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English Language Classes in Singapore for Children

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Creative Horizons Language Centre:
With two convenient city centre locations in Singapore and one in Kuala Lumpur, Creative Horizons is a private English language enrichment centre dedicated to providing students from kindergarten through secondary school with various ways of bettering their English language skills. We provide school term, mid-year holiday and end-of-year- holiday language enrichment programs for children which focus on skills such as creative writing, critical reading, writing craft, speech craft and poetry analysis.

Why Choose Creative Horizons Language Centre?

- Enriching, Challenging & Interactive Curriculum
All our lessons at Creative Horizons are structured in such a way that our students are continually educated, enriched and entertained. We pitch our lessons at a level that is high enough to challenge them yet not too unreachable that it discourages them. There are classroom activities a-plenty for them to participate in because we believe in above all that education should be fun.

- Encouraging Creativity
At Creative Horizons, our students are encouraged to exercise their creativity. We create an environment which gives them the freedom and the space to explore and develop their ideas yet provide them enough structure and guidance so they need not fear losing focus and straying out of point.

- Nuturing Environment
The students at Creative Horizons, while encouraged to be creative and independent, will find that they will always have guidance and support from their teachers. We provide for them a nurturing environment where they are free to fly with the security that they will never be allowed to drift too far!

- Promoting Independence
At Creative Horizons, we believe in giving our students the skills they need to work independently. Our students are encouraged to form their own opinions and develop their own ideas. From this they gain the confidence to work on their own. With greater independence, our students also learn the value of having pride in their work.

- Logical & Lateral Thinking Methods
At Creative Horizons, we place great importance in developing our students' thinking skills. Our students learn to analyse and synthesise concepts and ideas and at the same time, learn to  think outside the box. In this way, they develop skills in both logical and lateral thinking.

English Language Enrichment Programs For Kids:

Specialised English language enrichment programs for kids from kindergarten through secondary school level including:

School Term Courses:
- Thinking English (Kindergarten)
- Thinking English (Primary & Secondary)
- Thinking English (Junior College)
- Thinking English (IB) (Secondary)

Mid-Year Holiday Classes:
- Exam Focus 600
- Exam Focus 1000
- Oral Focus
- Reading Right
- Story Writer (Pri) / Writer's Window (Sec)

End Of Year Holiday Programs:
- Bridging 50
- Bridging 600
- Active Reading (Primary)
- Writing Craft

Student & Parent Testimonials:

"Lessons are interesting and enriching. I get to learn wroting skills that are not taught in schools. The taechers are also very caring and help us to inmprove what we are not good at."
- Benjamin (Year 6)

"I like Creative Horizons because the teachers are patient and friendly, and i can make new friends."
- Chun (Year 5)

"I like Creative Horizons because learning there is fun and interesting. There is a library where I can borrow books from."
- Bridget (Year 5)

"I came to know of Creative Horizons through the grapevine of parents looking for competent English teachers who not only have a good command of English but also instill a love for learning English. My children enjoy attending the enrichment lessons very much."
- Mrs Hong

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Address: 19 Tanglin Road #03-41, Tanglin Shopping Centre, 247909, Singapore, Singapore
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English Level Test
Courses / Programs
There are many reasons why you may need to improve your English language skills. English is the global language of business and commerce. Improving your English may enhance your employment opportunities in your home country or abroad. Better English may result a higher salary or promotion.

Perhaps you wish to study abroad in an English-speaking college or university, and need to achieve a high score on the TOEFL or IELTS exam. Or you might simply want to learn English as a hobby or for travel.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your English, you first need to know what your current level is. Learn4Good.com provides a quick English language level test that you can take online for free.

Take the English Test HERE: English Level Test.

Each week, this online English test is taken by thousands of English language students throughout the world.

As well as assessing your English grammar, the test requires a good general knowledge of English vocabulary to help you to understand your level and what you need to do to achieve your language learning goals.

When you complete the test, you will be told what your current level is - from Level 1 to Level 8 (beginner to advanced).
- Online English Level Test which evaluates your English grammar as well as some vocabulary.

On completion of the test, you will be told what your current level is - from beginner to advanced.
Hanbridge School
Courses / Programs
Since its inception, Hanbridge School has established an excellent reputation in Singapore for quality learning environment. We offer English language courses for adults and chidlren including preparation for the IELTS exam.

