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French Courses in Toulouse, France

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Langue Onze Toulouse - Learn French in France:
Learn French in France with Langue Onze Toulouse. We are a small, friendly language school in Toulouse in the south-west of France and offer intensive and extensive courses throughout the year and in sunny vibrant city of Toulouse. Our intensive French courses are held in small groups of 5 to 10 students per class. This limited class size allows the teachers to adapt the course to the students' needs and to encourage every student to speak French. Our courses are designed for all nationalities and all levels of knowledge of French. Our teaching methods immerse the student in present day French. The courses make use of a wide range of materials developed by the teaching staff or adapted from existing manuals and methods. Enjoy our French courses in Toulouse with experienced French language teachers: all native teachers with university degrees in teaching French as a Foreign Language (FLE) and with background in other fields such as theatre, literature, linguistics and music.

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11 good reasons to learn French in France:

Photo of French Courses in Toulouse, France1. Learn French in Toulouse, a vibrant and growing city in the south-west of France. The perfect place to learn French in France.
2. Take a French course in an attractive air-conditioned, learning environment: 7 spacious classrooms on 2 floors of a lovely building in the classic Toulouse style. Student lounge & multimedia lab with Internet access is available for all our language students.
3. Learn French in France with an International clientele of all ages, students and professionals.
4. Enjoy personal attention in a convivial atmosphere: Never more than 12 students per class.
5. Learn French effectively with modern interactive language teaching methods and experienced, licensed French teachers.
6. Choose from a range of French courses at all levels - Intensive, Extensive, Individual, Business French, Exam Preparation (DELF–DALF, TCF…), Au Pair...
7. Our French courses are available all year round, for individuals as well as school groups.
8. We offer you a rich cultural programme with optional excursions to local attractions.
9. Our TANDEM® conversation exchange programme matches international students with local French speakers. Ideal for students wanting to learn real French in France.
10. For the time of your French course we arrange the accommodation for you: shared housing and host families are selected with care.
11. Our French language school is an accredited institute of further education and professional training, committed to the TANDEM® International quality guarantee.

Why come to Toulouse, France:

* Being the 4th largest city in France, Toulouse has the perfect balance: the city keeps its "small town" spirit but you will discover a rich history and culture, a very active nightlife and everything a big city has to offer.
* Cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendliness of the people: Toulousans are very nice and open people. They will always enjoy helping you if you get lost, or even inviting you to join them in the lively nightlife of the many restaurants and bars of Toulouse. There you will certainly practice your newly acquired French!!
* Authentic French spirit: In Toulouse you can still experience how the typical French live, and share with them in their way of life. Don't miss attending a rugby match at the "Stade Toulousain", or going shopping in the "vieille ville" on Saturday morning. You will be surprised by what you find and change many prejudices you may have about the French people. Just because you are in the "heart of France"...
* Lively Student Atmosphere: As the 2nd university town in France, Toulouse attracts thousands of young people from France, Spain and other European countries to study in its famous public University and other Institutes. You will surely see them walking and cycling between campus and their homes, or relaxing in the cafés and brasseries.
* Safe city: Unlike other bigger cities in France, Toulouse is well-known to be a safe city. You can walk and go out any time, day or night, and will always feel yourself in a secure environment.
* Inexpensive city with a high quality of life
* Ideal geographic location: Near the medieval town Carcassonne, near Albi, with its colourful cathedral and Toulouse-Lautrec museum, near picturesque mediaeval villages such as Cordes, the castle of Montsegur and the remains of Cathar strongholds. Near the Pyrenees, Catalonia, Mediterranean and the Basque country.
* Ideal climate: The climate in Toulouse is temperate: like the climate throughout Southern France, it is very pleasant. Winters are mild, summers are long and hot, the autumns are sunny.
* Key location to discover South West French cuisine: Enjoy a cassoulet with a bottle of Gaillac!
* Rich cultural heritage: Toulouse has much to offer in the way of cultural experiences: Basilique St. Sernin, Cathedral of St. Etienne, the Capitole... Not to miss: attending the many cultural events and festivals happening throughout the year in Toulouse (Rio Loco, Le Printemps de septembre, …), as well as theatre, dance, opera and the several cinemas with their wide selection of International and French films.
* High-tech industry town: Hub of France's aerospace industry, biotechnology and high tech research and development...
* Very good transport facilities: The Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport, 9 km from the city centre, places Toulouse an hour from Madrid, an hour and twenty minutes from London and an hour from Paris.

Goal of our Teaching Method :

Image of French Courses in Toulouse, FranceTo perfect oral expression and writing in French through the study of formal French grammar, practice of proper pronunciation and intonation, and the development of new vocabulary. Improvement in these major areas leads to increased confidence, accuracy and subtlety in personal and professional communication.

