 8 Studio, & Heaphones.
- Official AMS-NEVE console training
- Solid State Logic approved training
- Student discounts from many of SAE's industry partners
- Text books covering topics including: recording techniques, mixing techniques, live sound, acoustics, electronics, MIDI, music business, studio budgeting, mastering, microphone techniques, session procedures, etc.
- Average of 10 hours per week of studio time to record and mix your projects (some projects include: digital editing small analog and digital console mixing, sampling, MIDI sequencing, control surface recording & mixing, Neve & SSL recording and mixing, mastering and Pro Tools projects)
- Job placement assistance upon graduation

Course Outline
- Basic sound theory: Focuses on the basic principals of sound and acoustics.

- Studio equipment and signal processing: This sections examines the key components found in a professional recording studio.

- Audio electronics: A sound knowledge of the fundamentals of electronic theory is essential to understanding audio and recording technology.

- Professional recording studios: This module focuses on recording, mixdown and mastering techniques.

- Live sound and musicianship: Focus on live sound system design and installation and musicianship.

- Digital audio technology: Used throughout the professional audio industry, digital sound technology has changed the work process of the professional engineer.

- Advanced stuImage of Music Technology / Audio Production School in Californiadio studies: Focusing on advanced studio techniques and related subjects, this module aims to prepare students for the workplace.

- Audio post-production: Many audio engineers are employed in studios and post-production houses working with sound for motion picture and video production.

- Acoustics: Focuses on acoustic principles and studio design.

- Digital audio editing: Introduces the hardware and software used in the virtual studio environment

- Mastering and remixing: This section focuses on the critical link between recording and final CD manufacturing and on the processes that ensure maximum impact on the listener.

- Workshop Component
Throughout the program, special workshops are scheduled on various topics including: advanced mixing, music industry seminars, Reason, Live, remixing, full-scale recording sessions with SAE staff, film scoring, DVD production, etc.

Electronic Music Production Certificate
The Electronic Music Production course provides an opportunity for music enthusiasts to unleash their passion for sound by training with industry professionals at a world-class facility. The program encourages artistic individualism and combines the fundamentals of electronic music production with exploration of more experimental and advanced techniques. Students will graduate from the six-month program with the skills and knowledge to better create the music they love.

Areas of study:
The Electronic Music Production course is divided into four sections:

Audio Engineering & Music Fundamentals
Without a solid foundation, nothing truly great can be built. Students learn about critical concepts such the history of electronic music, music theory, digital audio, microphone recording, analogue & digital mixing consoles, and signal flow. Students will examine various home studio set-ups and will be offered assistance in purchasing decisions. (Attending this course includes SAE student discounts on equipment from GC PRO)

Composition, Recording & Production
Knowing and understanding your tools is crucPhotos of SAE Institute Los Angelesial to any task. After gaining understanding of the nuts & bolts of audio, students begin to learn popular programs such as Reason & Ableton Live. Also covered are dynamic & time-based effects, equalization, MIDI control, and basic audio synthesis.

Creating Original Sounds & Advanced Techniques

The key to rising above the noise is finding your own voice. Next up, more sophisticated recording programs such as Logic Pro 8 are explained. Advanced synthesis, sampling, remixing, beat chopping and outboard processing are all extensively covered in this section. Utilizing these concepts, students are shown how to craft compelling original sounds for use in their productions.

Getting It Together & Putting It Out
Properly presenting your vision is as important as having ideas in the first place! In this final section, students learn how to arrange, mix, and master their music to provide optimum impact both in earbuds and on the dance floor. Digital distribution and music business concepts such as copyright, blogging, and marketing are also covered.

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Address: 6565 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California , USA
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