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Spanish Courses in Marbella, South of Spain

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Spanish Language Center, Marbella:
Spanish Learning Center (S.L.C) is a Spanish language school located in one of the most emblematic and commercial areas of Marbella on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. We offer a wide range of Spanish courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced including intensive courses, business courses and DELE exam preparation.

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Spanish courses offered by Spanish Language Center include:

Semi-Intensive Spanish Course (Beginners to Advanced):

10 Spanish lessons per week  + culture workshop (Sevillana, literature, press, history according to the student wishes).
Lessons per day: 2 (from Monday to Friday) 1 lePhoto of Spanish Courses in Marbella, South of Spainsson = 55 minutes.
Long duration course: After completing 8 uninterrupted week course, we offer a 1 week tuition bonus for free. The same bonus is applied after every 4 weeks following.

Intensive Spanish Course (Beginners to Advanced):
20 Spanish lessons per week + culture workshop (Sevillana, literature, press, history according to the student wishes).
Lessons per day: 4 (from Monday to Friday) 1 lesson = 55 minutes.
Long duration course: After completing 8 uninterrupted week course, we offer a 1 week tuition bonus for free. The same bonus is applied after every 4 weeks following.

Super-Intensive Spanish Course (Beginners to Advanced):
30 Spanish lessons per week + culture workshop (Sevillana, literature, press, history according to the student wishes).
Lessons per day: 6 (from Monday to Friday) 1 lesson = 55 minutes.
Long duration course: After completing 8 uninterrupted week course, we offer a 1 week tuition bonus for free. The same bonus is applied after every 4 weeks following.

D.E.L.E. Preparation Course:
We offer two different types of DELE preparation courses focussed on comprehension, speaking, readiImage of Spanish Courses in Marbella, South of Spainng, writing and listening skills:

Intensive DELE: it consists of 10 lessons in group complemented by 5 individual lessons related to the specific study of the DELE.

Super Intensive DELE: it consists of 20 lessons in group complemented by 10 individual lessons devoted to the specific study of the DELE.

The examinations are held twice a year, in May and November.

D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official certificate of Spanish for foreign students, which is issued by the "Instituto Cervantes". This diploma is particularly important for all those students who wish to study at Spanish universities or who would like to work in a Spanish speaking country. The specific aim of this course is to prepare students to pass the exam on one of its three levels.

Long Duration Spanish Course:

The only difference between the preceding general Spanish programmes and the long duration courses is the amount of time dedicated to study: a minimum duration of 8 consecutive weeks or more. In this way, students can deeply improve their knowledge of the Spanish language as well as have the opportunity to become familiar with the Spanish life style, customs and culture.

Spanish for Business:
This course is designed for students, who have already reached a good command of the language (i.e. they can express themselves clearly and easily in every day situations). It is devised to suit students and business professionals who want to improve their general Spanish skills in relation to particular business topics.

There are 20 lessons per week scheduled as follows:

- 10 Spanish lessons in group devoted to the general study of the Spanish language and culture.
- 10 Spanish individual lessons related to the specific study of business terminology such as commercial correspondence, dictation tasks, preparation for written and oral summaries, systematic treatment of punctuation and consolidation and practice of structures, etc. All of them focused on a functional language development in the field of study chosen (Hospitality, Banking, Marketing & sales, P.R., etc).

Academic Year:
Through our experience in Spanish language courses for foreigners, we believe that the recommendable minimum stay in SpaPhotos of Spanish Language Center, Marbellain is 9 months (36 weeks). For this reason we have carefully designed this special programme. Students not only will have more confidence in the language skills, but instead of having a feeling of living like a Spaniard, being completely immersed in the Spanish culture and life style of the locals as well. We cannot make the DELE exam compulsory. We do, however, strongly advise our students to round off their academic year programme with the official DELE exam.

Spanish + Golf:
If you are interested in undertaking a semi-intensive course of Spanish together with an exclusive golf course, we can design the very best programme.

Tailor made programmes for open or closed groups:
These are specially designed for groups of at least 8 students who wish to participate in a custom Spanish course according to their preferences and needs. A group leader or/and teacher must accompany them (1 free place is offered every 8 students).

