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Renascence School International, Orange County:
Conveniently located in Costa Mesa in Orange County, Renascence School International offers advanced academics (science, math, history, language arts, the arts, and physical education) and fluency in English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish for preschool, elementary and middle school aged children. Renascence School International was established to prepare Southern California children for success in the new global environment through strong academics and multilingual fluency. Our school is part of the International Renaissance School family.

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Photo of Private School in Costa Mesa, CAEducation Programs:

- Preschool program
- Elementary school program
- Middle School program

We offer a complete curriculum from preschool through to middle school with strong academic and multilingual aspects. The elementary and middle school program is designed to bring students to an academic level comparable to what is found overseas.

As part of the program students study math, science, history, geography, English, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The arts, physical education and community service are also included as a part of the program. Each subject area is taught by a teacher with expertise in that field. The PCRS believes recess breaks are an important part of the school day and offers two each day for all elementary school aged children.

Note:  Students do not need any special foreign language exposure to enter this program.

Level 4:
Level 4 students learn school is FUN. During the program, the children sing and dance, learn how to interact with their peers, discover letters and numbers, learn how to hold a pencil, paint and draw, explore science, and have their first introduction to Mandarin Chinese. They also enjoy a mid-morning snack and outside playtime.

Summary:  2, 3 or 5 days per week. 3 hours per day. Combine with the Enrichment program to create a full day program. Students may be 3 or 4 before Sept 1.

Level 5:
Level 5 students are introduced to the classroom setting with fun activities that teach basic subjects. The children are introduced to reading, writing and spelling. They also explore numbers, science and Mandarin Chinese. And they love the singing, dancing and art that are regular parts of the program. In mid-morning the students have a snack break and enjoy outside playtime.

Summary:  3 hours per day. Combine with the Enrichment program to create a full day program.Students may be 4 or 5 before Sept 1.

Level 10:

In Level 10, the students learn how to read, write and spell, explore science with field trips and classroom experiments, learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, and begin studying math using the highly regarded Singapore math curriculum. Art, dance and music and integrated into the curriculum. The children enjoy a snack, lunch and two outside recess periods.

Summary:  6.5 hours per day.Combine with the Enrichment program to create a full day program. Students may be 5 or 6 before Sept 1.

Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Program:

In this program, children receive most of their instruction in Mandarin Chinese. The students study English grammar, spelling, writing and reading and learn history, geography, math, science, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The subjects are taught through traditional approaches as well as through music, art and culture.

The program also includes physical education, visual and performing arts and community service. New students with no foreign language exposure are welcome to enroll in this program through to age six. New students age seven and above are encouraged to enroll in the Upper Grades program.

Afterschool Program:
We offer an exclusive afterschool program wiith fun exposure-based foreign language learning, as well as daily physical education / arts instruction.

Enrichment & Academic Support Program:
The PCRS also offers a complete Enrichment and Academic Support program. The program includes fun activities in the arts, physical education, community service, science, math, foreign language as well as academic support. The program operates between 8:15 am and 5:30 pm whenever classes are not in session.

We provide a before school program in the mornings.

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Address: 2987 Mesa Verde East, Costa Mesa, 92626, Orange County, California , USA
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The Summit View School in Los Angeles, Southern CA, offers comprehensive elementary, middle and secondary school programs for students with learning differences. An innovative and integrated curriculum, coupled with small class size and high teacher to student ratio, enables students to experience academic success.

The school has two locations - one is located on The Help Group's Culver City campus in Western LA County and the other is located on the Valley Glen Campus in the San Fernando Valley.

The Summit View School is part of The Help Group which is a family of non-profit agencies dedicated to providing a broad range of educational and therapeutic services to children, adolescents, young adults with special needs and their families.

Summit View School is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is certified by the California State Department of Education.
Elementary, middle and high school programs for children with learning differences:

- Elementary School program: Focuses on language arts, reading, mathematics and motor domains. Students apply basic skills in a variety of learning contexts.

- Middle School program: This strengthens students' organization, time management, critical thinking skills and work habits.

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West Bay Christian Academy, Redwood City
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Situated in the heart of Redwood City CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area, West Bay Christian Academy is a private elementary school that offers a Christian educational environment for international and American students in K4-8th grade. With small class sizes in a nurturing environment, students are taught to respect others, live cooperatively in community, and embrace a Biblical worldview.

Our faculty brings over 100 years of experience and includes teachers whose energy and technological savvy enhance the balance of traditional and multimedia instruction in the classroom. During those years, thousands of children graduated from these schools to enter and successfully complete their high school education. Many have received honors and academic scholarships.
Christian Elementary School Program for Boys & Girls:

- Covering students in K4 - 8th Grade
- Small class sizes
- Nurturing Christian educational environment
- Christian values
- Students taught to respect others
- Embrace a Biblical worldview
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley
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Are you searching for a quality private school in the San Fernando Valley area?

