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Dutchess Day School, Millbrook:
Dutchess Day School in Millbrook, Dutchess County, NY is an independent, co-educational elementary & middle school that serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through to Grade 8. Millbrook is conveniently located in the Hudson Valley, 1 hour & 30 minutes drive upstate of NYC. As well as Dutchess County, our school serves Columbia & Putnam Counties, NY, and Litchfield County, CT. Dutchess Day School provides a strong academic foundation, values children’s natural curiosity, and fosters an enduring enthusiasm for learning. In an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, students are encouraged to take intellectual, athletic & artistic risks, to develop independence, confidence, and imagination.

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Preschool, Elementary & Middle School Education Programs (Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 8):

Preschool Program
At the core of this broad, child-centered program is the philosophy of learning through play. The curriculum focuses on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development of preschool children. It stimulates the imagination of each child by instilling an appreciation for and natural curiosity about the world around them.

A team of teachers build an atmosphere of trust, cooperation, and collaboration, in which children can celebrate differences of all kinds. Within this safe and nurturing environment, children explore and learn while being encouraged to take risks. Children are supported at all times as they move toward independence.

We also offer an Enrichment Program for Preschoolers, Toddlers and Infants at Dutchess Day School.

Lower School Program:  
Students in the lower school learn in classrooms full of books and materials with which to explore, discover, and invent. Their teachers understand the needs of children at different stages of development. The curriculum sets a strong foundation in reading, writing, and mathematics and provides rich experiences in the arts, science and technology, and physical education.

The reading program in each grade is designed to enable students to become joyful and habitual readers. In writing workshops, students create poetry and prose as they engage in the process of writing, editing, and sharing. Mathematics lessons build skills and thinking, and stress the connections of math to everyday life. Each grade focuses on a social studies theme, which is explored through reading and writing as well as field trips, skits, and special projects. Beginning in kindergarten, all students take part in the French language program, which introduces common vocabulary through games, songs, and activities.

In addition to learning in their self-contained classrooms, students visit co-curricular teachers in the science lab, gymnasium, music room, art studio, computer center, and library. Teachers use the fields, gardens, and woods to inspire poetry, conduct science labs, and provide an outdoor setting for reading classes.

Upper School Program

Curriculum:  Emerging from the lower school as active learners, students have a strong foundation of skills and a great enthusiasm for investigation, reading, learning, exploring, and discussion. In the upper school, students move from class to class, with a core of homeroom teachers and advisers overseeing their progress.

* Academic subjects include
:  Science, mathematics, social studies / history, English, foreign language (French, Spanish, Latin), computers, art, music, and physical education.

Dutchess Day School emphasizes independent thinking and exploration, a strong academic foundation in the key disciplines, writing and speaking skills, social and community responsibility, and integrity.

The Arts Program
Dutchess Day School offers exceptionally strong and sophisticated programs in visual arts and music, as well as in drama in the form of school plays.

Technology in the school curriculum cannot exist in a vacuum. Just as integration is essential in history, art, and music, it is also important for technology. Dutchess Day School students use computers in the lab, in classrooms, and in the library. New concepts or software are taught during lab time. This time is also used to reinforce basic skills such as keyboarding and word processing. We introduce a variety of programs to expand children’s overall knowledge of computers.

Students also use computers in their classrooms to help strengthen math, language, problem solving, and research skills. In addition, laptops provide upper school students with online research resources and enable them to have computers in virtually every classroom when needed.

Physical Education:
The physical education program at Dutchess Day School provides a fun and stimulating way for students to be physically active, while learning ways to become physically fit. In lower school, physical education is activity centered, utilizing a problem-solving approach to skill development. The program is designed to teach basic motor skills, game skills, teamwork, cooperation, problem-solving, and leadership. Physical education classes also incorporate themes from the topics that each class studies, and students learn associated games.

In upper school, we offer a comprehensive program, which includes team sports, lifetime activities, international games, physical conditioning, and team-building. Students are encouraged to refine individual skills, to work as a team, and to learn to win or lose with grace. We provide a variety of sports experiences and help each student to appreciate the value of physical activity and fitness.

Lunch Program:
At Dutchess Day School, our CIA trained chef strives to create menus and meals that are healthy, seasonal and delicious. Students are not allowed to bring their own lunches but eat family style with fellow classmates and faculty members. Eating family style promotes a sense of community and cooperation within the school. The children are involved in the daily operation of the dining room acting as servers who bring the food to the tables and clear at the end of the meal.

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Address: 415 Route 343, Millbrook, 12545, Dutchess County, New York , USA
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Montclare Children's School, Manhattan
Courses / Programs
Located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Montclare Children’s School is a preschool for children ages 2 to 5. Our school is an enriched, teacher-directed program, and provides children with ample opportunities to engage in a variety of activities, including music, art, library, technology and gymnastics. Our school also provides a warm and rich setting for exploration, socialization and free play.

Each of the ten classrooms has access to a kid-sized bathroom. In addition to the classrooms, the school has a computer lab (with twelve stations for students and a main station for the teacher), school library, art classroom, woodshop, 2800 square-foot gym, and a rooftop garden.

The preschool focus is on teacher-directed activities in a comfortable setting with an enriched curriculum. The core of the curriculum is developmentally appropriate play with a rich assortment of materials and plenty of opportunity for interacting with peers. Call the morning of the day after Labor Day of the year preceding the year you would like your child to start preschool.
Language Arts Curriculum:
Builds and strengthens word knowledge, language development, verbal expression and reasoning, as well as social interaction and awareness.

Preschool Math Curriculum:
Exposes children to counting, numerical recognition and reasoning, whole-part relationships, spatial relationships, as well as identifying and creating patterns.