Hanbridge School promises the highest standards of education. In order to achieve this, we employ highly qualified, experienced teachers who are approved by Council for Private Education in Singapore. Our goal is to equip students with relevant skills and knowledge for the global economy.
- Certificate in Standard English (Beginner - Advanced)
- Preparatory Course for IELTS
- Preparatory Course for Admission to Government Schools (Primary/Secondary)
- Preparatory Course for GCE 'O' Level
JE Educational College
Courses / Programs
• If your child or teenager requires quality English language tuition, JE Educational College is an internationally-accredited career training school that may have the ideal solution for you!

• We provide a range of English language courses for children and teenagers from Singapore and around the world, including the Government School Preparatory Programme for primary school and secondary school children, and GCE exam preparation courses for secondary school students.

• Founded in 1986, JE is an internationally recognized institution. We are an ISO and EduTrust certified college, so you can be assured of quality education.

• We have been awarded the CaseTrust for Education accreditation for providing good student welfare and exhibiting sound business practices. We have also recently been approved by the Singapore Council for Private Education (CPE).

• Our student-teacher ratio is 15:1, ensuring students get enough required individual attention.

• Our quality policy ensures that by integrity and continual improvement, JE Educational College is focused and committed in providing quality language and education courses for its students within the environmental, legal and regulatory framework.
English courses for children & teenagers at primary school & secondary school level:

Government School Preparatory Program:
• Primary
• Lower Secondary (Levels 1 & 2)
• Upper Secondary (Level 3)

Full-time GCE (General Certificate of Education) Exam Preparation:
• Preparatory Course for GCE O Level
• Preparatory Course for GCE A Level

English Tuition for Primary & Secondary School Students:
• Primary School Students - Years 1-6
• Secondary School Students - Years 1-4
BrainFit Classroom - Accelerate English Learning with Brain Fitness
Courses / Programs
BrainFit Classroom offers an unique English language programme which is the first of its kind in Singapore. Our curriculum is specially designed for students from Kindergarten to Primary 6. BrainFit Classroom centres are located in Marine Parade, directly east of the city centre (Central Area), Kovan City in Hougang in the North-East Region and Jurong in the West Region of Singapore.

Integrating structured language instructions based on the Ministry of Education (MOE) English syllabus, the programme helps students build stronger memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing skills, while boosting English mastery in the four key areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Kindergarteners take the core curriculum, which equips them with school readiness skills, and our older children take the enhanced curriculum, which equips them to perform well at school. Class size is kept at a maximum of eight students, which allows every child more opportunities for interaction and learning. Teachers can also provide more guidance, with this small class size.

All our learning activities are specifically tailored to boost children's academic performance – and they are fun too.
English language programme for children in Kindergarten to Primary 6 (Ages 5-12 years):

- We combine structured language instruction with brain fitness training.

- Our English language instruction is closely aligned with the MOE English syllabus.

- Brain fitness training comprises computer-based learning on FFW Reading & Reading Assistant, as well as customised trampoline exercises.

- Kindergarteners take the Core Curriculum.

- Older children take the Enhanced Curriculum.

- Fun physical activities.
On Point English
Courses / Programs
On Point English offers English as a Foreign Language (EFL) lessons to students seeking to learn or improve their English in General, Conversation, Business or Academic English.

We provide private and small group lessons at students' preferred location and time in Singapore, as well as online lessons to students based around the globe.

There is no one-size-fits-all with On Point English. Your lessons are personalised according to your needs and learning style.

At On Point English, we help you attain this fluency by first understanding your learning needs, and then planning pesonalised lessons just for you.
English Language Lessons for Adults:

- Beginner to Advanced levels

- Private English Lessons

- Small Group English Lessons

- Online English Lessons

- Learning English on Holidays

- General English

- Conversational English

- Business English

- Academic English
Berlitz Language Centre Singapore
Courses / Programs
Berlitz Language Centre Singapore, located on Orchard Road in the city's central business district, provides English language programs for adults, business / corporate and children / teens. Our dedicated professionals from Singapore and Internationally are committed to providing the most comprehensive approach to language learning available.

We provide the proven conversational Berlitz Method using comprehensive, integrated course materials. Our classroom instruction focuses on speaking and all instruction is in English only. We use authentic, relevant real-life content designed to keep you motivated, a personalized curriculum and native-fluent instructors.

The Berlitz Method teaches you a new language the same way you learned your first, naturally, through conversation. At Berlitz, you won't have to memorize vocabulary or conjugate verbs like you did in high school. From the moment the lesson begins, you will only hear your target language. This direct method allows you to pick up vocabulary and grammar in their proper context without translating and with the least amount of effort.
- English language courses for adults: Total immersion, group, semi-private and individual courses.

- Corporate / Business English Training: We provide an extensive range of programs and courses which feature an up-to-date curriculum based on years of teaching experience.

- English language learning for children / teens.