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Cambrian International Academy, Silicon Valley:
Located in San Jose in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara County, CA, Cambrian International Academy is a college preparatory school (middle and high school) that prepares students to enter top-tier universities. We cater for boys and girls in grades 8-12. We offer college preparatory elective courses, SAT, AP and TOEFL preparation, academic camps and a specialty golf program. Cambrian International Academy education helps students to use the skills learned at school in all life's endeavors.

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Middle School:

Because students learn at different speeds, Cambrian Academy provides a special program for middle school high achievers.Students who are receiving high grades in middle school, and who have a track record of 90th percentile scores on standardized tests, may qualify for special admission. These students may complete the basic middle school requirements at an accelerated pace--and begin high school courses as soon as they are ready.

It's highly probable that there are some significant gaps in your child's English skills. American schools have been failing students in this area for a long time. Communication is the cornerstone not only of good education, but also a major factor in success as an adult.

Our students will read and write like they have never done it before. They will learn to both comprehend and communicate both concrete and abstract concepts. They will be expected to develop a vocabulary significantly greater than the average native English speaker. They will be prepared to study more sophisticated subjects with confidence.

Our history teachers are intimately familiar with the ultimate outcome we want our students to achieve. Students come to middle school with a basic introduction to US History (4th grade) and Geography and World History (2nd-5th grades). Our US and World History survey classes are designed to prepare the students to take AP Geography, AP World History, and AP US History.

Our integrated science curriculum covers introductions to biology, physics, and Earth science. In these courses, middle school students are quite capable of exploring high school level topics. This, combined with the appropriate level of math mastery, will prepare students for AP science courses.

A good student can memorize his or her way through elementary school math. Our teachers will find out if your child truly understands the concepts behind the math. Most of the basic concepts are simply recyPhoto of College Preparatory School in the San Francisco Bay Areacled at higher and higher levels and should be solid before stepping into abstract math.
A 21st Century student, who wishes to work toward a career in the sciences, should be ready for Algebra 2 or higher by freshman year.

High School

Cambrian Academy's strong reputation among top universities is built by our graduating students who are more than ready to handle a rigorous, academic course of study. Our students will not only get into top universities, they will leave their mark on those universities. Therefore, in addition to the a-g requirements, we require students to take an additional 2 courses in their proposed area of specialty. These courses can be chosen from the ones below which are indicated as recommended. Their academic counselor will assist with course selection.

History / Social Science:
Two years required, including one year of World History and one year of U.S. History.

Four years required. Four years of college preparatory English - composition and literature.


Three years required, four years recommended. Three years of college preparatory mathematics which include Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. Pre-Calculus is highly recommended, as is Calculus.

Laboratory Science:

Two years required, three years recommended. Biology and Chemistry are required; Physics is highly recommended.

Languages - Spanish and French:
Two years required, three years recommended, four, five and six years available and encouraged. Two years of the same language, other than English, which has a body of literature. We routinely offer Spanish and French.

Visual and Performing Arts: 
One yearlong course required. One yearlong course in any of the following areas: drama, theater, music or visual art.

College Preparatory ElectiveImage of College Preparatory School in the San Francisco Bay Area Courses:
Two years required, chosen from the following areas: Visual and Performing Arts, History, Social Science, English, Advanced Mathematics, Laboratory Science and Languages other than English.

Cambrian Academy classes also strive to awaken the intellect and social conscience. Independent thought, integrity, self-worth, respect for others and concern for our social and physical environment are the values Cambrian Academy encourages and includes in all courses from Drama to AP Calculus.

College Planning:

A college-going culture builds the expectation of postsecondary education for all students--not just the best students. It inspires the best in every student, and it supports students in achieving their goals. As you can imagine, the key ingredient in creating a college-going culture is a dedicated team of educators.

We also offer:
SAT Test Preparation  and Advanced Placement Courses
TOEFL Test Preparation
Academic Winter Camp and Summer Camp
Specialty Golf Program

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Address: San Jose, 2030 Camden Ave., Silicon Valley, California , USA
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Academics focus on providing students with a solid grounding in the basics, a rich and challenging hands-on curriculum, and the ability to study purposefully and independently.

