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Dilit International House, Rome:
Dilit (Divulgazione Lingua Italiana), established in 1974 in Rome, Italy, was one of the first language schools in Italy to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and has established itself as one of the most prestigious Italian Language Schools in the country today. We offer a range of Italian courses for all ages and levels including intensive and business Italian classes. Group and private Italian lessons are available. The school caters for students from all over the world at all levels and with a wide variety of needs. The minimum age is 16.

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Photo of Italian Courses in RomeWe Offer:

Intensive Italian Courses (15-20-25-30 lessons/week):
Classes are held from Monday to Friday. New courses start every 4 weeks throughout the year. Minimum attendance is 2 weeks.

Small Group Non-Intensive (6 lessons/week):

Classes are held twice a week, mornings, afternoons or evenings. Each course lasts 12 weeks. These courses are run all year except July, August and September. Minimum attendance is 12 weeks.

Individual Courses:
Particularly suitable for business and professional people and all those who require tuition tailor-made to their individual needs. Small groups of 2-4 students can also be catered for.

Intensive (15-30 lessons/week):
Attendance is daily from Monday to Friday and varies from 3 to 6 lessons a day. Minimum attendance is one week.

Non-Intensive (3+ lessons/week):
Attendance is a minimum of 3 lessons a week for a minimum of 30 lessons in all.

Combined Courses:
Students attend a group course (4 lessons/day) and individual tuition (2 lessons/day). These courses are particularly suitable for those who need Italian both for general and specific purposes (dealing with specific topics in specific settings and /or other pImage of Italian Courses in Romearticular aspects of the language).

School Year Programme:
This programme which lasts 32 weeks (a 35-week stay) has been designed to meet the ever increasing demand of a solid language course combined with other disciplines such as History of Art, Architecture and Design, in which Italy is famous throughout the world. The course is open to beginners and elementary students from all over the world, aged between 16 and 28.

The objectives are to take the students up to an advanced level of proficiency in Italian, prepare them for the proficiency in Italian examinations of the Universities of Perugia and Siena, and ensure that they have a good grounding in the various aspects of Italian society and civilisation of yesterday and today. In other words the programme caters for those who are interested not only in the language but also in Italian art and culture. It also caters for those who need a solid language and cultural grounding in order to go on to higher studies in the field of Design, Music, Art, or Business.

Internship Programme:
This programme combines the study of the Italian language with unpaid work experience in an Italian company. The programme offers students an opportunity to use and improve their language skills and at the same time come into direct contact with a working environment which in many cases is peculiar to Italy.

The Internship Programme is made up of two components: the Language Component and the Internship Component.

Language Component:
As a minimum, students choose between a 4-week intensive course or a 12-week non-intensive course

Internship Component:
Students choose a work experience lasting from 2 to 16 weeks. Requests for longer periods are considered. The work experience usually takes places in Rome with the exception of a few fields of work.

University Preparation Programme:
This programme caters for foreign students who intend to enrol in an Italian University to attend degree courses in ARCHITECTURE, MEDICINE, VETERINARY SCIENCE, DENTISTRY, PHARMACY, or ENGINEERING. It is made up of two parts: a language course followed by an academic course.

The Language Course Students attend an intensive course of Italian for at least 4 weeks (more if level B1 of The Common European Framework has not been attained by the end).

The Academic Course:
The course objective is to prepare students for entry exams to any of the following University Faculties: Architecture, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Engineering. The course contents are based around the subjects used in the entry exams: General Knowledge, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Physics. The students will be divided up on the basis of the subjects required. The course is made up of 4 lessons a day from Monday to Friday for 8 weeks.

Rome for 50+:

This course is a mix of language, art, culture and let people over 50 learn italian doing lessons and trips in Rome.

Other Courses Include:
- Business Italian
- Italian Through "Italian Style"
- Italian Through Theatre
- Italian Through Song
- Italian Through Film-making
- Discovering Rome
- Italian Home-Cooking
- Follow-up Programme

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Address: via marghera 22, Rome, Italy
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Ellci is an Italian Language School in Milan - Italy specialized in teaching Italian Language as a second Language to foreigners of any nationality. Our Italian language Courses are addressed to students, companies and managers who want to learn or improve their knowledge of the Italian Language in Italy, in Milan, Italian capital in business, fashion and design, and city of vast cultural and economic traditions.
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A range of standard Italian courses are available depending on how many hours per week you wish to study. You can also take intensive Italian courses, Italian for Business & Commerce, exam preparation courses for the CILS, CELI, DELI and DALI exams, private Italian lessons or combine group classes with one-on-one tuition. Our music, art and culture courses can be taken on their own or combined with Italian courses.

At AEF, our main objective is to offer high quality courses in every subject we teach, through fully qualified and highly trained instructors. The teachers at AEF are highly qualified professionals with plenty of teaching experience enabling you to make the most of your studies in Florence. For full Italian immersion, homestay accommodation with local host families is available.
- Standard Italian courses (10, 12, 16 or 20 hours of Italian lessons per week)
- Intensive Italian course
- Private Italian lessons
- Combined Italian course (Group classes + individual tuition)
- Yearly Italian program
- CILS, CELI, DELI and DALI exam preparation
- Business Italian
- Italian for Tourism
- Italian for Business & Commerce
- Art courses
- Music courses
- Italian cooking classes
- Italian culture courses
- Homestay program with an Italian host family