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English Enrichment Classes in Singapore for Children

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Creative Horizons Language Centre:
With two convenient city centre locations in Singapore and one in Kuala Lumpur, Creative Horizons is a private English language enrichment centre dedicated to providing students from kindergarten through secondary school with various ways of bettering their English language skills. We provide school term, mid-year holiday and end-of-year- holiday language enrichment programs for children which focus on skills such as creative writing, critical reading, writing craft, speech craft and poetry analysis.

English Language Enrichment Programs for Kids from Kindergarten through Secondary School

School Term Programs

Thinking English (Kindergarten)
Our Thinking English Programme will address these concerns further and enhance language and thinking skills.
Young learners will learn better comprehension and analysis as we guide them towards understanding, interpreting and predicting stories they hear and read.Higher level skills work will see young learners practise analysis as they categorise words and concepts and make logical inferences. In synthesis, young learners modify old stories into new ones or even generate and create new ideas. Young learners present their opinions as they exhibit early signs of independent judgement in evaluation.

Content Areas

- Vocabulary development - understanding new words within context, using new words in meaningful ways, learning how to acquire new vocabulary
- Reading and comprehending - words, phonics through guided reading, responding to questions, comparing information, making predictions
- English language convention - understanding English Language usage, common structures for sentences, questions, answers
- Understanding stories - characters, themes, plots, setting, making connections to life experiences, retelling familiar stories, asking and answering questions about stories
- Writing strategies - writing words and brief sentences, writing legibly using both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, attending to proper spacing of letters and words
- Listening and speaking - short poems, rhymes, songs, oral presentations, descriptions, relating an experience in a logical sequence, sharing information and ideas, speaking clearly in complete sentences.

Thinking English (Primary & Secondary)
Our THINKING SKILLS APPROACH to English Language learning supplements what the schools are doing and more.
good grounding in grammar, higher-level thinking skills (analytical, critical, organisational and creative skills) for comprehension and writing application of new skills and knowledge to other areas

Course Frequency:
10 weeks per term, 4 terms per year

Thinking English (Junior College)

Our THINKING ENGLISH course for Junior College students uses our Gift.Ed THINKING SKILLS appraoch to guide students through all sections of the General Knowledge paper.
Lessons provide students with opportunities to acquire content and discuss opinions and ideas which will help them in their writing.

Course Frequency:
10 weeks per term, 4 terms per year

Thinking English (IB) (Secondary)
- Learning to appreciate literature happens when: Literature is brought alive and made personal and relevant
- Writing good literary commentaries is easy when: analysis skills are mastered style of including valid personal response is learned
the skills for writing commentaries are acquired.
- Following the Creative Horizons Gift.ed method, students will be taught the necessary skills to appreciate literature, excel in literary commentary and have fun at the same time.

Course Frequency: 
10 weeks per term, 4 terms per year

Mid-year Holiday Programs

Oral Focus
Through skill-based lessons, students will learn the components and elements that make speech description and communication come alive. It is an excellent way to equip students for oral examinations.

Course Frequency:
6 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)

Reading Right
A good reader not only comprehends what he reads but is also able to demonstrate his understanding.
Comprehending passages and answering questions well are essential skills for any student. Our course targets essential reading skills like accuracy in reading, understanding of idea development, handling complex sentences and making inferences. It also provides guidance on good answering techniques for comprehension questions like precision, comprehensiveness and accurate rephrasing.

Story Writer (Primary) / Writer's Window (Secondary)
This course aims to sharpen your child’s ability to write a good story - a skill critical to the PSLE and “O” Level English Language exams. The student will be exposed to good books, great writing and will be taught to develop plot, character, setting, atmosphere and theme. The student will learn to identify and then model after different forms of short stories.

Exam Focus 600- An intensive PSLE Preparatory Course
This is an intensive programme to help your child prepare for the PSLE. Practice papers allow students to practise the SKILLS that they have learnt in our on-going programmes. Review sessions emphasise discussion and analysis of answers to help students improve their answering techniques.

