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Langue Onze Toulouse - Learn French in France:
Learn French in France with Langue Onze Toulouse. We are a small, friendly language school in Toulouse in the south-west of France and offer intensive and extensive courses throughout the year and in sunny vibrant city of Toulouse. Our intensive French courses are held in small groups of 5 to 10 students per class. This limited class size allows the teachers to adapt the course to the students' needs and to encourage every student to speak French. Our courses are designed for all nationalities and all levels of knowledge of French. Our teaching methods immerse the student in present day French. The courses make use of a wide range of materials developed by the teaching staff or adapted from existing manuals and methods. Enjoy our French courses in Toulouse with experienced French language teachers: all native teachers with university degrees in teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and with background in other fields such as theatre, literature, linguistics and music.

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What the student can expect to master at completion of each French course level:

Level 1
A1 - Introduction to French (Débutant)

for those who’ve never studied French or know a few words

Recognize in speech and in writing the basic terms of self-presentation and common objects in the immediate environment (application form, signs and notices)
Make a formal introduction, orally or in writing; describe oneself, one's environment and one's companions in a rudimentary fashion. Greet a new person; make, accept or refuPhoto of French Courses in Toulouse, Francese an invitation; excuse oneself politely

A2 - Elementary (Survie)

Understand basic messages relating to daily life at home and at work (time of day, menus, habitual actions, directions)
Communicate basic needs and further develop the ability to describe oneself and one's environment (orientation in time and space)

Level 2
B1 - Intermediate 1 (Seuil)

Gain access to news and information communicated via the media (newspapers, magazines, television); follow the general sense of common conversational exchanges
Express one's feelings, wishes, and motivations; make requests; establish a chronology of events and interpret facts from a personal perspective

Level 3
B2 - Intermediate 2 (Autonomie)

Understand the essential points of a conversation involving recurrent themes; be able identify the positions and points of view of the speakers
Present a problem; clearly state an opinion; explain one's position; draft a formal letter

Level 4

C1 - Advanced 1 (Efficacité)

Understand what is implied in the conversation of others; follow all types of communication with relative ease
Develop an argument using the logical elements of time, location, intention, cause and effect, opposition, condition, and comparison; know how to adapt one's speech to a specific context

C2 - Advanced 2 (Maîtrise)

In all circumstances, comprehend immediately and usually completely the intended message; adapt to different styles of writing and accents
Develop a personal rhetoric; give a precise explanation; present an objective report with detailed analyses

Intensive French:
The Intensive French courses are held in small groups of 6 to a maximum of 12 students pImage of French Courses in Toulouse, Franceer class. This limited class size allows the teachers to adapt the course to the students' needs and to encourage every student to speak French.

French language courses take place in our centre in Toulouse year-round.

The Intensive French courses consist of 20 group lessons of 50 minutes per week, Monday through Friday.

Minimum contract: 2 weeks
Minimum group: 6 persons
Maximum group: 12 persons

On the first day of the course, the school will provide students with an information packet about the school and what to see, how to get around, as well as upcoming events in Toulouse. After a welcome meeting and a brief introduction to the school, students will join a group at their level.

During the first week, new arrivals are invited on a walking tour of Toulouse, led by our staff, with an introduction to the city centre and useful services in the area of the school (public transportation, banks, internet cafés, bookstores, theatres, restaurants and clubs...), as well as a group lunch in a typical local restaurant.

The Hours:
* From 9:15 to 13:00 each morning, with a 15 minute pause at 11:00 each day, to encourage students from different groups to mingle and converse in French.
* In July and August, some levels of the Intensive French course are held in the afternoon from 13:15 to 17:00, with a 15 minute pause at 15:00. Your course schedule will be determined by the teaching director.

Combined French:

The Combined course is organized in the same way as the Intensive course.

Designed for individuals with limited time to spend on a French course. Intensive course in group in the morning + individual lessons, one-to-one with a teacher, in the afternoon. Choose the standard Combined course with 4 private hours per week, or the Super Combined course, with 6, 8 or 10 private hours per week.

