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International School in Broward County, Florida

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International School Of Broward, Florida:
The International School of Broward, located in Hollywood in the south-east of Broward County, FL, is a charter school that serves grades 6-12 students from Broward and Miami-Dade counties. As well as following the American curriculum, we immerse our students into the French language and culture every day. We follow a successful two-way bilingual concept (English / French), thus providing students with an unique edge enabling them to become great communicators. We believe that providing our students with a solid educational foundation is paramount to the development of their intelligence.

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Within the International School of Broward’s academic framework, each student is given the opportunity to acquire the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in higher educational settings and beyond. ISB strives to continue offering a comprehensive program that adjusts to an ever-changing world and to prepare students to pursue, career goals that will enrich their lives and benefit society as a whole.

Our Mission:

Photo of International School in Broward County, FloridaISB aims to provide a comprehensive academic program that helps each child to reach his or her potential, prepare students to function in a competitive global society while fostering their critical thinking skills through meaningful inquiry and rigorous academic engagement.

The uniqueness of the International School of Broward enables its students to be at a minimum bi-literate in English and French. The school strives to cultivate the development of the students’ characters and provide them with a solid foundation that will foster life-long learning. The school emphasizes intercultural understanding, and a thorough knowledge of the world.

Two-Way Bilingual Concept:

The core of the International School of Broward is the two-way bilingual concept. We provides instruction in the following five areas:

* Communication
* Cultures
* Connection
* Comparisons
* Communities

Students learn to communicate and perform academically in content subjects in French through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students formulate and answer questions about the literary elements in French. Students identify themes, ideas, or viewpoints on social behaviors and / or interactions of various cultures and discuss these cultural differences as they participate in age-appropriate cultural activities.

The Goals of the Concept:

Image of International School in Broward County, FloridaThe goals of the concept are:

* Bilingualism:  Processing in English and a second language (French)
* Bi-literacy:  Academic proficiency in English and a second language (French)
* Multi-Cultural Competence

Understanding of various cultures and the development of positive self-esteem allows students to acculturate in other cultures and not live their own culture as a frustration. The design of the program is the implementation of the 50 / 50 model, which makes use of two teachers, one who instructs in English and the other in French. Instruction is conducted through not only conversation and direct instruction, but through role-playing, co-operative-learning groups, including native and non-native speakers of the language of instructions. Peer tutoring, use of thematic units hands-on activities, and graphic organizations is utilized.

Education Programs:
- Middle School & High School programs for Grades 6-12.
- We follow a two-way bilingual concept in English / French.

* Core subjects include Mathematics; Science; Technology; Social Studies; Global Connections; Physical Education and Arts.

Overview of the Program:

A deeper look into the International Studies & Two- Way Immersion Program at ISB:

* Non-French speakers are enrolled in our International Studies Track. Instead of taking Advanced French, they take French 1-3 based on their level. Once they master French Level 3, they are able to transfer if they wish to the two-way immersion track.

* Students in the International Studies Track can choose to graduate with a regular high school diploma and / or the IB diploma providing they pass the IB exam.

* Students in the two-way immersion track can choose to graduate with a regular high school diploma, the IB diploma providing they pass the IB exam, the French/American diploma or the French diploma.

* We strongly recommend the non-French speakers to take after school classes* Math and Social Science in English until they have a great command of the French Language to advance in the program. These after school classes will be offered on campus from 3:30-4:30 Monday -Thursday or can be offered independently based on students’ needs.

Unique Characteristics of our Graduation Students:

Photos of International School Of Broward, FloridaUpon graduation from the International School of Broward, each student will have gained the following skills and developed the following profile:

* Have a great understanding of the principles of moral reasoning, which promotes integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness and justice.

* Have acquired significant knowledge and the essential skills to conduct purposeful and constructive research. Learning will be viewed as enjoyable and their love of learning will be life-long.

* Apply thinking skills critically and innovatively to make sound decisions and solve complex problems.

* Approach unfamiliar settings or situations calmly with confidence and have the “independence of spirit” to explore new roles, ideas and strategies.

* Show empathy toward the needs and feelings of others. Develop a sense of personal commitment to action and service.

* Respect the beliefs, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures, and seek and consider different points of view.

* Understand and communicate ideas and information effectively in more than one language and via other mediums such as the performing arts.

* Gain access to any university in the world with their International Baccalaureate degree including highly competitive U.S. Colleges and Universities.


* Dance:
We teach dance lessons to help students relax. We demonstrate correct movement elements in performing dance through body alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination, and artistic expression through musicality, clarity, and stylistic nuance.

* Music:
We teach them how to perform and accurately demonstrate vocal and or instrumental performance of an extensive repertoire of musical styles using appropriate techniques and methods. We demonstrate through performances, rhythmic accuracy, melodic phrasing, articulation, key and meter changes, themes, motifs, and melodic notation identification.

* Theatre:
Theatre helps them to understand the context by analyzing the role of theatre, film, television, and electronic media of the past and present, as well as the cultural and historical influences of dramatic forms and recognizes contributions of major playwrights, performers, designers, directors and producers.

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Address: 75th Ave, Broward County, Florida , USA
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New York;   Pembroke Pines, Florida;   Miami;   and more.
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The vision for all students at Corbett Prep is to accelerate learning by creating a brain-friendly environment that is: Joyful and Challenging, Stimulating and Productive, Nurturing with High Standards and High Expectations, and includes Ethical Conduct, and Dignity and Respect for all.
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