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Residential Programs for Troubled Teens in Missouri

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Shelterwood is a faith-based residential treatment agency for at-risk teens located on 200 acres in Independence (14 miles East of Kansas City), Missouri. We believe that every teen was created by God and has great value and purpose. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to help teens understand their value and purpose. We have developed a multi-disciplinary approach to our highly successful relationship-based model of care.

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Year-Long Therapeutic Boarding School Programs for Teens:

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Earth Science:
This course will cover the areas of meteorology, geology, oceanography, hydrology, and astronomy. It is designed to further develop skills in using the mental and physical tools necessary for all scientific study. The students are encouraged to use these tools as they study the ever-changing earth and the energy and forces, which produce the changes.


teaching This course is designed for 10th grade students. It covers basic life science principals, including cells, and cellular processes, photosynthesis and respiration, genetics, and a survey of living organisms.

Integrated Science:
This course is designed for 9th and 10th grade students as an entry-level science class. It covers basic principals of chemistry and physics. Topics included are atomic and molecular structure, properties of gases, liquids and solids, and basic stoichiometry.

This course is designed for 11th grade students. It is an introduction to the fundamental principles of chemistry, including atomic and molecular structure, chemical stoichiometry; the properties of gases, liquids, and solids; solutions; chemical equilibria, an introduction to thermodynamics, and a discussion of the chemical properties of selected elements.


This course is set-up with both the average and gifted students in mind. The subject is taught at an introductory level, which will allow the average high school student to grasp the concepts of Newton’s Laws, statistics, dynamics, thermodynamics, optics, dc circuits, waves, electromagnetism, and relativity. 


This course is organized into four major areas: Physical health, Mental and emotional health, Spiritual health, and Social health. Each unit integrates these four components to help students develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to teach students practical skills they can use during their lifetime.

Environmental Science:
This course is a general science survey, which reviews the earth and its environment as a living system. It specifically focuses on current issues regarding the environment and the consequences of human activities on the sustainability of that living system. 

Social Sciences:


This course examines the principles and mechanics of a constitutional republic, the specific principles contained in the U.S. Constitution and their relationship to a well-informed individual in a free society. 

US History:

This course is a general survey course dealing with the events and topics which have shaped our country from it's beginning to the present. This material will be explored using lesson presentations, case studies, text and supplemental readings, map studies, current events, and individual and small group projects. 

World History:
teaching This course is a general survey course exploring events of world history and their influence on the development of the current world. It is an understanding of geography and cultures, and the use of maps, timelines and charts.

The course will help students learn about the world’s regions, countries and important global issues that affect the world’s populations. Historical and current events will be used to connect the concepts of geography to life. 


This course examines the principles and mechanics of the economics of society, including the concepts of free enterprise, capitalism, private property, and market comparisons among capitalism, communism, and socialism.


This course is designed to prepare students for Algebra 1 by reviewing mathematical basic skills and introducing both algebraic and geometric concepts.

Algebra 1:

Students will study and demonstrate knowledge of how to evaluate and simplify expressions; write and solve linear and quadratic equations, functions, and formulas; and write and solve systems of equations and linear inequalities.

Prerequisite: Algebra 1
Students will study the basics of geometry, points, lines, planes, and angles; deductive reasoning, proofs, perpendicular and parallel lines, congruent triangles, properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, inequalities in geometry, similarity, right triangles, circles, constructions, areas of plane figures, and surface area and volume of solids.

Algebra 2:

Prerequisite: Algebra 1
This course is designed for students that are college bound. The course is a continuation of Algebra 1. Students will solve equations and compound inequalities graphically and analytically.

Consumer Math:
This practical math class is designed for students needing a third credit of math, but do not need Algebra 2. Units include buying a car, travel, income, budgeting, housing, food, clothing, leisure, taxes, banking, investments and starting a small business. This class is usually taught as an independent study.


English I:

This course is designed for high school freshmen and includes literature, composition, vocabulary development, and review of spelling and grammar. Our textbook focuses on all genres: short stories, non-fiction (biography, autobiography, and essay) poetry, drama, and novel.