The group selects the course contents, the number of Spanish lessons they would like to attend (a minimum of 10 lessons per week) plus the different types of cultural activities, excursions, lodging and transfers if required. We establish two types of groups:

Open Group: All students participating in this group do not have the same level of Spanish. As a result, their language sessions are taught separately, but they receive their cultural classes and leisure activities within the rest of the students. This kind of grouping is only available for students taking any of our general Spanish courses (maximum of 8 students per classroom).

Closed Group: All students participating in this group have the same level of Spanish, so they are placed in the full course together, within the same classroom (maximum 12 students per class).

They receive their cultural classes and enjoy the leisure activities within the same group.

One to One Classes:
The aim of this programme is to offer a personalised method of teaching, which is tailor made for the specific needs of a student. Classes are private and the student can choose their own lesson time and schedule (from Monday to Friday and from 10.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m).

This course is designed for students who require an intensive Spanish programme within a short time period. There is individualised study of grammar, conversation, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary, as well as any area of specific interest to the student (business, Spanish history, art, literature, etc).

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Address: Ricardo Soriano, 36 , Marbella, Spain
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gauteng; Myrtle Beach SC, USA; Boulder, CO, USA; and more.
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• We design and deliver customized Spanish programs for individuals and groups (adults and children) who want to learn about other cultures by studying or working abroad.

• We offer Spanish courses throughout the year, as well as excellent opportunities to undertake internships / work experience programs in professional companies and paid jobs in hotels.

• We also offer online Spanish courses via Skype / Zoom for groups and individuals - adults, children, high school students & families worldwide with a wide range of schedules available.

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• We offer all our programs not only in our headquarters in Bilbao, but also throughout Spain and even in other countries. We are here to meet your needs and requirements.

Student Testimonial:
"My experience was fantastic. My Spanish is much better thanks to Spanish language course I took at the Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao.
- Mike, USA
Spanish Language Courses:
Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced Levels

• General Spanish
• Intensive Spanish
• DELE Exam Preparation
• Afternoon Spanish Classes (3 hrs/wk)
• Afternoon Plus Spanish Classes (6 hrs/wk)
• Business Spanish
• Intensive Crash Course for Executives
• Intensive Refresher Courses for Teachers
• Homestay with Local Host Family
• Culinary Arts Internship
• Hospitality Internship Programs
• Work Experience / Job Placement
• Virtual / Online Spanish Lessons via Skype / Zoom for individual students, groups, adults, children, family.
Version Original, Barcelona
Courses / Programs
Conveniently located in two locations in the centre of Barcelona, near Plaça Catalunya and Las Ramblas, Version Original is a small Spanish language school mainly devoted to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language to international students. Students will find excellent teaching quality within a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Cultural & leisure activities are regularly organized. Accommodation is also available.

At Version Original, we have designed a method that will help you to acquire knowledge in an entertaining and effective way. Along with people from other countries and cultures, not only will you be introduced to a new language, but we will also teach you "to live in Spanish": to get to know Spanish people, culture, history, and much more.
Spanish language courses for all levels from beginner to advanced:

- General Spanish language courses: Intensive classes (20 hours / week, 4 hours / day) & Extensive classes (6 or 4 hours / week)

- Private, one-to-one Spanish language courses

- D.E.L.E. Spanish language exam preparation courses
Spanish Gurus
Courses / Programs
Learn European Spanish or Latin American Spanish online with native Spanish speaking teachers!

A leading global provider of online Spanish language instruction, Spanish Gurus offers group Spanish classes, semi-private and private Spanish lessons and corporate Spanish language training to students in Spain and worldwide.

Delivered via live video conference in the comfort of your own home or office, our online Spanish lessons are extremely convenient and are suitable for adults and children of all levels - from basic beginner to advanced.

Our professional Spanish teachers are all experienced in teaching either European Spanish or Latin American Spanish in a fun and engaging way. We offer flexible scheduling with morning, afternoon, and evening classes available during weekdays and weekends.