Coursework in the individual hours is tailored to meet the student's specific goals. This optiPhotos of Langue Onze Toulouse - Learn French in Franceon is popular with people who can stay only a short time in Toulouse, as well as those preparing specific exams or needing specialized terminology in their field.

We offer a variety of formulas — see our dates and prices on the next page. See also our specialized courses for law, business and technical applications.

Minimum contract: 1 week

Note: The one-week combined course is not available for Absolute Beginners in French.

Extensive French:

These French Courses are designed for individuals living and working in Toulouse. Modules are held as 12-week sessions.

Course includes:
* Learning materials
* Tandem language exchange service
* Accident insurance
* Attestation of participation
* Optional final examination and certificate

Afternoon French classes:
The Course is adapted to the interests and schedule of "Au Pairs", university students and professionals.

The DELF and DALF Diplomas: Exam Preparation:
The Diplôme d’Etudes en Langues Française (DELF) and the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (DALF) are diplomas granted by the French Ministry of National Education and are formally recognised by all universities and schools of French, both in France and abroad.

The DELF & DALF examinations can be taken in 900 approved examination centres in 154 countries, including France.

Our DELF and DALF preparation courses take place at key times of year, corresponding to the official examination dates in Toulouse, plus one summer session.

These intensive prep courses will familiarize you with the structure and general content of the examinations, working with the four major skill areas evaluated at each level: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The DELF and DALF diploma examinations - How do they work?
The six diplomas that make up DELF and DALF are each independent, meaning that candidates can register directly for the examination that most closely corresponds to their current level in French. The DELF and DALF examinations are administered at official test centres throughout the world, including two centres in Toulouse.

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Address: 10, rue des Arts, Toulouse, France
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With classes available year-round, I offer students (ages 18+) from around the world the opportunity to learn French in Paris with your own personal French language tutor!

I teach tourists, retirees, and professionals of all levels (beginner to advanced), from a wide range of backgrounds: managers, financial & banking professionals, diplomats, designers, photographers, teachers, journalists, culinary & hospitality professionals, engineers, architects, doctors & nurses.

Whether you come to Paris as a tourist or as a professional, your goals are the same: learn to speak French with confidence with a real French native teacher.

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"It has been my pleasure to study with Pascale during my months in Paris. I found her to be a careful and patient instructor. She carefully considered my personal objectives and designed a curriculum for me that was well suited to my needs."
- Elliott, USA
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- Evening French classes
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- French Refresher course
- Conversational French classes
- DELF / DALF / DFP/ TCF / TEF French language exam preparation
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Le Français Face à Face, Loire Valley
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Located in the famous Loire Valley, in the city of Angers in western France, Le Francais Face à Face offers one-to-one French language immersion programmes for people of all levels - beginner to advanced. Angers is situated in the Maine-et-Loire department and is approximately 300 km (190 miles) south-west of Paris.

Whether you wish to acquire the language for private or professional purposes, whether you are a total beginner or already at ease in the language, Le Francais Face à Face and our custom-made residential programmes help you push your knowledge further and gain confidence within a very short time.

Open all year round, we give you the opportunity to enjoy a 1, 2 or 3-week stay in France with a private teacher boosting your skills in French while you live the French way of life in a spacious and beautiful loft. Each of our private programmes is designed to meet your specific needs and provides you with fully personalised tuition.

Special Offer: Book for a second week and receive 10% off!
One-to-one residential French language programmes:

- One-to-one intensive French programme: 35 hours / 5 days – suitable for all levels
- One-to-one intensive French programme: 28 hours / 4 days – suitable for all levels
- One-to-one semi-intensive French programme: 35h / 5 days – suitable for all levels
- One-to-one intensive week-end: 18h / 2 days – suitable for intermediate or advanced levels

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Greolingua provides French language immersion programs in Gréolières, a typical Provencal village in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in the south-east of France. Gréolières is approximately a 45-minute drive from Nice and close to the French Riviera. Our French intensive courses are taught by certified and experienced teachers, and we offer one-to-one classes or small group classes for individuals or corporate (For all levels from beginners to advanced).