The Delphi program includes a fully rounded curriculum available for all age levels. Even the very youngest students are exposed to basic concepts of science, history, and the various humanities.

A rigorous mastery of the basics forms the core of the curriculum, with the complete program developing a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge in cultural, scientific and social subjects.

In addition to traditional academic subjects, students get training in practical areas such as communication, manners, computers, nutrition and organization.

Delphi Academy of Los Angeles admits students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

Parent Testimonial:

"I am so grateful that a school like Delphi exists. The academic program is challenging and it makes the study of vital subjects (like reading and math) absolutely fun and rewarding.”
- Elementary School Parent
Coeducational K-12 Programs:

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Merit Academy, Soquel
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MERIT exists as an education institution that focuses on the provision of educational advisory to the general public. We provide consultation to both parents and students in engaging and advancing the student's future, an individualized approach for personal interests. In addition to the Academy, MERIT also offers comprehensive educational services that enhance skills and provide guidance for students who want a greater education. These services extend from study skills to private tutoring, college admissions through graduate school, and even home schooling curriculum & alternatives.
- Kindergarten through to 12th Grade Independent School offering a Preschool Program, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Internships that start in 9th grade and Honors courses for students who are high achievers.

- There is one student per class.

- Teachers teach directly to that one student, so there’s no way to slip through the cracks.

- The classes move at a level appropriate for each student.
The Extraordinary Place Child Care
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The Extraordinary Place Child Care, located near Crenshaw Blvd. & 54th St. in Los Angeles, Southern California, is a CA state licensed home daycare facility providing an environment where children aged 6 weeks to 12 years enjoy learning, exploring, & discovering through play & creative self-expression. We provide a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials & equipment and are CPR & First Aid certified.

Our mission is to put young children on the path to higher education by focusing on balancing their social and educational development. Our location is convenient for Leimert Park, View Park, Windsor Hills, Ladera Heights, Culver City, Inglewood, Angeles Mesa, & Crenshaw District, 90043, 90008, 90018.
- Childcare for ages 6 weeks to 6 years

- Before & After School Care for up to age 12

- CA State Licensed

- Certified in CPR & First Aid

- Open 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

- Monday through Friday

- Safe, Nurturing, Fun & Educational
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St. Timothy's Preschool in Mountain View in Santa Clara County, CA is a non-denominational school and has been in operation since 1961. The school offers a developmental program that emphasizes academic and social readiness in preparation for kindergarten. Within a peaceful, nurturing, co-operative environment, children will experience art, literature, music, math and reading readiness, cooking, and creative dramatics. They will explore and mature at their own individual paces, receiving acceptance, support, and encouragement for their efforts. St. Timothy's Preschool draws its student base from Mountain View, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale.

St. Timothy's Preschool is a small school where families have a sense of community. Parents often linger in the classroom, getting to know each other and watching their children play. Parents have the opportunity to talk to their children's teachers and the Director each class session. They are skilled in Early Childhood Education and will be happy to answer all questions.
- Three-Year-Old program
- Pre-Kindergarten program
- Pre-Kindergarten Science program
- Global Kids Pre-Kindergarten program (curriculum that studies the cultures of India, Japan, Africa, China & Mexico)

* We encourage supportive play and successful, positive interaction between a child and his or her peers.

* We respect and encourage each child's uniqueness.
Sheldon Acres Child Care Center
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Sheldon Acres Child Care Center in Elk Grove in Sacramento County, CA, is a family oriented recreation and learning center for children ages 2 though to 12 years. We offer Preschool, Kindergarten Readiness, Kindergarten Support and School-Age Programs which consists of choice and organized activities. We provide quality preschool classes, daycare before and after school child care, summer swimming lessons and summer day camp.

Sheldon Acres Child Development Center has a 25 year history of providing preschool and quality child care. The center opened in 1985 and moved to its current location in 1990. Sheldon Acres boasts a veteran staff of teachers, some being with the school for over 20 years, testimony to its being a great place to work and play. The center's physical setting shows the care and pride given in providing quality child care that is most affordable.

Our mission is to provide a wide range of quality and competitively priced learning and recreational programs to meet the growing needs of the active families in this community.
- Preschool program

- Kindergarten Readiness program

- Kindergarten Support program

- School-Age programs

- Daycare program

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