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Spanish Courses in Marbella, South of Spain

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Spanish Language Center, Marbella:
Spanish Learning Center (S.L.C) is a Spanish language school located in one of the most emblematic and commercial areas of Marbella on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain. We offer a wide range of Spanish courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced including intensive courses, business courses and DELE exam preparation.

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Spanish courses offered by Spanish Language Center include:

Semi-Intensive Spanish Course (Beginners to Advanced):

10 Spanish lessons per week  + culture workshop (Sevillana, literature, press, history according to the student wishes).
Lessons per day: 2 (from Monday to Friday) 1 lePhoto of Spanish Courses in Marbella, South of Spainsson = 55 minutes.
Long duration course: After completing 8 uninterrupted week course, we offer a 1 week tuition bonus for free. The same bonus is applied after every 4 weeks following.

Intensive Spanish Course (Beginners to Advanced):
20 Spanish lessons per week + culture workshop (Sevillana, literature, press, history according to the student wishes).
Lessons per day: 4 (from Monday to Friday) 1 lesson = 55 minutes.
Long duration course: After completing 8 uninterrupted week course, we offer a 1 week tuition bonus for free. The same bonus is applied after every 4 weeks following.

Super-Intensive Spanish Course (Beginners to Advanced):
30 Spanish lessons per week + culture workshop (Sevillana, literature, press, history according to the student wishes).
Lessons per day: 6 (from Monday to Friday) 1 lesson = 55 minutes.
Long duration course: After completing 8 uninterrupted week course, we offer a 1 week tuition bonus for free. The same bonus is applied after every 4 weeks following.

D.E.L.E. Preparation Course:
We offer two different types of DELE preparation courses focussed on comprehension, speaking, readiImage of Spanish Courses in Marbella, South of Spainng, writing and listening skills:

Intensive DELE: it consists of 10 lessons in group complemented by 5 individual lessons related to the specific study of the DELE.

Super Intensive DELE: it consists of 20 lessons in group complemented by 10 individual lessons devoted to the specific study of the DELE.

The examinations are held twice a year, in May and November.

D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) is the only official certificate of Spanish for foreign students, which is issued by the "Instituto Cervantes". This diploma is particularly important for all those students who wish to study at Spanish universities or who would like to work in a Spanish speaking country. The specific aim of this course is to prepare students to pass the exam on one of its three levels.

Long Duration Spanish Course:

The only difference between the preceding general Spanish programmes and the long duration courses is the amount of time dedicated to study: a minimum duration of 8 consecutive weeks or more. In this way, students can deeply improve their knowledge of the Spanish language as well as have the opportunity to become familiar with the Spanish life style, customs and culture.

Spanish for Business:
This course is designed for students, who have already reached a good command of the language (i.e. they can express themselves clearly and easily in every day situations). It is devised to suit students and business professionals who want to improve their general Spanish skills in relation to particular business topics.

There are 20 lessons per week scheduled as follows:

- 10 Spanish lessons in group devoted to the general study of the Spanish language and culture.
- 10 Spanish individual lessons related to the specific study of business terminology such as commercial correspondence, dictation tasks, preparation for written and oral summaries, systematic treatment of punctuation and consolidation and practice of structures, etc. All of them focused on a functional language development in the field of study chosen (Hospitality, Banking, Marketing & sales, P.R., etc).

Academic Year:
Through our experience in Spanish language courses for foreigners, we believe that the recommendable minimum stay in SpaPhotos of Spanish Language Center, Marbellain is 9 months (36 weeks). For this reason we have carefully designed this special programme. Students not only will have more confidence in the language skills, but instead of having a feeling of living like a Spaniard, being completely immersed in the Spanish culture and life style of the locals as well. We cannot make the DELE exam compulsory. We do, however, strongly advise our students to round off their academic year programme with the official DELE exam.

Spanish + Golf:
If you are interested in undertaking a semi-intensive course of Spanish together with an exclusive golf course, we can design the very best programme.