Social Studies Curriculum:
Focuses on communities such as family, neighborhood, the earth, and the solar system.
Center for Dance and Body
Courses / Programs
The Center for Dance and Body (CDAB) is located on the Upper East Side of New York City and offers a wide range of dance and fitness classes. Body Ballet, our signature class, was created by CDAB founder Anna Lederfeind and is a unique Ballet Barre Workout that allows even non-dancers to achieve a ballet dancer physique.

Each class, for amateurs, pre-professionals, and professionals alike, takes place in an atmosphere of serious purpose, concentration on physical improvement, personal care and attention, and a sense of joy and musicality. We offer private instruction in addition to classes. Custom-designed training, in particular audition preparation for pre-professional schools, are special features of the curriculum. We offer small classes and lots of personal attention.
Dance & Fitness Classes for Children & Adults:

- Body Ballet classes

- Private / Shared Dance classes

- Cardio Dance classes

- Professional Training Dance classes

- Pilates classes

- Dance classes for children
Sunny Skies Preschool
Courses / Programs
With school locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, Sunny Skies Preschool offers a nurturing, carefully-structured educational environment for young children. Our aim is to provide the families we serve with a program that fulfills the educational, emotional and social needs of their children in a fun, loving and safe environment. Our children thrive in the curriculum especially designed by Sunny Skies Preschool.

At Sunny Skies Preschool we use an exclusive curriculum created by our founder Margarycel Nuñez, which brings awareness of self, society and the world to the child. Our unique A.V.L.E. (Advancement Via Life Experience) program gives students the opportunity to experience things that happen every day and making those events learning experiences.

We have set high standards for our children, however, we know that there are many different types of learners and that each child needs to follow their own rhythm; we encourage them to be the very best children they could possibly be, no matter their abilities.
Preschool Program with Exclusive "Advancement Via Life Experience" Curriculum:

- “Me and the world” approach, which teaches that everyone is valuable and that we can all make a differences in our world.

- Reading, writing, math, comprehensive skills and social awareness also makes A.V.L.E. academically-advanced

Extra-curricular Activity Classes:
- Exercise Class
- Dance Class
- Art Appreciation
- Language Class (Spanish)
- Writing and Reading Workshop
- Music Class
The Kildonan School
Courses / Programs
Located in Amenia, Dutchess County NY, The Kildonan School is an accredited, co-educational day and boarding school for children and teenagers with dyslexia and language-based learning differences. Only 90 miles north of New York City, we offer educational programs for elementary, middle and high school students (Grades 2-12). Boarding programs are available for students in grades 7-12, with 5-day & 7-day options available.

Our mission is to empower students with dyslexia by increasing their self-esteem and motivation. Students often come to us from educational experiences where they struggled to find success because that environment did not recognize their potential and/or know how to meet their needs. We want to help them to reach their academic potential and to equip them for future success. Kildonan graduates have a 100% college acceptance record.

Kildonan uses a pure Orton-Gillingham approach, which is an instructional approach intended primarily for use with persons who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing of the sort associated with dyslexia. Each student receives daily one-to-one Orton-Gillingham tutoring, which complement an innovative, challenging curriculum that inspires students to love learning while preparing for college and beyond. In addition, Kildonan offers small, college-preparatory classes, extensive artistic opportunities, and competitive sports teams.
Day & Boarding Programs for kids & teens with dyslexia:

- Elementary School (Grades 2-6)
- Middle School (Grades 7-8)
- High School (Grades 9-12)
- Daily one-to-one Orton-Gillingham tutoring
- Boarding for Grades 7-12: 5-day & 7-day programs available
Preschool of America, New York
Courses / Programs
Founded in 2004, Preschool of America opened its first school in New York City’s historic Chelsea neighborhood. Since then we have opened a total of seven centers throughout Manhattan including our center on 345 42nd street in West Midtown, and we continue to grow. The founding principle of establishing outstanding day care centers and preschools for New York City families remains uncompromised.

Our Preschool of America programs are carefully researched and thoughtfully taught, and we approach every day with a sense imagination, innovation, and fun to help young children learn comfortably and confidently. Every program includes a wide range of engaging and inspiring activities to stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play. We encourage a love of learning through working and playing with others.

Our children have fun while they learn just another way we make sure children get the most out of their experiences at school. Our full-time programs, a good curriculum that provides plenty of hands-on learning and high quality teachers prepare the children in our schools for elementary school and for life-long learning.
Preschool Programs from Nursey through Kindergarten:
- Nursery Program
- Infant Program
- Toddler Program
- Preschool Program
- Pre-Kindergarten Program
- Kindergarten Program

* Each program curriculum includes a variety of interesting activities to stimulate early brain development with a focus on creative play.

- Gifted and Talented Program
- After School Programs
- Summer Camps Programs
Gold Material Montessori School - East Village Branch
Courses / Programs
Gold Material Montessori School in the East Village, NYC, offers a high quality preschool education for children ages 2 to 6. Conveniently located in Alphabet City, between East 3rd and East 4th Streets, we provide full-day and half-day Montessori child care programs for 2, 3, or 5 days per week. All classes are mixed-age and children are grouped by their developmental levels.

Our safe and nurturing environment develops each child's unique qualities and potential. Our individualized educational approach prepares children for school and helps them to thrive socially. Our curriculum is engaging and includes variety of stimulating developmental materials that encourages a love for lifelong learning and continuous exploration of the world. Programs match parents’ schedules and meet their budgets.

Gold Material Montessori Schools also have branches in the Bensonhurst area of southwest Brooklyn and the Kips Bay area of Midtown Manhattan.
Montessori Child Day Care Program for 2-6 year olds:

- Full-day & half day programs available for 2, 3, or 5 days per week.
- Preschool Education
- Kindergarten
- Summer Camp
- Art and Craft
- Music Education