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TalktoCanada is an online English language training school based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that helps organizations and individuals improve their English in an online setting using virtual meeting programs such as WebEx. Students improve their speaking, writing, grammar and pronunciation all through online live training.

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English Vocabulary
We can help you build vocabulary skills for all your daily English interactions and your overall speaking skills. Students can study vocabulary used in business circumstances, in an educational environment, or the basics needed for speaking while traveling to North America or Europe. By taking an online English speaking course with us you will not only become a fluent English speaker but also achieve your goals for your job, career, life, education or to pass an English test to name a few. The best way to practice and learn English vocabulary is by speaking with a native English speaker online who can help you overcome the complexities and the difficulties of learning vocabulary by yourself.

English Pronunciation
Our English classes can help you communicate effectively by improving your pronunciation. You will practice using word families to help you practice difficult sounds in order to achieve a fluent level of English speaking. Taking an online English speaking course with us will give you the chance to succeed where many others have failed in mastering English pronunciation. How else can you truly learn proper English pronunciation except when you are talking live over the Internet with a native Canadian English speaker who can help you with every little pronunciation mistake that you may make.

English Comprehension Skills
By conversing with native English speakers in an online English speaking environment you will improve your vocabulary and speaking, that will help you improve your English speaking. Our online English speaking teachers will test you on short texts in order to evaluate your understanding and level of English comprehension. Speaking English is as much listening to what your teacher has to say while also being given the chance to speak and practice your English speaking skills in a safe and comfortable online meeting environment. Start your path to success and take an online English speaking course and learn just how much speaking with an English speaker on a weekly basis can help improve your spoken English drastically.

Business English
TalktoCanada specializes in teaching business related English skills to businesses of all sizes from the small one and two person shops to the large established Fortune 500 Corporations. The staff at TalktoCanada.com are very well trained and well versed in teaching English online to a large variety of English language learners and business types.

TalktoCanada's programs are specifically developed to meet the needs of each individual employee and your organization as a whole. For example, the English business training course required for a member of your engineering staff could be vastly different from an online business English course for one of your call centre operators stationed at a different location. After a thorough assessment of your employees' level of English, TalktoCanada will develop an English language business course oriented training plan based on your specific business language needs.

At TalktoCanada we understand that in order to survive in today’s global economy one needs to stay focused, keep costs to a minimum while at the same time maximizing efficiency. Taking Online business English training courses through TalktoCanada accomplishes all this and more. Your staff can now take English language training at their desk. No need to travel to an offsite location. Once they sign off from the online business related Engish course they are ready to go back to work immediately.

TalktoCanada's online business English courses can make a significant difference in your company's bottom line. Through improved communications, your sales and service should improve dramatically.

Some of the key benefits of learning business English online with TalktoCanada are:

- Customized English training courses to meet your business needs.
- You learn English online; no wasted time or money traveling to an outside training location.
- Highly trained staff with extensive experience teaching English as a Second Language to all types of levels and backgrounds.
- Online English language lessons can be recorded and archived for your staff.
- We can keep you up to date on your employees' English learning progress as they learn through: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly English reviews.
- Online English lessons can be easily adjusted to reflect your changing business requirements or goals.

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- Community Services
- Construction and Maintenance
- Dental Health
- Emergency Management Leadership
- General English
- Health Services
- Hospitality and Tourism Management
- Information Technology
- Languages
- Legal Studies
- Liberal Arts and Sciences
- Nursing
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- Technical Training
- Visual Arts and Design
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