Tailor made programmes for open or closed groups:
These are specially designed for groups of at least 8 students who wish to participate in a custom Spanish course according to their preferences and needs. A group leader or/and teacher must accompany them (1 free place is offered every 8 students).

The group selects the course contents, the number of Spanish lessons they would like to attend (a minimum of 10 lessons per week) plus the different types of cultural activities, excursions, lodging and transfers if required. We establish two types of groups:

Open Group: All students participating in this group do not have the same level of Spanish. As a result, their language sessions are taught separately, but they receive their cultural classes and leisure activities within the rest of the students. This kind of grouping is only available for students taking any of our general Spanish courses (maximum of 8 students per classroom).

Closed Group: All students participating in this group have the same level of Spanish, so they are placed in the full course together, within the same classroom (maximum 12 students per class).

They receive their cultural classes and enjoy the leisure activities within the same group.

One to One Classes:
The aim of this programme is to offer a personalised method of teaching, which is tailor made for the specific needs of a student. Classes are private and the student can choose their own lesson time and schedule (from Monday to Friday and from 10.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m).

This course is designed for students who require an intensive Spanish programme within a short time period. There is individualised study of grammar, conversation, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary, as well as any area of specific interest to the student (business, Spanish history, art, literature, etc).

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Address: Ricardo Soriano, 36 , Marbella, Spain
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2019-09-30 were from:

Boulder, CO, USA;   Myrtle Beach SC, USA;   Marbella, Spain;   and more.
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At Babel Idiomas our main objective is to provide Spanish language training and further services to the highest international standards. We will always try to exceed the standards expected by our clients. We do this through periodical quality surveys amongst our students and by implementing changes in our services wherever necessary to achieve a continual improvement. The management as well as Spanish teachers and Host Families are included in our Quality System through periodical “quality meetings”.
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Our classrooms have the charm of the classic European style: spacious, outward facing and light, with French windows and balconies with views of the monumental centre and antique wooden floors, harmoniously combined with the most modern audio visual and technical infrastructure (internet connection and wifi included) and air conditioning.

Tía Tula is focused on people - adults or teenagers. It offers an efficient way to learn the language with the best teachers and specialists alongside friendly and personalized treatment.

Our first concern is our students: we bend over backwards to provide them with whatever they need every day in order to submerge them in the language and culture of the country, coming from a balanced combination of academic teaching and extra curricular activities. Our best recommendation: the satisfaction of the students who visit us year on year and often repeat the experience the following year.
Our Spanish courses are offered at 6 distinct levels: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Basic), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Advanced), C1 (Superior) and C2 (Perfecting).

- Intensive Spanish Language Course
- Intensive Spanish Language Course + Conversation
- Intensive Spanish Language Course + Culture and Civilization
- DELE Exam Preparation
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Solingua Spanish School, Malaga
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Solingua is a medium size, friendly Spanish School located in Puerto Marina on the Benalmádena Costa in the province of Málaga.

We provide a wide range of Spanish language courses to locally-based ex pats and international students. Choose from General Spanish classes, Intensive Spanish, DELE Exam preparation, and more.

Our school is only a 15 minute drive from Málaga International Airport and 100m from beautiful, sandy beach. It is a perfect spot to get to know the outstanding nature, history and tradition of Andalusia, one of the most fascinating Spanish regions.

Our efforts to provide the best and the most flexible Spanish Courses have been awarded with the Instituto Cervantes accreditation, not to mention hundreds of satisfied students who recommend us to their friends.

Spanish Courses in Solingua are a perfect solution for everyone who wants to learn Spanish and enjoy to the fullest their time on the sunny Costa del Sol.