English II:

This course is designed for high school sophomores and includes literature, composition, vocabulary development, and review of spelling and grammar. Our textbook focuses on world literature with all genres (short story, biography, autobiography, essay, poetry, drama, and novel). 

English III:
This course is designed for high school juniors and includes literature, composition, vocabulary development, and review of spelling and grammar. This literature study focuses on American literature. 

English IV:
This course is designed for high school seniors and includes literature study, advanced composition skills, vocabulary development, and grammar review. The course focuses on a chronological study of British literature from the Anglo-Saxon period through Medieval, Elizabethan, Restoration, Romantic and Victorian Eras, through the Twentieth Century.


- Herpetology
- Missouri Conservation
- Marine Biology
- Art
- Drama
- Ornithology
- Creative Writing
- Horticulture
- Film as Literature
- Careers
- Communications
- PE
- World War 1 & 2
- Criminal Law
- Civil War
- Bible
- Cooking
- ACT/SAT test prep
- Environmental Science
- Environmental Issues
- Spanish
- Novels
- Oral Interpretation of Literature

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Address: 3205 North Twyman Road, Independence, Missouri, 64058, USA
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Lake Ozark; St.clair mo; Mountain View; Saint Peters; Shawnee, KS; Columbia; and more.
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Thomas Jefferson School, St. Louis
Courses / Programs
Welcome to Thomas Jefferson School (TJ), a small but far-reaching co-ed boarding and day school for Grades 7 to 12 located in St. Louis, an independent city in east Missouri.

We offer a core classical rigorous curriculum with all advanced placement courses and college prep SAT and ACT to students from St. Louis to Shanghai, Little Rock to Nowy Sacz.

At Thomas Jefferson (TJ), boarding students come from all over the U.S. and the world and form lasting friendships. Likewise, day students share space in the dorms and learn how to manage living with others – great practice for college.

If you are an American student, perhaps a classmate will invite you abroad, or if you are an international student, maybe you’ll be invited to spend part of a school vacation here in the heart of the United States. The rooms at TJ, situated in cottages with their own outside doors and private baths promote structured independence.
Boarding and Day Programs for Boys & Girls (Grades 7-12)

- Rigorous Curriculum with English, math, science, social studies, classical languages, modern languages, fine arts and athletics

- Advanced Placement Courses

- College Preparation Courses ACT and SAT

- International Students welcome
Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks
Courses / Programs
Change Academy Lake of the Ozarks (CALO), located in Lake Ozark, Missouri, is a specialized adolescent residential treatment setting for boys & girls (ages 12-18). At CALO, we with work a small window of student issues focusing specifically on issues of emotion, attachment and trauma.

At CALO, relationships are the primary change agent. All treatment is connected to and motivated by relationships. Relationships with family, CALO staff, and CALO peers are what drive change.

Transferable Attachment through the care of purebred Golden Retrievers is a key, cutting-edge treatment aspect of our program. Where clinically appropriate, students have the opportunity to “foster and/or adopt” a Golden Retriever. All interactions with this canine are used therapeutically.

CALO is accredited by the Joint Commission through their Behavioral Healthcare Accreditation Program. and licensed by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division as a residential provider.

CALO is an approved private agency through Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
Specialized Adolescent Residential Treatment Programs for Boys & Girls (Ages 12-18)

- Recreation Therapy Program
- Canine Therapy/Transferable Attachment Program
- Individual, Family & Group Therapy
- Transitional Program
- Aftercare Program
- Therapy-based Academic Track
- Restorative Academic Track
- Standard/Collegiate Track
New Hope Wilderness Camp
Courses / Programs
New Hope Wilderness Camp, located in Ava (38 miles south east of Springfield), South Central Missouri, in the Midwestern United States, is a 21-day co-ed wilderness program, working with troubled teens (ages 11-20) who are experiencing conduct and behavior problems.

These include: Lack of Respect; Hostility Toward Loved Ones; Defiance Toward Authority; Truancy; Drugs; Violence; Depression and Unpredictable Behavior.

The individual treatment planning at New Hope is aimed at facilitating a change of heart, healing and strengthening family relationships, and inviting new beginnings. We have one competent staff member for every two young people. We utilize horses to do therapy with the young people, as well as daily counseling.

