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TEFL / TESOL Certification in Pattaya, Thailand

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International TEFL Academy, Pattaya:
International TEFL Academy offers an internationally recognized and accredited TEFL / TESOL certificate course in Pattaya, Thailand. The first two weeks of the course are held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and the third and fourth weeks are held in Pattaya. Located two hours south of Bangkok, on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is Thailand's premier beach resort and stretches along 15 km of golden sandy coastline from Naklua Bay to Jomtien Beach. In addition to our full-time, campus-based TEFL programs, we also offer a professional-level, highly interactive 170 hour online TEFL course. We provide lifetime job search assistance worldwide to our students and graduates.

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TEFL / TESOL Certification Programs in Pattaya, Thailand:

Onsite TEFL / TESOL Certificate Program (4-weeks):
Photo of TEFL / TESOL Certification in Pattaya, ThailandDesigned by leading scholars and experts, our 120 – 150 hour TEFL / TESOL certification courses will provide the comprehensive skill sets required to succeed as a professional English teacher.
The course incorporates a 20-hour practicum to provide all students with hands-on experience in a live teaching environment. TEFL/TESOL classes are 4 weeks, full time, Monday - Friday.

Weeks 1 and 2 of the courses are held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Weeks 3 and 4 are held in Pattaya, Thailand. 

TEFL / TESOL Certificate Course Content:

1) Teaching Methodology: These are the skills that are essential to each teacher, and include: Curriculum development; Classroom management; Personality and language assessments; Lesson planning.

2) Language Acquisition: The components of language learning will be covered: Reading; Writing; Speaking; Listening; Grammar. Phonetics and linguistic analogy are also thoroughly covered in the course.

3) Practicum: 20 hours of student teaching / observation / tutoring within a local ESL classroom.

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Excursions are not just a leisure activity - they are an integral part of developing a true understanding of the character and beauty of your host country and its surrounding area. We balance the intensive classroom work and practice teaching of your training with a series of enriching excursions throughout Thailand.

Our Pattaya Thailand TEFL / TESOL course includes an initial welcome tour of Phnom Penh, Cambodia during your arrival weekend. All programs include a 3-day excursion to Angkor Wat following the first week of the program.

This has been our most popular excursion by far, and includes three glorious days wandering through ruins of the largest religious building area in the world.

Temples range in condition from moderately restored to jungle encrusted. The excursion includes time for a visit to a near-by waterfall to cool off, relax and enjoy.

This trip creates memories that will be treasured forever! A second weekend excursion to the beautiful beaches of Koh Chang island in Thailand is also included. Here you will have a chance to relax, swim, visit the floating market and maybe even ride an elephant!

170-hour Online TEFL / TESOL Certification Program:
The online TEFL / TESOL course consists of 150 class hours and 20 hours of teaching practice and takes approximately 11 weeks to complete.

The 20 hour practicum (teaching practice) will be conducted at an ESL classroom in your town.

An additional 30-Hour Business Professional & Young Learner module is available as an optional add-on to the main course for a total TEFL / TESOL certification of 200 hours.

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