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Music Technology Programs in Riverside County, CA

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Commercial Music Lab, Riverside County:
The Commercial Music Lab has an excellent reputation for delivering world-class music production programs. The Lab offers students the latest in music production lessons from a fully-operational 6-seat music technology instructional computer lab and classroom in the home of the instructor in Perris, Riverside County CA. The Lab is fully equipped with the latest music production software and offers students a hands-on, practical approach to learning about audio technology and production. We provide programs on the key software giants of the music industry like Pro Tools and Sibelius, as well as specialized Bootcamps on a wide variety of subjects. Join us at The Commercial Music Lab and lets make music together!

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Pro Tools Programs:

- Pro Tools Training Level I

Time: 6-8 Hours/Day for 3 consecutive days.
In this 3-day course, you will be given a comprehensive overview of the Pro Tools software, including an overview of the interface and a detailed description of the edit tools and modes.  You will learn how to create and save new sessions, how to import audio into your sessions,and how to record to a track using a standard microphone.  You will be given a brief introduction to working with virtual instruments (using a MIDI keyboard) and working with the Pro Tools mix window. This introductory course covers all of the same material as an official Pro Tools 101 course, and it is taught by a Pro Tools certified instructor. 

- Pro Tools Training Level lI-A MIDI & Virtual Instruments
Time: 6-8 Hours/Day for 3 consecutive days.
This course provides you with a comprehensive look at the MIDI and Virtual Instrument features found within Pro Tools, from MIDI Setup and signal routing, to setting up your session for a MIDI recording, to the various ways to record and edit MIDI data.  This course provides you with an overview of the virtual instruments that are installed with Pro Tools, a preview of the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack, and instruction on working with ReWire applications. 

- Pro Tools Training Level lI-B Audio Beat-Based Technologies
Time: 6-8 Hours/Day for 3 consecutive days.
In this course, students will expand their knowledge of Pro Tools' audio capabilities with instruction on advanced beat-based audio technologies, additional audio recording features, and using automation.  Also included is instruction on working with larger Session I/Os and a small Control Surface.

Sibelius Programs:

- Sibelius Training Level I
This one-day clinic will set you up for success in Sibelius 7. When you complete this course, you will have a strong foundation for working in Sibelius. This clinic will give you a proper, correct, and proven start for working within the software.  In this clinic you will learn about shortcut keys and the shortcut themes that are built into the program.  
Time: 6-8 Hours.

- Sibelius Training Level lI
In this one-day clinic you will learn how to take Sibelius off of auto pilot, to discover the answer to the popular question, “Why does Sibelius do that?” The primary focus on this training clinic will be the overall layout of your score and score objects.  You will learn how and why your notes, text, bars, systems, and staves appear the way they do.  Most importantly, you will learn how to make objects appear where you want them to appear, instead of where Sibelius is deciding they should appear. 
Time: 6-8 Hours.

- Sibelius Training Level lII
By now you should be able to create a nice-looking, simple score in Sibelius.  You also should have a good idea about how Sibelius thinks (and you, yourself, should be thinking like a Sibelian).  In this clinic, we will take Sibelius to the next level.  Adding to your knowledge of note entry, you will learn how to work effectively with multiple voices, including filtering voices and other objects.  Adding to your knowledge of Instruments and staves, you will be exposed to advanced instrument editing, including how to set up a percussion staff for drum mapping. 
Time: 6-8 Hours.

- Sibelius Training Level IV
In this final level of Sibelius training, you will learn how to tackle real-life industry notation/copyist scenarios.  You will learn the importance of using Manuscript Papers, House Styles, and shortcuts to get a job done quickly.  You will learn how to properly prepare your parts, quickly and effectively.  This course will cover using different versions of your score, and using comments and highlights to collaborate with others.  Score Info and Wildcards will be demystified.  You will learn how to work with graphics inside Sibelius, as well as how to export selections of your score as graphics to use them in word processing documents, in various scenarios.
Time: 6-8 Hours.


- Digital Audio Bootcamp for Musicians
This one-day bootcamp is designed to demystify digital audio for musicians.  The course includes instruction on the basic components of a computer-based
DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and the computer specifications you should be most concerned with (and why).  Students will also receive instruction on digital audio fundamentals, leading to a discussion about sample rates, bit depths and dither. The course is highly recommended for students who are new to the world of digital audio, or who have never had any formal instruction on the topic.  
Time: 6-8 Hours.

- MIDI Bootcamp for Musicians
In this one-day bootcamp course, students will explore the topic of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), from its conception to its modern day application.  Understanding how MIDI "works" is important for today's composers and computer musicians.  Topics of the day include a brief MIDI history, a discussion about General MIDI, MIDI routing, MIDI interfaces, MIDI messages, sound modules, and Virtual Instruments.
Time: 6-8 Hours.

- Mixing Bootcamp for Musicians
In this one-day course, students will be exposed to mixer terminology and routing.  Topics include inserts, sends, busses, auxiliary tracks, inputs and outputs (I/O), master fader tracks, VCA Master tracks, reverb, compression, and EQ.  The main goal of this course is to give musicians confidence working with a software mixer to complete a professional mix down of their work.
Time: 6-8 Hours.

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Address: 17590 El Mineral Rd., Perris, CA, 92570, USA
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Free two day trial!!! If you are interested let us know via the form on our Contact Page.

I haven't seen anything like this style of presentation on the internet. Apart from private students globally it is being used as a college teaching resource in NZ and Australia.

