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Preschool / Elementary School in Staten Island, NYC

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Oakdale Academy, New York:
Oakdale Academy is the largest independently owned and operated child educational school on Staten Island, New York. We have two locations offering modern and cosy facilties to serve families throughout Staten Island and Raritan Bay and Bay Terrace communities. Our school serves children from infants, aged one month through children of eleven years. Our programs are designed to foster creativity and independence, promoting academic enrichment through a specifically designed curriculum utilizing challenging, stimulating materials and teaching methods. The programs care for the child as a whole so that there is also emphasis placed on nurturing emotional growth, while sparking excitement and enthusiasm in learning endeavors. We have programs to care for and educate your children at all stages of development and growth.

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Infant Care:
Finally a solution for working parents …. INFANT CARE. Oakdale Academy offers an outstanding infant child care service for children ages one month and up. The service is available for both full time and part time care. Now, working families are offered the opportunity for safe and reliable child care within the comfort of a center based program.
Photo of Preschool / Elementary School in Staten Island, NYC
Oakdale Academy offers parents support and convenience while offering children safety and enjoyment. The child care program ensures that each child placed in our care will receive nurturing and loving care while being provided with developmentally sound learning experiences throughout the day.

Preschool Program:

Oakdale Academy offers an exceptional program for children 1 year and up. OAKDALE ACADEMY IS A PLACE where your child will grow and develop to their full potential in an environment that is safe, caring, challenging and rewarding. Each classroom offers learning centers and instruction in the following content areas:

* Reading & Language Arts
* Math Numeration, Concepts and Function
* Social Studies
* Science
* Problem solving & Critical thinking
* Arts & Crafts
* Dramatic play
* Outdoor play
* Movement & dance
* Story time
* Snack, lunch, rest
* Special on site programs
* Individualized instruction, small group instruction and large group activities give the perfect balance to your child's school experience

Kindergarten:Image of Preschool / Elementary School in Staten Island, NYC
At Oakdale Academy a child is given the opportunity to move from the physical world where he can develop his motor skills and all his senses with self-teaching, self-correcting materials and small group learning into the abstract world of ideas and concepts, all at his own pace. He grows totally because he has related the two. The concrete preparation we provide for the child is what allows the child to successfully move on to the abstract. At Oakdale Academy we strive to make certain each child has an opportunity to explore, create and develop in the areas of math, reading, language arts, and logical thinking so that the skills needed for abstract and more difficult tasks are gained.

It is during this critical time between the ages of 5 through seven when learning is absorbed by the previous years begins to make sense and the child begins reading, writing and doing mathematical operations and begins showing other spurts of intellectual growth.

The program is designed to recognize and meet the needs of your growing child. Our highly trained and caring staff provides a structured day, which incorporates a perfect balance between stimulation and gentle caring. Opportunities for physical development, including gross and fine motor programs, combined with cognitive activities create an atmosphere sure to please both parent and child. The environment is specifically designed to promote intellectual and physical development for young children. To capture each child's interest and offer several opportunities for exploration.

Oakdale Academy offers a unique program for the school aged child. Each child receives individualized attention and programming. The daily classroom activities provide a balance between the concrete experiences, which children need to reinforce and explore concepts already known and understood.

Children work in small groupPhotos of Oakdale Academy, New York - based upon their abilities rather than arbitrary chronological grouping rules. This ensures each child being able to work at his own pace and reach his own potential through opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.

The academic curriculum includes:

* Mathematics as computation, measurement, geometry, problem solving
* Language as reading comprehension, spelling, phonics & word attack, creative writing, vocabulary, grammar, & usage.
* Science & Experimentation
* Social Studies & Research skills
* Special on-site guests
* Manipulatives
* Recreation and movement
* Music Instruction
* *National winner of Olympiad Tests*

We also provide Camps where children can enjoy:
# In Ground Pool
# Swim LessonsPicture of Preschool / Elementary School in Staten Island, NYC
# 1 Acre Play Yard
# Weekly Shows & Guests
# Rides & Interactives
# Arts & Crafts
# Trips
# Carnival
# Sports
# Door to door transportation
# Extended Hours 7AM - 7PM

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Address: Oakdale St., Staten Island, New York , USA
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Our mission is to empower students with dyslexia by increasing their self-esteem and motivation. Students often come to us from educational experiences where they struggled to find success because that environment did not recognize their potential and/or know how to meet their needs. We want to help them to reach their academic potential and to equip them for future success. Kildonan graduates have a 100% college acceptance record.

Kildonan uses a pure Orton-Gillingham approach, which is an instructional approach intended primarily for use with persons who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing of the sort associated with dyslexia. Each student receives daily one-to-one Orton-Gillingham tutoring, which complement an innovative, challenging curriculum that inspires students to love learning while preparing for college and beyond. In addition, Kildonan offers small, college-preparatory classes, extensive artistic opportunities, and competitive sports teams.
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Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, we are committed to offering a school experience that views each and every child as a strong, capable and powerful individual who is an active participant in their learning.

We strive to create a community in which all children feel safe and supported to share, explore, question, falter when necessary, think critically and create. It is their interests, ideas, and questions that provide the inspiration for classroom projects.
Infant & Toddler Center:
Specialized programming for children ages 3 months to 2 years (2, 3 or 5 days a week options)

Preschool (Ages 2-4)
A multi-sensory approach is used in order to meet the varying learning styles and developmental needs of each child.

Elementary School (Grades K-5)
Children are engaged in a variety of enrichment classes including Studio Art, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Spanish in addition to general explorations in the classroom.
Creative Kids Childcare
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Creative Kids Childcare, located in Brewster, Putnam County (47 miles north of NYC), New York State, is a Premier Childcare Provider offering care for children aged 6 weeks through 12 years. Since first opening in January 2001, Creative Kids has been committed to providing a safe, nurturing, learning environment where every child will grow as an individual.

In this positive atmosphere each child will develop a positive self-image and become confident in them self. Special events throughout the year happen not only at the center but are community based as well.
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- Preschool 3
- Preschool 4
- Pre K (5 years old)
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