The programme will cover:
- Formation  and synthesis / Comprehension open-ended
- Comprehension Cloze
- Oral discussion / picture composition
- Reading / Listening Comprehension / Situational Composition
- Vocabulary MCQ
- Grammar / Grammar Cloze

Course Frequency:
6 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)

Exam Focus 1000- An intensive 'O' Level Preparatory Course
This is a programme that prepares your child for the “O” Levels by focusing on the essential skills required.
- Composition - Narrative
- Composition – Opinion
- Situational Composition – Required Tone and Information
- Summary - Identifying Main Points and Links
- Comprehension – Contextual Clues
- Comprehension – Idiomatic Language/expressions

Course Frequency: 
6 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)

End-of-Year Holiday Programs

Active Reading (Primary)
Students will be presented with a Creative Horizons scrapbook to create a treasure trove of responses to the books – words, idioms, images, ideas, reflections and other creative thoughts. Our Active Reading course is the perfect supplement to our Enrichment English course. Students will find that a combination of skills learnt in both courses will help them excel in the English language!

Course Frequency
6 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)

Writing Craft - Exploring Different Writing Skills
In the new English syllabus, students need to be familiar with different text types - from letters to articles to narrative stories to poems. Writing Craft, exposes students to all that. First, students examine specific vocabulary, discuss ideas and details relevant to a theme. Then, they take those words and ideas and explore how they can be presented as different types of writing.

Bridging 50- The Independent Reader for K2 only
This course aims to make your child a more confident reader and writer. This confidence will translate into better comprehension and production of all schoolwork. There is a variety of activities to make sure that your child responds positively to the course. We will assess your child’s reading level to determine his suitability for the course.
- Learning to Spell
- Homophone
- Understanding Sentence Structures
- Capitalisation and Punctuation
- Understanding Phrases
- Comprehension

Course Frequency
6 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)

Bridging 600
When your child enters his new secondary school next year, he will face a number of new academic subjects.He will need new scholastic skills. This course is specially designed for that. In particular, this course will acquaint him with the demands and expectations of the Humanities: Literature, Geography, and History.
- Making Notes – Main and Secondary Ideas
- Understanding the Needs of Science
- Understanding the Needs of History
- Learning About Geography Techniques
- Learning About Short Stories
- Looking at Poetry

Course Frequency
6 lessons (90 minutes per lesson)

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Address: 19 Tanglin Road #03-41, Tanglin Shopping Centre, 247909, Singapore, Singapore
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At SCI, we believe in building a strong relationship with each of our young learners. Our highly-qualified English teachers are selected based on their language proficiency, teaching experience; and the dedication needed to be accepted as a member of our teaching staff.

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- Student from India, 8
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Since its inception, Hanbridge School has established an excellent reputation in Singapore for quality learning environment. We offer English language courses for adults and chidlren including preparation for the IELTS exam.

Hanbridge School promises the highest standards of education. In order to achieve this, we employ highly qualified, experienced teachers who are approved by Council for Private Education in Singapore. Our goal is to equip students with relevant skills and knowledge for the global economy.
- Certificate in Standard English (Beginner - Advanced)
- Preparatory Course for IELTS
- Preparatory Course for Admission to Government Schools (Primary/Secondary)
- Preparatory Course for GCE 'O' Level
English Level Test
Courses / Programs
There are many reasons why you may need to improve your English language skills. English is the global language of business and commerce. Improving your English may enhance your employment opportunities in your home country or abroad. Better English may result a higher salary or promotion.

Perhaps you wish to study abroad in an English-speaking college or university, and need to achieve a high score on the TOEFL or IELTS exam. Or you might simply want to learn English as a hobby or for travel.

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your English, you first need to know what your current level is. Learn4Good.com provides a quick English language level test that you can take online for free.

Take the English Test HERE: English Level Test.

Each week, this online English test is taken by thousands of English language students throughout the world.

As well as assessing your English grammar, the test requires a good general knowledge of English vocabulary to help you to understand your level and what you need to do to achieve your language learning goals.

When you complete the test, you will be told what your current level is - from Level 1 to Level 8 (beginner to advanced).
- Online English Level Test which evaluates your English grammar as well as some vocabulary.

On completion of the test, you will be told what your current level is - from beginner to advanced.