Located in Lake View Terrace, in the foothills of the beautiful Angeles National Forest, Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is a coeducational day school providing a preschool through 12th grade program.

We admit students of any race, color and national or ethnic origin.

Delphi Academy of Los Angeles is one of several schools in the Delphi Schools Network, a group of independent schools sharing uniquely developed curriculum and teaching methods.

All of our teachers have been thoroughly trained in the study and teaching methods practiced at Delphi Academy.

Academics focus on providing students with a solid grounding in the basics, a rich and challenging hands-on curriculum, and the ability to study purposefully and independently.

In addition to rounding out academic studies in literature, mathematics, writing, science, history, and government, our students gain practical understanding and experience in the subjects of leadership, integrity and logic, as well as management and organizational skills.

Student Testimonial:
"The thing I really like about Delphi is that they let you feel important. You don’t have to be afraid to be who you are! The teachers are great! Delphi makes learning fun.”
- Middle School Student
Academic Programs for Preschool-Grade 12 Students:

• Preschool
• Lower School
• Elementary School
• Middle School
• High School
• Summer Programs
• English Immersion Program for International Students (Academic Year)
• English Immersion Camps (Spring, Summer & Winter - 4 weeks to 3 months)
Bay Area School Of Enterprise
Courses / Programs
Bay Area School of Enterprise (BASE) is a Charter Public School located on Third Street in Alameda, CA. The first youth-initiated charter high school in the country, BASE provides an environment in which youth take ownership of their own learning and change their own lives as they change the community around them.

BASE's approach to education, Enterprise Learning, is a developmental approach that integrates youth development practices, experiential education, constructivism, and traditional college preparatory learning. Enterprise Learning emphasizes project creation and performance as a tool to enhance personal efficacy, reading, writing and public speaking.

All students in the Bay Area (East Oakland, South Bay, San Francisco, Berkeley, Walnut Creek etc...) are eligible to enroll.
- BASE offers small class sizes, college preparation, community involvement, real world projects and leadership opportunities.

- The educational program at the BASE is based on “enterprise learning” - a project-based, hands-on approach that allows students to learn academic subjects and real-world skills through work on enterprises that they create and grow.
Jan Peterson Child Development Center
Courses / Programs
Jan Peterson Child Development Center in Moreno Valley in Riverside County is a supportive, nurturing environment offering programs to children from 6 weeks to 6 years. In this warm, secure and enriching setting, children share more than play, meals and rest. They also have fun exploring a range of programs and activities specifically designed by child development experts to help your child grow in every way – physically, mentally and emotionally.

At Jan Peterson Child Development Center, your child’s day includes intriguing learning activities that are carefully matched to his or her developmental level. Child development follows a predictable sequence- but there’s a unique timetable for each child. Every one of our activities is designed to cultivate your child’s emerging skills and abilities, strengthen self-confidence, and instill a natural lifetime love of learning.

The professionals we choose to work with your child are far more than caretakers or activity directors. Each one is selected for specialized knowledge, skill and experience in working with children- insprired by our director, an early childhood specialist with 20+ years of experience.
Child Development programs:

- Infant's program
(Age 6 weeks - 24 months)

- Preschool program
(Age 24 months- 3 years)

- Pre-Kindergarten program
(Age 4-5 years)

- Kindergarten program
(Age 5 years)

* Children will explore a variety of educational programs and activities created by child development experts to enhance your child's growth and development in a physical, mental and emotional way.
St. Mary and All Angels School, Orange County
Courses / Programs
St. Mary’s School is a non-profit, non-denominational, co-educational Christian day school dedicated to excellence in an atmosphere of cultural respect and global interaction. Located in Aliso Viejo, South Orange County, CA, St. Mary’s School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national or ethnic origin. We promote the life-long practice of learning, leading and serving to prepare our students for the world.

Our goal when considering emotional development is to surround the child with a positive environment. As a Christian “family”, we can provide support to help and guide the child through the stages of development.

We emphasize honesty, integrity, effort and self-discipline, and we expect our students to leave us with a true understanding of their own value and potential. Since opening in 1994, St. Mary’s has played an integral part in the educational development of thousands of children.
Educational Programs (Preschool through Grade 8)
- Preschool Program
- Elementary School Program
- Middle School Program
- Summer Program

- As an International Baccalaureate World School, our curriculum is based around the Primary Years Programme of the IB Programme and is presented in an inquiry-based environment.

- We introduce the children to language, mathematics, and scientific academics at an age-appropriate level.