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Early childhood education center in Chicago area, IL

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Penny Lane School, Chicago:
Penny Lane has two quality schools located in the Chicago Ridge and Oaklawn neighborhoods, south-west of downtown Chicago in Cook County, IL. Penny Lane is a privately owned and DCFS licensed facility that offers various educational and child care options. We provide early childhood education serving families throughout Woodlawn, Englewoood, Evergereen Park, South Shore and South Chicago. Penny Lane plays a major role in guiding children's development and providing them with experiences that nurture their social, cognitive and physical abilities. We want your child to feel secure and independent, to move from one activity to another as easily and confidently as possible.

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We follow the same schedule day after day. A picture schedule helps children feel secure because they know what comes next. After a few months, children are amazingly independent. They tell us what they are supposed to do next!

Early Childhood Education Day Care Programs:

Photo of Early childhood education center in Chicago area, IL- Infants program:   Ages 6 weeks to 15 months
- Toddlers program:  Ages 15 months to 2 years
- Two Year Olds program:  Ages 2 - 3 years
- Preschool program:  Ages 3 - 4 years
- Pre-kindergarten program:  Ages 4 - 5 years
- Kindergarten program:  Ages 5 - 6 years (Must be 5 yearrs by September 1st)

* Our early childhood education curriculum includes Spanish, Computers, Music and Movement, Rhythm instruments and a P.E curriculum.

- Before / After School program:  Ages 5 - 12 years
- Summer Day Camps:  All ages

Why Choose Us?
* Tender, loving, gentle care in a playful atmosphere.
* Developmental Early Childhood Curriculum. Lesson plans designed for your child.
* Breakfast, hot lunch, nutritious snacks (includes formula).
* All staff CPR & first aid certified.
* Children are taught by experienced & qualified licensed teachers.

Educational Goals:

Image of Early childhood education center in Chicago area, ILPenny Lane's two part philosophy unites quality education with concerned day care. Our students enjoy a nurturingloving day care environment. Their day is filled with learning opportunities designed for their individual ages and abilities, which build upon their natural curiosity.

Carefully guided, creative play periods fulfill educational goals, including concept learning and problem solving, which promotes self-confidence. Penny Lane plays a major role in guiding children's development and providing them with experiences that nurture their social, cognitive and physical abilities.

Social & Emotional Skills:

* Developing self-confidence:  Confident children have a "can-do attitude" about life. They are not afraid to try new things. They don't give up when something is difficult--they keep trying until they get it. To build self-confidence, we plan activities and provide materials that are challenging for children--but not too challenging--so they experience success. We see what interests children. We encourage them to experiment and find answers to their own questions as they play.

* Learning self-control:  Children with self-control are able to manage their emotions and not simply act out if they are angry or frustrated. They talk about the problem rather than calling another child names and using threats to get their way. We teach children how to calm down and help them use words to get their needs met: "I don't like it when you hit me. Stop it!" or "I was still playing with the shovel. You can have it when I'm finished."

* Making friends: Every child needs a friend. Children who do not have friends are often unhappy. They worry about why others don't like them. They feel alone. As they get older, children without friends often have trouble learning and may resist going to school. We watch for any problems and we teach children how to make and keep a friend.

Children learn social and emotional skills form the ways people treat them. When you visit our classroom, you will see and hear what we do to help children develop social and emotional skills.

Our Classrooms:

Photos of Penny Lane School, ChicagoOur classrooms are set up for learning. Children have many opportunities to make choices, come up with ideas, experiment, and take responsibility for their work. Here's what you'll see when you visit:

* Materials are on low shelves, in containers, and on hooks so children can get them independently and put them away.

* Shelves are neat and uncluttered so materials are easy to see, remove, and replace.

* Picture and word labels are on containers and shelves so children know where materials belong and learn to use print.

* There are distinct areas - blocks, dramatic play, toys and games, art, discovery, library, sensory tables, music and movement, cooking, computers, and different play spaces outdoors--so children know what choices are available and make decisions.

* A variety of learning materials are in each area so that no matter where children choose to play, they learn.

* Similar materials are grouped together to teach children to sort and classify--skills that are important to understanding and solving math problems.


Picture of Early childhood education center in Chicago area, ILThe time children spend outdoors every day is just as important to their learning as the time they spend in the classroom. Unless the weather is severe, we take children outdoors every day, often more than once.

Large muscle activities are essential for children's health and well-being. Too many children today are overweight. One reason is they don't get the large muscle activity essential for healthy development. Children need time each day to run, leap, hop, jump, slide, climb, and throw and catch a ball. These activities build strong muscles and a sense of pride. They are important for another reason as well. Brain research shows that physical activity actually wakes up the brain for learning.

The outdoors greatly increases our learning environment. It is a natural setting for scientific investigations. Children find and study bugs and butterflies, plant seeds and watch them grow, and compare the feel of the bark on different trees. In some climates they notice the leaves change color and fall to the ground and learn about ice and snow. In other climates they learn how plants survive on almost no water. We talk with children about their discoveries and encourage them to continue investigating what they find outdoors.

