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MBA Program in London, Ontario

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Ivey Business School at University of Western Ontario:
Located on Richmond Street North in London City, south-west of Ontario, Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario is recognized for excellence both in Canada and worldwide for its full-time, One-year MBA program. Ivey is uniquely defined by our outstanding track record for developing leaders and accelerating career success. Our MBA program is not simply a set of courses, but an action-oriented learning experience designed to accelerate your success in the real world.

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1-Year Ivey MBA Degree Program:
Ivey’s state-of-the-art curriculum is designed to prepare you for career success. With the input of top recruiters, business leaders, and alumni we are constantly innovating the program to ensure you are prepared to meet the needs and challenges of today`s business world. You will work with real cases. Dissect complex business issues. Make decisions. Become a confident leader who can navigate the challenges of today’s ever-changing market.

Our curriculum starts with the business essentials – the core fundamentals that every leader needs. Next, career-focused electives are introduced to ensure that you have the skills necessary to succeed in your selected career path, increasing your confidence and making you more marketable to your future employers.

Our MBA Program features the Ivey case method of learning. Think of it as a flight simulator for real business issues, a way of teaching you how to think rather than just what to think. In one year, you will graduate with a decision-making framework that becomes ingrained. Continuous exposure to hundreds of cases teaches you how to operate and solve problems as a business leader.

Recommended course sets include advanced Ivey MBA electives in:

- Finance:
Many of those who choose Ivey for Finance are already accomplished in this field, and are now searching for a more senior title and responsibilities. As an Ivey MBA, you will join them and a powerful network of over 200 influential alumni who lead Canada’s Top Seven Financial Institutions, holding Vice President or higher positions.

- Corporate Strategy & Leadership:
Because we teach using the Ivey case-method, your everyday way of learning actually mimics the real-life role of a Consultant. From dissecting and analyzing a problem from all angles, to making recommendations, getting buy-in on decisions, presenting solutions and implementing - you will spend 365 days using this Consulting framework.

In addition to the preparation you receive through Ivey's case-study method, you also have the opportunity to take a set of specially designed electives that will help you develop the tactical knowledge you need to be successful in the Consulting field. All of Ivey's elective sets are designed from a career-focused perspective, giving you the confidence and expertise to perform as a leader in the career path you choose.

- Entrepreneurship:
Ivey students interested in Entrepreneurship are MBA students with a passion for running high growth companies. With the support of Ivey's Pierre Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship, we offer you the opportunity to earn a Cross-Enterprise Leadership™ MBA and receive a Certificate in Entrepreneurship. The Certificate in Entrepreneurship includes completion of a set of career-focused elective courses, and real-world experiences that will best position them to begin their entrepreneurial journey.

- Marketing:
To prepare for a career in Marketing, Ivey ensures that you learn the basic fundamentals from Marketing courses in the core curriculum, but also ensures that you learn to think more laterally about the effects of that role across an organization. In any Marketing role, you also have to learn the responsibilities of profit/loss, human capital, sales, and negotiations - our Cross-Enterprise approach to learning gives you an understating of how the Marketing function is affected by other issues and departments across an organization, preparing you to be a leader who has a deeper understanding of how the company's bottom-line is affected by the decisions you make.

- International Management:
Ivey's MBA curriculum has been built to ensure that students have an understanding of global business issues. The focus on international learning and experience is integrated into the every day way-of-life at Ivey: from the diversity of classmates who bring an international perspective, to the international trip options, to the cases used in class every day. 

- Health Sector:
The objective of the MBA Health Sector stream is to train leaders who possess the capabilities and business skills to lead, shape, and change the health care system in Canada and globally. Worldwide, the health sector is one of the largest and most rapidly growing segments of the economy. In 2008, health care costs in Canada, and most other developed countries, were approximately 10% of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the United States, health care costs were a staggering 15% of the country's GDP.

