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Chesterbrook Academy:
Chesterbrook Elementary, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a preschool and elementry school offering grades Pre-K through 5th. At Chesterbrook Elementary we offer young children the opportunity to learn and develop in a happy, secure, creative and stimulating environment. Our academic program for Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade is a strong, skills-based, comprehensive curriculum. This well-developed program enables our students to achieve success in learning as well as to participate in an extended day program in a safe, structured and supervised environment. In addition, we firmly believe that parent involvement is one of the significant reasons that our children succeed in school.

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Preschool Goals:
The major goal of Chesterbrook Elementary is to achieve the highest possible academic standards within all grades, as well as to:
- To provide an atmosphere in which children are encouraged to be productive and creative.
- To develop an appreciation for education and a love of learning.
- To educate the whole child – cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.
- To encourage a positive self-concept and feeling of self-worth.
- To develop fine and gross motor skills.
- To assist the child in learning about safety and good health habits.
- To expand the child’s background with meaningful educational experiences that are necessary for future school success in the various subject areas (reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science).

Elementary Curriculum:

Chesterbrook Elementary’s Curriculum begins the development of skills necessary for school success in a stimulating child-oriented learning environment. Our curriculum focuses on, and integrates, five core subjects.

The appreciation of literature is fostered during the shared reading of literature Big Books, and participation in varied literature activities. Directed in the process of seeing, hearing, saying, practicing, reading and writing, children learn to identify main ideas, sequence events and recall details. Chesterbrook Elementary’s D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) Program is one of many opportunities that encourage reading, class discussion, develops creative writing, reasoning skills in individual and group settings.

Integrated Language Arts:
The Elementary program further creates each child’s interest in language arts through group language experiences, weekly visits to our school library, oral and visual expression, including dramatic interpretation at our Amphitheater. The students have an opportunity to express their thoughts and creativity by integrating the written art form, composing original stories, poems and books, with the usage of various art mediums; paintings, pastels, watercolors and abstract art.

Activity-based learning is the focus of beginning mathematical skills. Children learn early math concepts such as sorting, classifying, and graphing through the use of manipulatives and curriculum activity centers.

Social Studies:
The social studies program is based on learning from the child’s environment at home, school and in the community. The goal of the social studies curriculum is to build on learning and to explore new horizons, with a sampling of multi-cultural units introduced. A foundation for understanding concepts such as American history, economics and community is developed. Government is introduced in Elementary terms and students learn basic map and globe skills.

Using thematic instruction and hands-on activities, students begin learning science concepts and related vocabulary as they cook, read, explore and investigate. Our Science curriculum is interwoven with the usage of our Butterfly and Children’s Gardens and our 1 ½ acre Nature Trail. Health awareness is integrated with the teaching of science, and includes wellness, nutrition and other topics related to a beginning understanding of healthy habits.

Social Studies:
Activity-based learning is the focus of learning social studies skills at Chesterbrook Elementary. Learning about working together and the child’s place in his/her world help our First Graders learn about their world through the social studies program. Children are given frequent opportunities to apply a wide variety of skills to social studies content by using critical thinking skills.

Afterschool Program:
Extend your child’s day with CBA Afterschool program. From 3:30 – 6:00pm, Monday – Friday, your child will be engaged in the same nurturing environment as the school day. In addition to the use of our recreational facilities, students in the Afterschool program will also rotate into four core programs each week, including Homework Buddies, Young Athletes, and Artistic Activities. Special guests and instructors will enhance additional themes throughout the year.

Enrichment Curriculum:
The Chesterbrook Elementary visual arts curriculum develops an appreciation for art media and artistic expression. It provides opportunities for manipulating and constructing, using a variety of materials such as paint, chalk, clay, crayon, pastels, etc. Starting in Preschool our students will learn the elements of design including: line, shape, form, color and texture. Our students will learn a variety of techniques, cutting, tracing, gluing, molding, tearing and folding. They will discuss and create art from many styles of Art: cubism, impressionism, etc. and create art from many different cultures. Diversity and variety are continuing themes through the Fifth Grade.

Our technology program is designed to provide our students with practical computer literacy training in a challenging academic environment. Students use on-line databases to perform research, communicate via the Internet, and develop graphic design, spreadsheet and word processing skills to enhance their classroom presentations. Our curriculum is designed around a hands on approach with the focus on students learning how to use the computer as a tool by creating practical projects using a variety of computer application software.

Foreign Language:
Spanish vocabulary is introduced through auditory, visual and repetitive activities. Simple sentences will be spoken during the second semester. Customs and songs supplement the Foreign Language curriculum at Chesterbrook Elementary. Beginning in First Grade, written activities and recognition of the Spanish written word is a focus through Third Grade. Fourth Grade brings the study of numerous Spanish countries and cultures through map work, statistical studies and current events. Simple verbs are added by Fifth Grade and an accelerated focus on reading begins.

Chesterbrook Elementary develops music appreciation. Through the introduction and study of different modes of music we cultivate an appreciation for the value of music. Music reading, rhythm play, development of a music vocabulary, music history, composers and styles are enjoyed and studied. Our Amphitheater provides an excellent setting for our music classes, plays and concerts.

Physical Education:
Our curriculum is designed to promote healthy living through exercise, skill development, complex motor skill strategies and good sportsmanship. Our after-school program provides opportunities for additional participation in sports activities.

Weekly library visits will encourage and support the importance and enjoyment of reading. Students will have the opportunity to learn the Dewey decimal system, proper use of the Title, Author and Subject catalogues, to value and respect books and the responsibility in the care and its return.

Garden and Nature Experiences:
Chesterbrook Elementary offers an expanded component, referred to as a Wild Education Site. Our outdoor areas are used effectively by our students for learning where they take action to benefit wildlife

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Address: 10200 Strickland Rd, Raleigh, North Carolina , USA
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