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Child Care / Preschool in Brewster, Putnam County NY

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Creative Kids Childcare:
Creative Kids Childcare, located in Brewster, Putnam County (47 miles north of NYC), New York State, is a Premier Childcare Provider offering care for children aged 6 weeks through 12 years. Since first opening in January 2001, Creative Kids has been committed to providing a safe, nurturing, learning environment where every child will grow as an individual.

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Young Infant - 6 weeks through 10 months:
The Infant Program at Creative Kids Childcare strives to maintain an environment that is based on a home schedule and also provides learning experiences through the use of the "Creative Curriculum". Based on this curriculum, the program facilitatPhoto of Child Care / Preschool in Brewster, Putnam County NYes emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth through a child's natural tendency to play.

Senior Infants - 10 Months through 18 Months:
Below are some examples of activities and how they help your child develop:
- Building Blocks  -> Fine motor development: cause/effect
- Rattles & Shakers -> Sound and rhythm, large motor
- Dolls/Puppets -> Role Play, language
- Music/Books -> Language
- Exersaucer -> Large motor skills

These are just a few ways in which your child will be growing every day. In addition, there will be opportunity for developing muscles and motor skills during mat time (i.e. rolling over, sitting up). Language development is encouraged by mimicking sounds, singing songs and speaking to your child while they are being changed, eating and throughout the day.

Young Toddler:
The Young Toddler Program at Creative Kids Childcare strives to maintain an environment that encourages independence and promotes social skills while providing learning experiences through the use of the "Creative Curriculum". Based on this curriculum, the program facilitates emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth through a child's natural tendency to play.

Older Toddlers:
Two year old children are embarking upon a journey seeking independence and are also investigating the world around them. They strive for an environment full of opportunities and challenge. The atmosphere in our Older Toddler Program is one that encourages independence and strengthens self-confidence and social skills by building relationships as well as through the use of various materials and developmentally appropriate equipment. Every aspect of the day, including meal times and diaper changing times are incorporated into the lesson plan. The child's natural curiosity is the driving force behind the learning that takes place. Our highly qualified caregivers facilitate and guide the child on their individual path.

Preschool 3 (3 Years Old):
We welcome you to the Preschool Program and feel confident that you will enjoy the safe, loving and learning environment we have created for your child.

Preschool 4 (4 Years Old):
Our Preschool Program offers a diversified curriculum. It will focus on many different areas. A child learns through hands on experiences with a great variety of material that develops practical life experiences, sensorial perception, and knowledge of language, math, science, geography, history, art, and music.

Pre K (5 Years Old):
Your child will be making a very exciting transition. He/She will be entering the Pre K room at Creative Kids Childcare. Being five years old is very important and you will see tremendous growth in your child. This growth will be enhanced with the daily and long term activities and goals in the Pre K atmosphere. Many of the daily activities will promote a sense of self-esteem, a positive attitude and pro-social behavior. The children will be introduced to problem-solving skills within a group and individually with concepts and relationships incorporated into the curriculum.

Kindergarten (6 Years Old):
Welcome to our Kindergarten Program! Kindergarten offers full or part time classroom experiences for children of qualified age. The program closely follows the NYS Kindergarten Standards. The classrooms encompass up-to-date technology and manipulatives to facilitate learning and social interaction. Kindergarten classes engage in Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music and Outdoor Fun.

School Age (6 Years Old and up):
Welcome to our Before and After School Program where homework help is readily available! Children who are not quite ready to stay at home by themselves will be engaged with games and activities including outdoor play with friends in the afternoon. When school is not in session, your child can participate in "Fun Day." This includes a day of arts and crafts, movies, and fun time with friends.

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Address: 1515 Route 22, Brewster, Putnam County, New York , USA
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- 3-day (Monday-Wednesday) or 5-day option
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Montessori Curriculum:
- Principle-based Learning
- Developmentally Appropriate Activities
- Uniform Environments and Materials
- Purposeful Work
- Classroom Responsibility
Oogie Art: Art Portfolio Development School
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Oogie Art is the World's No.1 art portfolio preparatory school based on college and art award results alone. We are located in Manhattan, NY, Boston & Lexington, MA, and Shanghai, China.

Every year, we have help students gain admission with scholarships to their 1st choice colleges and universities.

These are the results from 2018:
2 students accepted from Harvard
1 student from Stanford, MIT, Yale
3 students from Cornell
2 students from Columbia University
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Class scheduling is extremely flexible - students register by the semester or year.
1. Art Portfolio Prep Program: Gr. 7-12 & Transfer
2. Junior Program: Grade 7-8
3. Art HS or Boarding School Art Portfolio and Audition Prep Program: Gr. 7-8
4. Young Talent program: Gr.4-6
5. AP Studio Art Program: Gr. 10-12
6. Foundation Program: Gr. 7 and Up
7. Curating and Art Research Program
8. Art College Counseling Service

- Painting/Drawing
- Illustration
- Perspective Drawing & Painting
- Figure Drawing & Painting
- Advanced Drawing & Painting
- Mixed Media & Collage
- Sculpture
- Group Crits
- Film & Animation
- Fashion Design
- Business of Design
- Graphic Design
- Digital Art
- Installation Art