If you are staying on the French Riviera, we can organise French language classes at your home or business. We also provide French language courses online. After an evaluation of your level in French, a specific program will be set for you: General courses at your level or specialized courses such as "living in France", "French on holidays", "conversational French" and much more.

Mix your interests while learning French in Gréolières: Hiking, skiing and paragliding are available in the local area and discover village life in France.
French Language Immersion courses for all levels from beginners to advanced: 1:1 / small groups for individuals / business.

- Weekly intensive French language course: Half day / full day lessons for individuals and corporate.

- Tailored French language classes at your home or your vacation / holiday accommodation on the French Riviera.

- Tailored French language classes at your company premises on the French Riviera.

- Online French language lessons via e- mail, webcam and phone if you travel a lot.
Corcelle, Burgundy
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Corcelle offers one-to-one total immersion in our language school in Southern Burgundy in eastern France. Our residential courses are highly intensive programs for professionals, business people, executives, diplomats and other highly motivated adults. The one-to-one course is without doubt the most effective way of learning a language. Only this formula allows a programme to be individually tailored to the particular needs and potential of each learner.

Residential courses offer the optimum learning environment: free from distraction, students can devote themselves fully to the acquisition and practice of French: students are involved with French throughout their stay. They work on developing their language skills every minute of the day: during their individual lessons with their trainers, over meals with other participants and teachers, at coffee-breaks, situational lessons or just a quiet discussion in the library.
The programme consists of 50 + contact hours per week, (including all meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner) - with a teacher. It is full-time with constant interaction and language development. A teaching team of 3 to 4 teachers is allocated to each student. A daily revision recording prepared by the teachers is included in the program and copied on CD for further use after the course.
Institut Linguistique Du Peyrou, Montpellier
Courses / Programs
Located only 8 km from the fine sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, Montpellier is the administrative capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region. It is primarily a university town attracting students from all over France and overseas, and is also renowned for its cultural diversity (theatre, dance, opera, music concerts). ILP has been offering language classes to students and adult professionals of all ages from around the world since 1982.
Suited to student's needs: standard, intensive, DELF-DALF (groups of 4 to 6 students). Training Courses for Pre-Established Groups, cultural programs including excursions, guided tours.
Family-friendly Courses at France Langue & Culture on the French Riviera
Courses / Programs
• France Langue & Culture is a French language school located in Saint Raphaël, on the beautiful French Riviera coast in the south of France, close to Nice and Cannes.

• We offer a wonderful way of learning French while enjoying a delightful holiday in France at very reasonable prices.

• We call this concept French Language Holidays and it basically comprises a morning language course leaving the remainder of the day for leisure and sports.

• The school offers a package that includes comfortable living accommodations, at most a short walk to the beach, and a Children's Club with real and playful tuiton classes and activities for the youngsters while the parents are in their classes. We also organize school excursions to fascinating and interesting places.

• Specializing in courses in the French language the school offers a full curriculum for individuals and families.

Student Testimonial:
"The course was everything I expected and more...Written work was enjoyable and entertaining and the opportunity to speak French freely with the teachers and students, without embarrassment, was just what I wanted.

Staying with a French host was very enjoyable and necessitated, in my case, communication in French at all times as my hostess spoke no English...I would recommend the course to anyone needing to immerse themselves in French Language and Culture."

- Lindsay, UK
French Language Enrichment Programs for Adults & Children:

• Summer French Course for Adults
• Intensive French Course for Adults
• High Intensive French Course for Adults
• One-Week French Course for Adults (intermediate & advanced level only)
• 2-week Crash Courses for absolute beginners
• French Courses for families
• Group French Courses
• Private French lessons / One-to-one tutoring with teacher
• Spring / Winter French courses
• Seminar for French Language Teachers
• The Children's Club (Ages 6-12)
• Student French Course (Ages 13-17)