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Jewelry Design Classes in Brooklyn, NY

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Fitzgerald Jewelry School, New York:
Located near McCarren Park in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, the Fitzgerald Jewelry School encourages creativity and exploration of all areas of jewelry making both for the casual hobbyist or the student considering a career in jewelry making. We offer a broad range of courses from beginner’s silversmithing right through to the art of the goldsmith. Our courses can be taken consecutively over a period of a year or can be taken at the students own pace over a longer period of time. We offer special rates for students who wish to enroll in several courses.

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Quality Jewelry Making Classes:

Introductory Silversmithing
Photo of Jewelry Design Classes in Brooklyn, NYA fast paced introduction to the art of jewelry making. This Silversmith class covers the basics including soldering, filing, and sawing, polishing, riveting and cabochon stone setting. The classes are project based and students learn through fabrication while finishing one to two pieces of jewelry over the duration of the course.

As part of the course students can take a tour of the jewelry district visiting tool and equipment suppliers and a lapidary for stone cutting and supply. We also take in a casting house where students will see the lost wax process first hand and watch a master mold maker at work.

Classic Ring
This intermediate level class introduces several techniques to a student’s exploration of the art of the silversmith through different surface treatments such as reticulation; controlling the melting point and changing the alloy of the sterling silver to create a rugged beautiful surface of mountains and valleys in miniature. Braiding twists of wire creating an intricate feeling of decoration dating back to ancient Egyptian metalworking. Hammer texturing, wire working and the use of different burs and drills all combined with the opportunity to set a faceted stone come together to make a unique ring.

This class focuses strongly on aspects of good design in conjunction with technique.

Matching Sets:
The focus of the class is to expand design awareness through technique. We will design and create a matching set; earrings and ring, pendant and cufflinks, etc. The objects themselves do not necessarily need to be identical to create a thematic or design element that runs through the pieces.

Image of Jewelry Design Classes in Brooklyn, NYFor example, earrings shaped round with an acid etched plate in the center, and a pendant that is square, but with the same finish. A cufflink set that has a city outline cut out on one, and embossed on the other. The use of different shapes speaks differently about the personality of a piece, for example, curves create a fluid sense, and angular lines can create an edgy or contemporary look. Conceptual approach needs to be tempered with structural elements – if you are designing a sculptural piece, is it a functional design? I.e. is it wearable?

The Hinged Bracelet Class
Acid etching and Roller Mill embossing provide the basis of this intermediate/advanced class where students will create a hinged bracelet with catch. Students learn how to mix a mordant which when applied to exposed metal on painted silver or copper plate will reveal a design of the students making created by applying various different resists. Roller mill embossing will make high and low relief surfaces. The class is a mixture of fine art and graphic design

This class also focuses on the creation of box catches and other styles of catch. This class is a seven week course as it covers so much ground but the techniques learned can be applied to many different jewelry objects.

Wax 1:
Working in wax offers jewelers great possibilities for designing and creating jewelry with a highly sculptural feel. Learn to carve wax using files and burrs, apply heat for building up wax model or repairing mistakes and finishing techniques to obtain a clean casting. Advanced wax-working techniques introduced as students develop their skills. Completed projects will be professionally cast with explanation of process. Beginner level.

Wax II:
Photos of Fitzgerald Jewelry School, New YorkWax II will be offering instruction on one of the most requested class projects which is carving a ring that includes a bezel for either a cabachon or faceted stone. Focus will be placed on the steps that lead to planning of the design which is necessary for a well balanced ring as well as what needs to be considered for the setting of the stone once the ring is cast. The tools used in this class will be the same as those already purchased for Wax I. Design options will be will be shared through instruction as well as techniques like gallery carving (open spaces on the side of the ring). Intermediate level.

Gold Alloying and Fabrication
Gold is the most sought after precious metal since pre historic times. Pure Gold is a bright yellow metal called 24 karat and made up only of its self. In this class students learn the age old methods of alloying the pure gold to make 22 karat, 18 and 14 karat gold in colors ranging from peachy reds and tangerine yellows through green gold and olive white.

Once the alloying stage is completed the student learns about the ductility of the metal, its properties and the different methods of working the material to produce a beautiful once in a lifetime piece of handmade gold jewelry.

This class is eight weeks long and is taught by Katrina Lapenne a professional goldsmith with Reinstein Ross.

This Class will cover many aspects of enameling using a torch and enamel kiln. Techniques covered in the class will include sifting, wet working inlay, stenciling and scrafito. Experimentation with all the methods will be encouraged and students will be able to produce at least one finished piece of jewelry. In depth and advanced techniques will be demonstrated as the course progresses allowing students to familiarize themselves with advanced enameling including cloisonné, depletion gilding, basse taille and champlevé. Some basic metal working skills will be helpful. Students are encouraged to bring with them any copper or silver pierced work designs or silver casting which they might like to try enameling on.

Jewelry Workshops:

Chasing and Repousse
This two day workshop focuses on the same fun and versatile techniques that were applied to such monumental sculptures as the statue of liberty! It is a great follow up class for students who have taken Hydraulic Die Forming and wish to expend and refine the skills they have learned as well as an informative class for beginners. As with the Die Forming class, the plasticity of the metal is emphasized and students begin by forging their own set of steel punches which they will use in combination with a chasing hammer to push (repousse) the metal in one direction , then sink (chase) the metal from the opposite side giving form and ornamentation to a flat metal surface. Instructors will work closely with each student to help them throughout the designing process to the completion of their individual projects.

Forging a Bracelet:
Learn the art of forging! One of the oldest known metalsmithing processes still practiced by artists/metalsmiths today to create a wide range of art work in metal from jewelry to utilitarian objects such as flatware.

In this two day workshop, students will be introduced to the traditional tools and techniques of “cold forging”. Students will learn how to hammer metal into bracelet forms using the “drawing out”, “upsetting” and “planishing” techniques, implementing the tools of the metalsmith such as an anvil and specialized hammers and metal stakes to give pattern and shape to raw copper and sterling silver stock. Students will in turn apply this knowledge to create their own unique, personalized piece of jewelry.

Hydraulic Die Forming:
Picture of Jewelry Design Classes in Brooklyn, NYThis class focuses on introducing the students to the basic tools and processes involved with Hydraulic Die Forming. Students will be encouraged to draw from various sources for their 2-D images which, will then be made into a matrix die. Students will then learn to use the matrix die to press out metal forms from copper, brass or sterling silver sheet metal. These formed metal pieces will then be incorporated into a finished piece such as a pendant, brooch, belt buckle etc.

Production A - Z:
“How do I sell my work”? “Where do I begin”? These are questions faced by designers looking to edge into the marketplace with their own line of jewelry. This highly informational workshop is designed to address issues such as how to develop a coherent line for production, how to promote sales, how to protect individual designs, and developing presentation skills. Discussion of each students work as a group, as well as individual consultation for technical and esthetic advice will be provided.

Materials: Students are asked to bring their “work in progress” including their designs, samples, and ideas for their future jewelry line.

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Address: North 11th Street, Brooklyn, New York , USA
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