- Ivey MBA / Juris Doctor (JD) Combined Degree:
The combined JD/MBA is designed for students who foresee a career in those areas where business and law interact. The Program is jointly administered by the Faculty of Law and the Richard Ivey School of Business and allows students to complete both the JD and MBA degrees in three academic years, as opposed to four years if taken separately.

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Address: 1151 Richmond Street North, N6A 3K7 , London, Ontario , Canada
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Faculty of Management Graduate Degree Programs:

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University Canada West, Vancouver BC
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UCW Vancouver:
University Canada West (UCW) is a private, business-oriented university in Vancouver which offers MBA and Bachelor degrees that prepare you to be an effective leader in the workplace.

UCW is known for its innovation and effectiveness across Canada and abroad. It aims to prepare students for professional-level careers. UCW Vancouver transforms students into graduates who are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication Program
The Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (BA) aims to develop your knowledge of media, cultural studies and business while providing you with theoretical and practical skills. The knowledge acquired during the course can help you launch your career in professional writing, journalism, public relations, communications and advertising.

Life in Vancouver:
Vancouver was voted the 3rd best city to live by The Economist*, thanks to its natural beauty and exciting metropolitan lifestyle.

Our Campus:
UCW is located within Vancouver’s business district. Many of the world’s largest companies are within walking distance of our downtown campus.

Student Testimonial:
“It has been an extraordinary learning experience during which I’ve interacted with students worldwide and devoted professors have guided me in achieving my best work.”
• Rory Robert Rickwood, 2016 Medal for Academic Excellence (BA)
Tier 1 University Foundation
Covers 9 modules

Tier 2 Disciplinary Foundation
• Business Environment
• Communications Theory
• Information Gathering
• Writing for the Media
• Visual Communications 
• Statistics
• Marketing Management
• Organizational behaviour

Tier 3 Disciplinary Applications
• Social Media
• Legal & Ethical Issues in Mass Media
• Technical Writing & Business Communications
• Professional Communications
• Media & Government
• Public Relations in Practice & Theory
• Research Methodology

Tier 4 Integrative Applications
• Communication Strategy
• Communication Capstone 1
• Communication Capstone 2
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Established in 1998, VPC is a learning environment where a multi-national student body is taught the professional, intellectual, personal and practical leadership skills necessary to succeed in their chosen fields in the hospitality industry worldwide. Our College is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia (PCTIA).
Hospitality Diploma Programs:

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- Hospitality Operations

Hospitality Certificate Programs:

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IHMC specializes exclusively in hotel management training, and is the only hospitality training institution in North America that offers programs where students actually live, work and study in full service hotels and resorts. The academic curriculum is industry endorsed from the American Hotel and Lodging Association and graduates receive dual diplomas, reference letters, and up to 500 hours of hotel practical training.
9-month Executive Hotel Management Program

Courses / modules include:
- General Introduction Course
- Hospitality Today: An Introduction
- Food and Beverage Management
- Rooms Division Management
- Managing Front Office Operations
- Housekeeping Management
- Human Resources
- Managing Hospitality Human Resources
- Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
- Hospitality Sales and Marketing
- Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting
Acsenda School of Management
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Acsenda School of Management provides Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs to domestic and international students at our school in the heart of Downtown Vancouver BC.

We provide Business Administration Degree and Advanced Diploma courses, a range of Post Graduate options, and an English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course.

As a truly international management and leadership school, our campus is filled with bright minds from around the world.

Classes at Acsenda are smaller which means closer collaboration between students, are more individual attention from our instructors.

Vancouver is a diverse, international city that welcomes new-comers from all over the globe. You’ll also notice exactly why it’s consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, thanks to a mild coastal climate, safe streets, and unforgettable natural surroundings.
Business Administration Programs:
- Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree program
- Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (ADBA) program

Post Graduate Certificate & Diploma Programs:
- Certificate in General Management
- Diploma in General Management
- Diploma in Marketing
- Diploma in Human Resources Management
- Diploma in International Business Management

English Language Course:
- English for Academic Purposes (EAP) Program