The courses make use of a wide range of materials developed by the teaching staff or adapted from existing manuals and methods. Learning materials are organized in levels of increasing sophistication to mirror the students’ progress. Engaging and proven, our French teaching methods rely on active supports including role play, photographs and video, songs and audio recordings, games of expression and memorization, news articles and authentic documents of French daily life. Our techniques are well-adapted to the needs of individuals in a group setting.

Debates on social themes and current events help students to enrich their vocabulary while learning to express a point of view and develop a logical argument in French.


- Intensive French
- Combined French
- Extensive French
- Business French
- DELF and DALF exam preparation
- French for Aupairs and University students
- Afternoon French Classes
- Group Courses
- Individual Tuition
- We also offer Junior and school programmes
- English Courses available

Accommodation :

Langue Onze Toulouse offers a professional accommodation service to students enrolled in French Intensive Courses in group or in French Individual Intensive courses and who would like assistance in finding housing in Toulouse for the duration of their French course.

Activities :

Photos of Langue Onze Toulouse - Learn French in FranceToulouse: yours for a week, a month, or forever

In addition to French courses, the school organizes a weekly programme of cultural and social activities, plus seasonal day and weekend excursions in the Toulouse region.

Discover Toulouse and the South-West of France via this attractive programme of activities, published monthly.

Featured activities at Langue Onze Toulouse include:
* Guided tours of the monuments and Renaissance mansions of Toulouse
* Wine-tasting with an introduction to enology
* Discover regional French cuisine in convivial local restaurants
* Boat cruises on the Garonne or Canal du Midi with historical commentary
* Visit the famous Airbus aeronautics manufactory with a guided tour of the grounds
* Take in art and photography exhibits at Toulouse’s several museums, or spend a day at Cité de l'Espace, space and science adventure park
* Sing-along in French, led by a teacher/musician on the guitar (students are encouraged to bring their own musical instruments)
* Video night: showing of a French film with commentary by a teacher and discussion
* Attend a rehearsal of a local theatre group or dance troupe
* Sports activities: possibilities include ice and roller skating, bowling, pétanque, crew (rowing), soccer and rugby
* Learn to play Belote and a variety of French card and board games
* Take to the streets: Treasure hunt in the city, ‘Enquête/Interview in Toulouse’
* French cooking classes: Prepare and sample regional dishes

Französische Sprachkurse in Lyon:

Da der Unterricht in kleinen Gruppen des gleichen Niveaus mit fünf bis maximal zehn Teilnehmern erfolgt, kann die Arbeit an die Ansprüche der Schüler angepasst, und der Schwerpunkt auf die Kommunikation und den mündlichen Ausdruck gelegt werden, mit anderen Worten, der Schüler wird angeregt, Französisch zu sprechen.

Dieser Französischunterricht ist für Personen mit jeder Staatsbürgerschaft und jedem beliebigen Niveau der Sprachkenntnisse gedacht. Die verschiedenen, von den Lehrern entwickelten Unterrichtsformen zielen darauf hin, die Schülerinnen und Schüler mit der heutigen französischen Sprache vertraut zu machen.

Cursos de francés en Francia con Langue Onze Toulouse:

El equipo docente de nuestra escuela de francés es creativo, atento y con experiencia en la enseñanza de francés a grupos pequeños. Nuestros profesores están diplomados en F.L.E. (Francés Lengua Extranjera) y tienen experiencia en áreas como el teatro, la literatura francesa, la lingüística, la música. El equipo de profesores de francés esta constituido únicamente por profesores nativos.

Los cursos intensivos de francés se imparten en grupos de entre 5 y 10 alumnos, lo que permite adaptar el curso a las necesidades individuales de cada uno y los anima a expresarse en francés. Los cursos estàn diseñados para alumnos de todas las nacionalidades y todos los niveles de conocimiento. Se utilizan varios métodos de enseñanza desarrollados por los profesores para integrar al alumno en el francés de hoy en día.

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Address: 10, rue des Arts, Toulouse, France
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• French courses for adults (16+)

• French intensive course for teenagers and adults

• Homestay program with a French family: from ages 16+
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At L’Atelier 9 French language school in Paris, our aim is to offer high quality French language courses for all levels. We are centrally located in the heart of the city. Our courses combine linguistic instruction and cultural workshops in order to share knowledge of French language and culture, and to help promote their diffusion throughout the world.

Our method is based on the communicative aspect of the language. It requires no textbooks, but rather provides a tailored-sheet system created by the teachers, adapted to the linguistic needs of the students. Without omitting written skills, we focus on conversation and its use in every day French. That’s why our teaching material is centered on actual French situations and enriched by numerous documents, including songs, newspaper and magazine articles, videos, games, etc.

All of our students are placed in different groups depending on their level: true beginners, false beginners, lower intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced. Upon your arrival, you will be given an information kit. It contains basic information about the course, and general information about the neighbourhood and Paris.
Intensive French language courses (day & evening courses): Each morning Monday to Friday & evenings from 7pm to 9pm).

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