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Kindergarten, middle & high school in Palayamkottai, India

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Bell School, Palayankottai:
Bell School is ideally placed at the periphery of the Palayankottai city limits in the Tirunelveli district in the province of Tamil Nadu in India. It is one of the finest schools in the southern zones, offering over 1700 students a wide array of essential skills apart from following the government prescribed matriculation Syllabus. Skating, Swimming, Shooting (archery), Art & Design, Dance, Yoga and Gymnastics are also taught. We offer kindergarten, middle and high school programmes.

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Montessori teaching methods for Kindergarten, Matriculation syllabus for Middle & High school, and government's Stateboard syllabus for Higher Secondary.

At Bell School we follow the Montessori system of scientific education for children aged two to six years. We have a spePhoto of Kindergarten, middle & high school in Palayamkottai, Indiacial Montessori room stocked with toys that enhance and hone all 5 senses: touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. These five senses are the gateway to knowledge and eventually intelligence. A child works in the Montessori room. He / She does not play. We also have special Touchscreen systems.

List of Activities done in the Montessori Room
Activities in the Montessori room include teaching children to learn about:

- Taking care of themselves: Brushing teeth, washing hands, washing clothes, dressing frames, folding napkins, social etiquette, walking on the line, table manners.
- Taking care of the environment: Dusting, sweeping and mopping.
- Sensorial: Fabrics, colour spoons, sound boxes, thermic tablets, touch boards, touchscreen computers
- Mathematics: Numbers, number rods, stringing beads, spindle box, fitting shapes, knobbed cylinders, abacus, sandpaper tracing, number structure, red stairs, mystery bag, chitgames, tanagrams
- Language: Puzzles, small movable alphabets, object and picture boxes, picture reading, story flash cards

Benefits of the Montessori System
The Montessori system helps children build confidence and makes learning easy and funfilled. It contributesImage of Kindergarten, middle & high school in Palayamkottai, India in developing self-discipline, leadership qualities, social behaviour, individuality and agility. It also helps in building vocabulary, muscular co-ordination, assertiveness, awareness and helps the child to compare, contrast and discriminate.

From the primary school upwards, we follow the Matriculation syllabus for private schools. The curriculum and the books followed for the basic education have been carefully chosen and the teaching methods followed by our teachers are scrutinized on a weekly basis by the co-ordinators and the members of the board governing the academic quality. Books are frequently upPhotos of Bell School, Palayankottaidated as information changes, especially in volatile subjects like computer science. In languages, children learn English, Tamil, French and Hindi. Bell School has exceptional standards in imparting skills.

The Matriculation Board exams for Std X and the State-board syllabus for Std XII are of prime focus in Bell School’s academics. Teachers and students of these two classes are not involved in any activity in the institution because of the attention required for the public exams. This fact is proved by our consistent high marks in std X and in the higher secondary examinations.

Classrooms and laboratories in Bell School are exceptionally well furnished and well-equipped. The ratio of children to teachers is maintained as low as 20:1 in most classes for a good individual attention to all children. All kindergarten classes have well qualified teaching assistants in addition to the main teachers, who support and assist children in every way they can.

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Address: Tiruchendur Road, Palayankottai, India
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