The ultimate goal of New Hope is to see the young people making positive choices in their lives, changing their heart attitudes positively, to facilitate a better relationship with their parents. We certainly believe Jesus Christ is the focal point for change, after one recognizes a heart need.
21-Day Co-ed Wilderness Program for Troubled Teens (Ages 11-20)

We provide a safe environment in which to:

- Discover and nurture strengths, interests and talents;
- Support effort toward change;
- Establish consistent and stable relationships;
- Improve interpersonal skills;
- Enhance self-worth and empowerment;
- Identify and develop individual learning styles;
- Conduct Equine Assisted Activities/Equine Assisted Therapy (EAA/EAT)
Wings of Faith Academy
Courses / Programs
Wings of Faith Academy is a residential Christian boarding school for girls ages 8-17 who are struggling with bad behavior, rebellion, or academic issues.

We work with teenage and pre-teen girls to help them become God-honoring and parent-honoring young ladies and to be an honest, hard-working asset to the community in which they will live.

Our school helps your teen to build her academic skills and earn the credits needed for a high school diploma. This program serves teen girls of all academic aptitudes.
Residential Boarding School Programs for girls ages 8-17:

- Fully accredited high school diploma through a dual-enrollment program with Lighthouse Christian Academy.

Academic Courses:
- Math Courses
- English Courses
- Social Studies Courses
- Science Courses
- Bible Electives
- Physical Education
- Music
- Spanish...
Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI)
Courses / Programs
Located in northwestern Montana, Turning Winds Academic Institute (TWAI) is an accredited, family-run, therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens (boys and girls) ages 13-18 from Missouri and across the United States.

In our beautiful, peaceful, and safe location, we combine the benefits of a therapeutic boarding school, a wilderness program, and a residential treatment center (RTC).

TWAI has been serving struggling teens and their families since 2002, with an exceptional degree of success.

We provide an extremely high standard of therapeutic treatment to our students, and offer help for the following presenting issues: poor academic performance, behavioral problems, addictions, low self-worth, spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, and attachment disorders among others.

With a passion for helping young people in crisis, our clinical, educational, and operations staff are among the best in the country.

We are a small program (40 students) which means that we are able to provide a truly unique and customized approach for every student.

Typically our on site student to staff ratio is 5:1. The average stay at our residential treatment center is 12 months.

Parent Testimonial:
"We feel reassured that our son Chad is in good hands being guided onto the right track...We are really beginning to get our son back again! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Therapeutic Boarding School
For troubled teens ages 13-18

- Middle School Program
- High School Program
- Credit Recovery
- Accelerated Learning
- College Preparation/ AP Classes
- SAT/ACT Testing Center
- Anti-Bullying Program

We also provide a GED program, and college courses.

We create a customized program for each student that requires a minimum of 3 months. However, best results for lasting success are realized through 6+ months of treatment.

TWAI graduates average a 3.5 GPA. It is common for a student to complete 1.5 years of course work in 1 year.
The Webb School
Courses / Programs
Located in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, The Webb School is a private boarding and day school for students in Grades 6-12. Our rigorous college preparatory school programs with SAT and AP courses offer the opportunities and support that prepare students for college.

In our small boarding school community students learn the pride of hard work and the patience necessary to listen to others. They gain the confidence to express themselves, whether in one-on-one conversations or in front of the whole school. Most of all, you find the trust in yourself that you can succeed.

Webb's strong tradition of academic excellence - numerous National Merit Finalists and Semifinalists, SAT scores well above national average, 99% of students getting 3 or better on most AP exams - is grounded in this personal attention.

Boarding students in Grades 7-12 live in a supervised environment featuring four dormitories separated by gender and age.

Our students live and learn under the guidance of our faculty house parents who monitor their academic progress and general well-being. We are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.
Co-Ed Day & Boarding School Programs:

- Boarding Programs for students in Grades 7-12
- Day Programs for students in Grades 6-12

Features include:
- Rigorous College Preparatory Curriculum with English, fine arts, foreign language, math, science, history, technology

- Middle School
- Upper School
- Advanced Placement Courses
- College Preparation Course SAT
- English as a Second Language Language Program