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Early Childhood Education in Manhattan, NYC

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Tutor Time Child Care / Learning Centers, New York:
Welcome to Tutor Time in the heart of New York City in Manhattan! We provide Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs based on The Tutor Time® LifeSmart™ Philosophy of Early Childhood Education designed by early childhood specialists and national experts to set each child on a path of life-long learning. Grounded in the latest research and understanding of early childhood education, Tutor Time LifeSmart nurtures and educates the whole child – cognitively, physically, socially and emotionally. Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms include rich learning centers designed around these eight “Smarts.” Children participate in self-directed investigations that build problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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Early Childhood Tutoring Programs: 

Infant Care Program
(6 weeks - 18 mos.):
- Teachers read, sing, cuddle and play with infants throughout the day
- Develop language and coordination.
- Allow babies to safely explore their world at their own pace.
- Activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, to introduce early math and language concepts.
- Encourage the use of all muscle groups.
- All infants have their own crib and drawer labeled with his/her name
- Naps, diapPhoto of Early Childhood Education in Manhattan, NYCers and feedings are provided based on child's indivual needs
- Bottle are warmed gently and discared one hour after heated
- All infant's hands are washed before and after each daiper change
- All sufaces in the classroom (mattress, countertops, toys, changing tables) are sanitized with soap, water and bleach
- Parents receive a personalized account of their child's day - everyday
- Teacher / Child Ratio: 1:4

Toddler Care Program
(12 mos. - 2 years old):
- Promote good social skills.
- Balance individual attention with group interactions.
- Promote positive use of the child’s energy.
- Encourage investigation and active learning with age appropriate activities.
- Work on language and literacy skills.
- Introduce early math concepts.
- Refine motor skills through hands-on activities.
- Help develop good social interactions.
- Daily information on activities, meals, diapering and general information.
- At this stage children’s independence grows, and so does the need to discover more about the world, we encourage inquisitiveness and creativity and help children grow their ownImage of Early Childhood Education in Manhattan, NYC special talents.
- Teacher / Child Ratio: 1:5

Twaddler Care Program:
(2 - 3 years old):
- We create a space where children can explore, investigate and build confidence.
- Help them understand their independence, influence and control.
- Promote their verbal and social skills.
- Find constructive ways to channel their energy.
- Provides guided exploration and investigation, while allowing for the independence they crave.
- Refine motor, cognitive and social skills.
- Introducing new concepts one by one as a child develops results in less frustration and greater self-esteem.
- Our stimulating, rich setting allows children to learn to make better sense of the world in which they live.
- Encourage literacy, basic math and science, promote social and emotional development, hand on activities further refine motor skills.
- Teacher / Child Ratios: 1:5

Prepper Care Program:
(2 1/2 - 3 1/2 years old):
Photos of Tutor Time Child Care / Learning Centers, New York- This is a transition program for children to get ready for a preschool program.
- Focus in on increased verbal and personal skills.
- Children learn to be problem solvers.
- Artistic activities nurture creativity.
- Foster self-esteem through group activities and individual attention.
- Teaching approach is to introduce new concepts one step at a time so the children feel proud of their accomplishments.
- Encourage activities that refine motor skills.
- Introduce children to new concepts in math, language, science an the arts.
- Teacher / Child: 1:5

Preschool and Pre-K Program:
(3 - 5 years old):
- Engage in developmentally appropriate hands on activities to help them learn about the world around them
- Are provided with a balance of quiet, noisy, active, self-initiated and teacher guided activities throughout the day to help develop pre-reading, writing, math, social, emotional and language skills
- Use the LIFE SMART* curriculum, based on Howard Gardner's philosophy of multiple intelligences, to allow children to find their own strengths
- Have their own cot and cubby labeled with their name
- Are served morning and afternoon snack and lunch
- Are provided with a variety of learning centers such as art, sensory, blocks, language, library, small manipulatives, a computer and a listening center
- Preschool Teacher / Child Ratio: 1:10
- Pre-K Teacher / Child Ratio: 1:12

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Address: 6th Avenue, New York City, New York , USA
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Located in White Plains in Westchester County, NY, Elmwood Day School (formerly Elmwood Nursery School) has been providing excellent early childhood education to Lower Westchester since 1957. Elmwood proudly celebrates its transition to the Elmwood Day School, providing classes for children ages two through first grade. We strive to create an environment that allows each child to feel safe, known, comfortable, and accepted.

We offer morning and afternoon classes for children ages two through first grade. Enrichment opportunities include Young Authors, Drama Around the World, Cooking, Sports, Art, Science, and Young Architects. Our integrated curriculum, based on New York State standards, fosters abstract and concrete thinking skills. Spontaneous play, teacher-directed, and child-initiated activities help children develop a strong awareness of themselves and the world around them.
- Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st Grade programs

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afternoon from 12:00pm to 2:00pm for three, four and five year olds: Classes include building, drama, art, science, cooking, sports and writing opportunities.
Little Atelier of Young Children
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Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, Little Atelier of Young Children is a childcare center for young artists (ages 2-5).