We offer high quality courses focused on achieving our students´ linguistic goals and we prepare the materials according to students interests and needs, so that our classes are dynamic, engaging and fun.
Spanish Language Classes for Adults:

- Beginner to advanced levels

- Intensive Spanish 20
- Intensive Spanish 25
- Intensive Spanish 30
- Super Intensive Spanish 20+5
- Super Intensive Spanish 20+10
- Cultural Spanish for Seniors 50+
- DELE Exam preparation course
- Intensive / Super Intensive Business Spanish
- Spanish for Costa del Sol Foreign Residents

- All courses are held from Monday to Friday in the morning or in the afternoon.
- 1 lesson is 55 minutes.
- Class groups are never bigger than 9 students (usually 3-5)
Babylon - Idiomas
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Babylon Idiomas offers high quality Spanish courses at Spanish language schools in major cities throughout Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia), Argentina (Buenos Aires) or Costa Rica. Babylon Idiomas was voted best Spanish language school in 2008 (and nominated in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011) and we look forward to providing our award winning services to you in the near future.

We offer a thorough Spanish teaching curriculum that is shared by all the teachers in the school and between the schools so that students have a consistent language program no matter where they study or at what level they study Spanish. Our Spanish teaching methodology is natural, practical and fast. Our highly qualified and experienced Spanish language teachers teach in small groups of up to 8 students (average 4) to give you the attention you need to learn Spanish.

Most of our students travel by themselves and are new to the city or country when starting their Spanish course. It is very important to us that you feel at home in Spain from the moment you arrive so that you can concentrate on learning Spanish and having fun. That is why all our Spanish language schools operate a student service desk.
- Intensive Spanish language courses: 20 or 30 hours / week
- Super-intensive Spanish language course: 30 hours per week
- Business Spanish language courses
- DELE Spanish language exam preparation courses
- One-to-one Spanish language courses
- Spanish + Salsa, Spanish + Flamenco, Spanish + Tango & more...

* After 12 weeks, you get a 10% discount on tuition & accommodation, all study books included.
* Start your Spanish course any Monday
* Flexible Spanish course duration from 1 to 36 weeks
Colegio De Estudios Hispánicos, Salamanca
Courses / Programs
The Colegio de Estudios Hispánicos (C.E.H.) welcomes you to Spain and to its Head Office in Salamanca, western Spain, 200 km west of Madrid. Since its foundation in 1975 the C.E.H. has been a pioneering organisation in the teaching of the Spanish language and culture, thanks to the work of our team of teachers who are very dedicated and effective and have developed programmes so that your stay with us allows you to achieve the personal and professional aims you have set for yourself.

A characteristic of our college is the friendly atmosphere that exists between students and teachers which makes it possible for thousands of students to learn Spanish in a quick, effective and pleasant way. The students who study with us come from varied ages and nationalities, so that an atmosphere of friendship and respect is created in which the different cultures of the various countries are brought together, with the unified aim of learning about the Spanish language and culture.
- Intensive Spanish
- SuperIntensive Spanish
- Business Spanish
- DELE exam preparation
- Special Courses for entering University in Spain
- Spanish for Seniors 50+
- Spanish Language and Culture
- Spanish and Latin Dance
- Group Courses
- Individual Tuition
Academia Inhispania, Madrid
Courses / Programs
Academia Inhispania is a Spanish language school in the historical centre of Madrid. The nearest underground stations are Banco De Espana and Gran Vía.

We offer Spanish language courses for all levels, from one week up to a whole academic year. From absolute beginner's, up to superior level, Inhispania has the right course for you. This includes a flexible timetable.

Inhispania is 100% specialised in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Since 2002 at Inhispania, our aim is to create a fun and relaxing environment, where learning Spanish becomes a pleasure rather than a struggle. We work in small-sized groups to ensure a personal and efficient service.

Inhispania is accredited by Instituto Cervantes as an Accredited Center for the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language. This guarantees a high quality of both teaching and service.
Spanish language courses for all levels from beginner to advanced:

- Regular Spanish language courses
- Intensive Spanish language courses
- One-on-one, private Spanish language courses
- Spanish language courses for groups
- DELE Spanish language exam preparation courses
- Business Spanish language courses
- Homestay programmes

Our teaching is based on communicative methods combining grammar, vocabulary and cultural knowledge.