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Bilingual School in Broward County, Florida

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International School Of Broward, Florida:
The International School of Broward, located in Hollywood in the south-east of Broward County, FL, is a charter school that serves grades 6-12 students from Broward and Miami-Dade counties. As well as following the American curriculum, we immerse our students into the French language and culture every day. We follow a successful two-way bilingual concept (English / French), thus providing students with an unique edge enabling them to become great communicators. We believe that providing our students with a solid educational foundation is paramount to the development of their intelligence.

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Photo of Bilingual School in Broward County, FloridaEducation Programs:
- Middle School & High School programs for Grades 6-12.
- We follow a two-way bilingual concept in English / French.

* Core subjects include Mathematics; Science; Technology; Social Studies; Global Connections; Physical Education and Arts.

Curriculum (Two-way Bilingual Education)
The Primary focus under which the core of the school will fall will be under that of the Two-way Bilingual concept. ISB will provide instruction in the following five areas: communication, cultures, connection, comparisons and communities. Students will learn to communicate and perform academically in content subjects in French through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will formulate and answer questions about the literary elements in French. Students will identify Image of Bilingual School in Broward County, Floridathemes, ideas, or viewpoints on social behaviors and/or interactions of various cultures and will discuss these cultural differences as they participate in age-appropriate cultural activities. The goals of the concept will be:

* Bilingualism:  Processing in English and a second language (French)

* Bi-literacy:  Academic proficiency in English and a second language (French)

* Multi-Cultural Competence

* Understanding of various cultures and the development of positive self-esteem which will allow student acculturate in other cultures and not live their own culture as a frustration.

The design of the program will be the implementation of the 50/50 model, which will make use of two teachers, one who will instruct in English and the other in French. Instruction will be conducted through not only conversation and direct instruction, but through role-playing, cooperative-learning groups, including native and non-native speakers of the language of instructions. Peer tutoring, use of thematic units hands-on activities, and graphic organizations will be utilized.

The International School of Broward will utilize assessment tests to determine the fluency of all its students. Currently, we are considering Riverside Publishing – This firm offers the Bilingual Verbal Ability Test. The BVAT provides a technically sound procedure for combining the person's knowledge in English and the native language, thus yielding a better estimate of his/her verbal ability.

We will also use the assessment / evaluations from the French Ministry of Education to ensure that our students are performing at or above grade level in French. We are still conducting research on other programs as well that will assist us in placing the best program available for the students of the International School of Broward.

Core Subjects Content:
# Language (Reading and Writing)
# Mathematics
# Science
# Technology
# SoPhotos of International School Of Broward, Floridacial Studies
# Global Connections
# Physical Education
# Arts

Foreign Language Program:
The primary focus of the Foreign Language Department is to expose students to other languages in addition to English and French. Students will learn to communicate orally and in writing in other languages and learn cultural differences. ISB will also use Riverside Publishing which provides assessment tools in fifteen languages. the first year the following language courses will be offered:

* Spanish
* Mandarin

Physical Education:
The purpose of this curriculum area will be to examine comprehensive health issues that are essential to the development of an adolescent. Basic safety procedures will be taught. The content will include but not be limited to the following:

* Growth and development
* Mental and emotional health
* Personnel health and physical activity
* Safety, first aid, and violence prevention
* Prevention and control of disease
* Consumer knowledge
* Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use and abuse
* Community and environmental health
* Health and safety practices
* Critical thinking skills
* Fitness program design
* Components of fitness
* Improving health related fitness
* Skill improvement
* Positive participation in physical education
* Community resources
* Career opportunities
* Relationships between physical education and other disciplines

Visual Arts:
Understand and apply mixed media materials in two-dimensional and three-dimensional compositions using correctly applied techniques, tools and process when expressing and idea or purpose. Demonstrate through application and analysis the elements of art and principles of design applied to various subjects, symbols, implications and intention in a particular work of art.

Assess, evaluate, and respond to the characteristics of a work of art through determining differences between the artist’s intent, public interpretation, critical and aesthetic statements in terms of historical reference; and understands how social, cultural, ecological, economic, religious and political conditions influence the function, meaning, and execution of works of arts.

Participate in community-based art experiences as an artist or observer, identifies the skills that artists use in various careers to promote creativity, fluency, flexibility, elaboration, communication with the public, communication with the consumer and various resources.

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Address: 75th Ave, Broward County, Florida , USA
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Pembroke Pines, Florida;   Miami;   New York;   and more.
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At Transfiguration Early Childhood Center, our mission is to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that strives to meet the individual needs of a child in a safe, inviting environment where children feel free to create, explore and express themselves. Our aim is to educate the “child” socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

All our teachers are background screened and state certified in Early Childhood Education. In addition, our teachers are trained in First Aid, CPR and Safe Environment.
Year-Round Early Childhood Program (For children ages 2-5 years):

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- Summer Program

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Lycée Franco-Américain is a private two-way immersion language school from Pre-K 2 to 5th grade, located on Stirling Road, Cooper City in south-west Broward County. Our campus is situated west of the intersection of Stirling Road and Pine Island Road (which becomes Douglas Road). The school offers instruction in French and English taught by native speakers. We also offer the Primary Year Program (PYP) from the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), which gives us a framework in which to offer our curriculum.

Our curriculum is based on the French educational system and is reinforced by the State of Florida curriculum, which facilitates the student's ability to follow the American educational system. To insure academic success, we adapt the curriculum to our students' levels throughout the academic school year.

The instruction is organized into grade levels with set competencies on which our students are constantly evaluated. To insure their academic success, we adapt our curriculum to our students' levels throughout the academic year. Our program helps the child to become fluent in French and English.
* Two-way Immersion Bilingual Program (French & English language)

Program includes:
- Learning Program: Main academic subjects, i.e. language, arts, science, mathematics and social science.

- Enrichment Academy
- The Linguistic Academy
- The Performing Arts and Fine Arts Academy

* The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP): For students aged 3 to 12 years.
* Extra-Curricular Program
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