Little Atelier is situated in Bayside, Queens - the easternmost Borough of NYC. Choose from Half Day programs up to 5 Days. Our curriculum explores a range of common areas such as language, math, art, science, history through deep and sustained inquiry.

We do our best to provide motivating, inspiring and nurturing learning environment to the children and their families in Bayside community.
Reggio Emilia-inspired Artistic Childcare Programs:
- Little Matisse: 2 years old
- Little Picasso: 3 years old
- Little Monet: ages 4 & 5

Schedule Options:
- 5 day program
- 3 day program
- 2 day program
- Half day program
Roots of the Future Montessori, Clarence
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Situated in Clarence NY, just 30 minutes west of downtown Buffalo, Roots of the Future is a private, nature-based Montessori Pre-school serving children ages 3-6. We offer a three day (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) or five day option. At Roots of the Future, your child is immersed in a Nature-Based education program. The school is set in an environment designed to inspire children to connect with the wonders of nature on a daily basis.

We are committed to reducing waste, conserving resources and bettering the natural world. Children carry out tasks and activities that benefit the environment. These include: water conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction, environmental learning through nature walks, use of green pesticides and cleaning supplies, organic gardening, and composting.

Children develop their own will and readiness under the guidance of the teachers. Our classroom environment cultivates the child's own natural desire to learn while encouraging a fascination for learning. Children acquiring basic skills in this natural way gain an early enthusiasm for learning as their inner personal dignity, independence and self-discipline develop.
Nature-Based Montessori Education Program for Children Ages 3-6:

- 3-day (Monday-Wednesday) or 5-day option
- Immersive, Environmentally-Friendly Education
- Children connect with nature
- Environmental Learning
- Water / Energy Conservation
- Organic Gardening

Montessori Curriculum:
- Principle-based Learning
- Developmentally Appropriate Activities
- Uniform Environments and Materials
- Purposeful Work
- Classroom Responsibility
Creative Kids Childcare
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Creative Kids Childcare, located in Brewster, Putnam County (47 miles north of NYC), New York State, is a Premier Childcare Provider offering care for children aged 6 weeks through 12 years. Since first opening in January 2001, Creative Kids has been committed to providing a safe, nurturing, learning environment where every child will grow as an individual.

In this positive atmosphere each child will develop a positive self-image and become confident in them self. Special events throughout the year happen not only at the center but are community based as well.
- Young Infant (6 weeks through 10 months)
- Senior Infants (10 months through 18 Months)
- Young Toddler
- Older Toddlers
- Preschool 3
- Preschool 4
- Pre K (5 years old)
- Kindergarten (6 years old)
- School Age / Before and After School Program (6 years old and up)
Oakdale Academy, New York
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Oakdale Academy is the largest independently owned and operated child educational school on Staten Island, New York. We have two locations offering modern and cosy facilities to serve families throughout Staten Island and Raritan Bay and Bay Terrace communities. Our school serves children from infants, aged one month through children of eleven years. Our programs are designed to foster creativity and independence, promoting academic enrichment through a specifically designed curriculum utilizing challenging and stimulating materials and teaching methods.

Our programs care for the child as a whole so that there is also emphasis placed on nurturing emotional growth, while sparking excitement and enthusiasm in learning endeavors. We have programs to care for and educate your children at all stages of development and growth.

We are open 7 AM to 7 PM to serve working parents. We have holiday care available year round as well. We also have available door to door bus transportation for one way or round-trip use.
- Infant Care program

- Preschool program

- Kindergarten program

- Elementary program

- Summer Camp programs

* We have holiday care available year round.

* We also have available door to door bus transportation for one way or round-trip use.
ABC Languages, Manhattan - Classes in NYC & Online via Zoom / Skype
Courses / Programs
• Are you searching for quality Spanish language classes in NYC for your child or teenager?

• A leading provider of foreign language instruction, ABC Languages NYC provides private Spanish tutoring for kids (ages 4+), teens and adults.

• Our popular language school is conveniently situated at 146 West 29th Street in Chelsea, Manhattan West Side (between 6th and 7th Avenues, near Penn Station, NoMad, Koreatown, Flatiron and Midtown).

• Our qualified and experienced teachers will help your child to improve their Spanish language skills in a fun and effective way.

• Whether you want a weekly after-school Spanish program, an at-home Spanish language play group or more intensive Spanish classes as part of your curriculum, we can help to design a program that suits you.

• Private Spanish lessons mean your child gets the exclusive attention of the teacher and can learn faster. You can choose the days and times of the lessons which can be held at our school or your home (or other location of your choice).
Spanish Language Lessons for Juniors:

• Private Spanish lessons / one-to-one tutoring for kids & teenagers

• After-school Spanish programs for elementary, middle & high school students

• High school study assistance

• We also work with schools who wish to offer a Spanish language program as part of their curriculum.

• Additional foreign language classes include French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Russian, Polish, Greek, Arabic, Farsi.