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Language and Music for Life, Florence, Italy 2021:
Founded in 1997, Language and Music for Life offers a leading International Summer Music and Languages Course in Italy for advanced musicians (adults & older teenagers aged 18+ unless agreed with LMFL for a musical family with highly talented younger participants). Join us for an exciting and prestigious Musical Summer Course with optional language courses in Florence in summer 2021. Our classical music & jazz program and voice tuition is aimed at students and professionals who are highly motivated musicians with advanced levels of musical knowledge.

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2021 International Musical Summer Course in Italy for Adults and older teens (aged 18+)
- with Optional Language Courses
• All summer 2021 students must be advanced level in at least one discipline (Students may be required to send us a video link). Other course choices can be at lower level.

• Accompanying parents of our students can take language classes, participate in the choir, or participate in the music classes if they are advanced level amateurs.

Study Options include:
Photo of Classical Music & Language Summer Camp• Instrumental Tuition: Piano, Piano Jazz, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Saxophone, Flute and Piccolo, Oboe, Recorder, Clarinet, & more..
• Vocal tuition: Classical, Jazz & Opera
• Master classes in Saxophone and Bass Clarinet
• Chamber Music
• Music Composition
• Jazz Sessions
• String Orchestra
• Orchestra Conducting workshop
• Opera Workshop
• Summer School Choir
• One on one tuition (private lessons) available for many study options
• Music Tuition for already-constituted Chamber Music Groups
• Italian, French, Spanish or English language classes

Entrance Audition Preparation:
• We prepare young instrumentalists for their entrance auditions for famous Higher Musical Schools (including Royal College of Music, Royal Academy, Guildhall, or Conservatoires Supérieurs de Musique, and more).

Master Classes:
Image of Classical Music & Language Summer Camp• Master classes for Saxophone and Bass clarinet in small groups are generally aimed at advanced students or professional musicians wishing to undertake intensive study and are taught by leading artists. Entry is limited and students are selected. The classes are open to observers registered in our course.

One-to-One Tutoring Sessions:
• Each participant benefits from 10 one-to-one sessions with the teacher of one’s choice.

• Options include Piano, Piano Jazz, Violin, Viola, Cello, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute and Piccolo, Oboe, Recorder, and others on request.

Instrumental and Voice Tuition: 
• The instrumental and voice tuition classes are conducted by exceptional teachers and internationally known performers.

Summer School Choir:
• The Choir is one of the main features of the Summer School and most people attending will want to take part. Membership is open to all without audition.

Chamber Music Coaching: 
• An extensive chamber and wind chamber music program where varying ensembles play together informally and formally. Coaching is available to players of all levels in either pre-formed or informal groups. The availability of professional coaches and chamber music associates offers amateurs the opportunity to be coached and also to play with professionals in some sessions.

Jazz Workshop: 
• The jazz program is open to all camp participants (including classical music students), and allows students to develop techniques of jazz improvisation and to apply these new skills within the context and disciplines of small jazz groups.

Conducting & Composition Course:
Photos of Language and Music for Life, Florence, Italy 2021• The compositions and conducting classes are led by exceptional teachers and internationally renowned performers.

Conducting courses consist of two study options: 
• Level 1 course for beginners, without any experience in conducting. The course will give them the opportunity to learn the basic technique of conducting.
• Level 2 Course for advanced level students with knowledge of conducting

• Students will have opportunities to rehearse with the orchestra and some will be chosen to conduct the end of course ‘s concert. There are feedback sessions after each orchestra workshop. 

Composition Workshop:
• The content of the one-to-one lessons will vary according to the student’s level and will be aimed at creating a new composition during the course, to be performed at the final concert (performers and time permitting).
• Diverse composition techniques will be studied according to your preferences.

• Students will learn about musical scripting software, particularly using Sibelius notation software. The seminars will study in some detail the most significant influences on contemporary music including Nationalism, Neo-classicism, Impressionism, Twelve-tone technique or dodecaphony, Jazz, Minimalism.

Music Tuition for already-constituted Chamber Music Groups:
• In summer 2020 in Florence, Italy, we are offering group tuition for already constituted chamber music groups – duets, trios or quartets – with a either one or two hours of tuition per day with a choice of tutor(s) from our renowned faculty.

Opera Workshop: 
• Lyric Programme: “ALL ABOUT ORPHEUS”

Picture of Classical Music & Language Summer CampAn operatic pastiche (form baroque to jazz) with arias, songs and scenes from the following operas:

PERI – Euridice (1600)
MONTEVERDI – L’Orfeo (1607)
ROSSI – Orfeo (1647)
GLUCK – Orfeo ed Euridice (1762)
HAYDN – L’anima del filosofo (1791)
SCHUBERT – Orpheus (Lied, 1821)
OFFENBACH – Orphée aux Enfers (1858)
VAUGHAN WILLIAMS – Orpheus with his lute (art song, 1912)
DE MORAES – Orfeu negro (1957)
and others.

Voices required:
Sopranos (both light and lyric), mezzos or contraltos, tenors, baritones, jazz singers (both males and female voices).

(Participant applications can only be processed after we have received a video recording with an address link).

Optional language classes in French, Italian, Spanish or English:
- For English-speaking students, we offer the opportunity to learn or improve Italian, French, or Spanish.
- For non-English speakers, we offer English as Foreign Language (EFL) classes

Images of Language and Music for Life, Florence, Italy 2021• Our language classes are conducted by specialist teachers, all of whom are native speakers. They can be taken in small groups (4-6 students) or one to one, according to the student's precise needs. 

• The basic course aims to help develop competency in oral communication, to develop a more in-depth knowledge of grammar, and to enrich the student’s vocabulary by using appropriate teaching material suited to individual needs.

• It consists of one, two, three or five one hour sessions a day. The emphasis is always on improving listening and speaking skills.

Music Courses in UK in summer 2020 for children & adults:
• LMFL also offers an annual music summer camp in the UK - with one-to-one training in a wide range of instruments & voice tuition to highly-motivated musicians of all ages (children aged 5+, teenagers & adults).

Student Reviews / Testimonials:
• "This is for us, and I suppose for you too, the best result of this music and language course. We look forward to seeing her photos and video to live again with her this experience. Thank you so much again for your kindness and availability."
- Antonello and Marina

• "As an already professional viola player I cannot express how much I benefited from the course. High level of teaching combined with an exquisite daily life."
- Elena

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Address: Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, Villa Favard, Via Aretina, 50136 Firenze, Florence, Italy
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