On successful completion of a course, you will receive a CEFR Certificate (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Student Testimonial:

"I am studying Spanish as I love the language and its culture. I have access to native teachers from anywhere I am in the world. If I miss a class when travelling for work, I can always attend the class offline when I get to the hotel. Spanish Gurus is the best way to learn Spanish!"
- Steven
Online Spanish Courses:
- Taught via Video Conference. We teach European Spanish & Latin American Spanish.

Group Spanish Courses (3- 6 students)
• General Spanish
• DELE exam preparation
• SIELE exam preparation
• Spanish for children
• Customized Spanish course for companies
• VIP courses - customized classes

Private & Semi-private Spanish Lessons (1-2 students)
• General Spanish
• DELE exam preparation
• SIELE exam preparation
• Spanish for children
• Customized Spanish course for companies
• Tutors for IB / IGCSE Spanish
• VIP courses - customized classes
EIDE Spanish School, Bilbao
Courses / Programs
EIDE Spanish School is located in Bilbao, Northern Spain and offers a range of Spanish language courses to students from around the world. Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque County (close to the French border) and is only 1 hour flight from Madrid and Barcelona.

Our Spanish courses include Intensive Spanish; Spanish Immersion Programs; Tailor-made courses for tourism or business purposes; DELE exam preparation; private Spanish lessons and more. Our students can combine their Spanish classes with activities including cooking, surfing, hiking, excursions among others. We also offer Spanish summer camps to children and teenagers.

Our Spanish courses are held in small groups where all our students receive personal attention. Our teachers are all native speakers, have a university degree in languages and are very experienced in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Established in 1976, our experience and professionalism have been recognized by such institutions as the University of Cambridge and Instituto Cervantes, as well as different National and European Organizations. We also offer career training programs in our Hospitality Management, Tourism and Catering School.
- Intensive Spanish Courses (20 classes per week)
- DELE Exam Preparation Courses (4 weeks)
- Spanish Immersion Programs
- Tailor-made Courses including Spanish for Tourism, Spanish for Business..
- Spanish Courses + Activities (Cooking Lessons, Surfing, Climbing, Excursions...)
- Private Spanish Classes
- Spanish Summer Camps for Children & Teenagers
- Online Spanish Courses
Linguaschools Barcelona
Courses / Programs
Situated in the heart of the iconic Spanish city of Barcelona, Linguaschools Barcelona provides a variety of beginner to advanced level Spanish language classes to students from all over the globe. Choose from Intensive and Extensive Spanish group courses, One-to-One Spanish lessons, DELE Exam preparation, and more.

Our teachers are all native speakers and have a university degree and many years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreign language students from absolute beginners to advanced. Their enthusiasm and passion for teaching their native language is the key to our success.
Beginner to Advanced Level Spanish Language courses:

- Intensive Spanish group courses
- Semi-Intensive Spanish group courses
- Extensive Spanish group courses
- One-to-one Spanish courses
- Intensive group course + individual lessons
- DELE Spanish exam preparation
Costa de Valencia, Escuela de Espanol, Valencia
Courses / Programs
“Come, learn Spanish…and live it!” With this as our motto, Costa de Valencia, School of Spanish, located in Valencia, Eastern Spain offers Spanish courses based on three fundamental factors: the highest quality of teaching, abundant extra-curricular activities and economic prices. Our school has over 10 years of teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and is certified as an Accredited Centre by the Instituto Cervantes, guaranteeing an excellent level of teaching.

All of our teachers are native speakers, and possess degrees in Modern Languages as well as ample experience in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Classes are given in reduced groups of no more than 8 students with a similar level of Spanish and with material specially developed by our teaching staff. The extra curricular activities are fundamental for practicing what you have learnt in class and to get to know the Spanish people and culture first hand. For this reason, we organise up to 4 carefully selected activities daily.
- Intensive Spanish
- Superintensive Courses
- Complementary Spanish Courses
- Conversation Pronunciation
- Spanish for Business
- DELE Exam Preparation
- Preparation courses for the Chamber of Commerce
- Literature Spanish for Tourism
- Spanish cinema
- Modern Spanish history
- One to One Spanish Tuition
- Long duration courses
- Semester long courses
- Group courses
- We also offer Teacher Training programmes