Student Testimonials:

"I think your website is awesome. It really gives you the feeling of being in a music school" Valerie Crawford, student - USA

"When I discovered your course - Geronimo!!!!!! Perfect timing and perfect content!!!!!! I spent four hours on it last night immediately and it is completely brilliant. The guitar and drum sections are a complete gift. Thank you so much. But it is all explained so clearly and simply. The best thing is the boost finding your course has given me and I am moving from the fear into the enjoyment which I have been searching for." Kris Yarborough, Student - U.K.
‘The Language of Music (theory)’, ‘Chords and Harmony’, ‘Voicings / Arranging 1', ‘Basic Counterpoint’, ‘Writing for Drums’ and 'Writing for Guitar' - in production is 'Writing with a computer' (Sibelius software and Logic sequencing softwares).
MusicStar Academy
Courses / Programs
MusicStar Academy of Music, located in Riverside (60 miles east of L.A.), south California, is a music education tutoring service providing private lessons to students of all ages in the comfort of your own home. We offer private music lessons in the following instruments: piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, vocal, drum, flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin and other band or orchestra instruments.

We also offer free recital opportunities for all instruments and voice, as well as hugely discounted instrument rentals, such as electric pianos and keyboards, guitars, basses, amps, band instruments, drums, accessories, such as sheet music, metronomes, tuners, cables, music stands, and much more!
- Private instrumental and voice music lessons
- Group music classes
- MusicStar Rock Academy Camps

Band Instrument lessons include:
- Guitar, Piano, Drum, Bass, Voice, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet ...

String Instruments lessons include:
- Violin, Harp ..

Other lessons include:
- Percussion, Music Production and recording....
Southwest Conservatory of Music
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Southwest Conservatory of Music, located in Fountain Valley, Orange County, California, is a music school offering professional music instruction to students as young as 18 months old, up through high school level and adults. We offer group lessons and private lessons for and have music students at all ages and levels. Students participate in music recitals, evaluations and competitions when they are ready to do so. Many of our students participate in the Certificate of Merit music evaluation program, which is organized by the Music Teachers' Association of California. This is a comprehensive music exam which evaluates the students in 5 areas of music study, including performance, technique, music theory, ear training and sight reading.
Music Lessons for all ages and levels:

Group Music Lessons:
- Group Piano Classes
- Guitar Classes
- Group Singing Lessons
- Ensembles

Private Music Lessons:
- Piano
- Voice
- Guitar
- Violin
- Cello
- Flute
- Saxophone
- Clarinet
- Drums
- Trumpet
- Trombone
- Baritone
Logic Pro Help
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Located in Los Angeles CA, Logic Pro Help is an Apple Authorized Training Center owned by David Nahmani, author of the official Apple Pro Training Series book "Logic Pro X". We focus all our energy on delivering the absolute best professional training services for Logic Pro.

Our services range from live, hands-on Apple Certification Logic Pro workshops taught by David Nahmani in our Los Angeles classroom, to in-home consulting, online forum and free user groups meetings with seminars from music industry professionals. Online training can also be arranged upon demand.

We are located 3 miles east of Hollywood in the Vermont Village: a new hip and trendy area that invites you to stroll amid the many restaurants, bars, movie theaters and other hangouts. We are on Vermont Avenue, just north of Hollywood Boulevard.
Logic Pro Training Programs:

- The New Features in Logic Pro X (one day class - intermediate level)
- Produce Music in Logic Pro X (three day class - beginner level)
- Electronic & Dance Music Production in Logic Pro X (two days - intermediate level)
- TV & FIlm Scoring in Logic Pro X (two days - intermediate level)
Musicians Institute - School of Contemporary Music, Los Angeles
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Musicians Institute’s unique campus is located in the center of Hollywood, Los Angeles, in Southern California. We offer a wide variety of degrees and areas of concentration in the field of contemporary music. These include a Bachelor of Music degree with majors including guitar, bass, drums, voice, audio engineering and music business programs. We also offer Associate of Arts degrees and many certificate programs. MI is a microcosm of the contemporary music industry, a place where performers, songwriters and producers rub shoulders with engineers, filmmakers and music business professionals. Professional tracking, mixing and post-production studios line the hallways next to fully-equipped performance stages, classrooms, practice rooms, audio workstations, film production and editing facilities, all running virtually around the clock. With new programs and features constantly in development, MI is dedicated to remaining "The World's Most Innovative School of Contemporary Music".
- Bachelor of Music in Performance degree with majors in Guitar, Bass, Drum Set, Keyboard or Voice. Minors available include audio engineering and music industry studies.
- Associate of Arts Degree
- Certificate programs including Music Video, Film and Television, Independent Artist Development and Guitar Craft
Indigital Institute of Recording Arts, Santa Cruz
Courses / Programs
Indigital Institute of Recording Arts (IIRA) provides an 18-month certified Audio Engineering and Beat Production program that consists of over 70 lessons. Students can take the program in-full, or concentrate on one of the 6-month individual certifications - Recording Engineering, Mixing, or Beat Production.

Based in Santa Cruz CA, approximately 30 miles south of San Jose and 75 miles south of San Francisco, IIRA is designed to give students the essential knowledge for building a career in today's music industry. IIRA programs give you the skills you need, without the enormous tuition costs of some recording schools.

Each class provides immediate hands-on training in real professional studios, student labs, class interaction studies, and apprenticeships during actual paid recording sessions. The IIRA is your recording industry connection to place yourself in today's music industry.
Audio Engineering and Beat Production Certification:
- 18 month full Certification program
- Combines the curriculum of the Recording Engineering, Mixing, and Beat Production (6 months each)
- Each component can be taken as individual 6 month course

Modules include:
- Fundamentals of Hearing
- Fundamentals of Sound
- Acoustic Environment and Treatment
- Introduction to Mixing
- Dynamics Techniques
- EQ Techniques
- Fundamentals of Music Theory
- Understanding Synthesis
- Understanding Samplers