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Address: Ridgeland Ave, Cook County, Illinois , USA
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The South Side School, Chicago
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The South Side School is an affordable independent elementary school with a Waldorf-inspired curriculum near Chicago's Loop in the vibrant urban environment of East Pilsen and we are happy to serve Lower West Side, Pilsen and South Side communities. We draw on an 90-year-old teaching tradition that engages the "whole child" - intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically - in time with the natural developmental stages of childhood. We are focused not simply on the college your child will attend, but rather the person your child will become: curious, compassionate, self-reliant.

We are a new elementary school in Chicago, whose curriculum is inspired by Waldorf education. The uniqueness in a Waldorf education can be found mainly in how and when the students are taught-not in what they are taught. First comes the experience of the subject and from this experience comes the understanding of the concept.

This genuine learning process, from perception, to feeling, to idea, is the basis for later abstract and intellectual learning. We teach our children in the deepest manner possible, allowing lessons to become fully incorporated into the individual.
- Elementary School program
- Lower School program
- Middle School program

* Our curriculum includes Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Spanish, Chinese, Language Arts, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Music, Movement, Handwork and Outdoor play.
* In the Waldorf tradition, we intend for our classroom teacher to remain with the class until the children reach 8th grade.
The Russian School of Mathematics
Courses / Programs
The Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) was created in Boston 15 years ago. Today, RSM has over 6,000 students in more than a dozen branches located in 5 states. This fall, we are very excited to be opening a Russian School of Mathematics in Naperville, IL, just 30 miles west of Chicago.

RSM provides a unique, award-winning after-school mathematics enrichment program, based on the best practices of advanced math schools in Russia and Europe and adapted to the U.S. educational environment. We teach students at all levels - elementary school, middle school, high school and home school. We offer a whole academic year program, with weekly classes and homework.

The RSM program was developed based on classical traditions of systematic math education. Our goal is to help children build a solid foundation for future success in taking the SAT and college mathematics. We provide our students with a thorough understanding of every mathematical concept and help them develop excellent problem solving skills.
- Mathematics: K-12, all levels, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1-2, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry

- Test Preparation: ISEE, J. Hopkins CTY, SAT I, SAT II, AP, ACT

- Mathematics Competitions Preparation: MOEMS, Math Kangaroo, AMC 8-12

- Summer School: Grades K-12, High School Prep, SAT, Math Circles

- Classes for Home-schooled Students

- Chess
St. Benedict Elementary School, Chicago
Courses / Programs
St. Benedict Elementary School (SBES), a Catholic educational community serving grades Pre-K-8, inspires and cultivates a balance of faith, academic excellence, and individual talents in a diverse, personalized setting. We are located on Chicago's North-Side, near Western Ave, serving Roscoe Village, Irving Park, Avondale, Lakeview, DePaul and surrounding communities.

St. Benedict Elementary School enjoys Full State of Illinois Recognition for non-public schools, as well as certification from the Office of Catholic Schools. We are a member of the National Catholic Education.

For just over 100 years, St. Benedict has provided quality education, and continues to teach and encourage Catholic traditions. Given this history, St. Benedict has proven its on-going commitment to faith-based education and community building in Chicago's North Center. The St. Benedict graduate is well rounded, dedicated to the service of others and prepared for the future.

As a community, St. Benedict Elementary School is committed to service, both to our peers and to those less fortunate. In addition, we seek to enrich the educational experience of our students through extensive extracurricular offerings.
Catholic Education Programs for Pre-K through Grade 8:

- Elementary Program
- Authentic Portfolio Assessment Program
- Athletics Program

- Our amazing and dedicated teachers provide educational opportunities that employ the best methods.

- This includes our Authentic Portfolio Assessment Program and cutting-edge technology.

- In addition to our core classes, students receive Spanish, Art, Computers, Music and Religion.
Children's Garden Montessori, Oak Park
Courses / Programs
Children's Garden Montessori is located in Oak Park, west of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. It is a Montessori Pre-school & Kindergarten with daycare education programs for children ages 2 through to 6 years, of all races, religions and national origin. Children's Garden Montessori pre-school is a privately owned and operated school, chartered in Oak Park and licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services.

We serve Oak Park, Melrose Park, Galewood, Montclare, Elmwood Park and surrounding communities. Children must be at least 2 yrs old before entry and can stay until they complete the Kindergarten Year. We employ both Montessori & Early Childhood Education trained teachers.
- Preschool & Kindergarten program for children ages 2 through to 6 years.
- We follow the Montessori curriculum with interactive learning programs.
- We offer both an English and a Spanish Language Immersion program.
- Summer Camp programs are also available.
Lakefront Children's Academy
Courses / Programs
Lakefront Children's Academy is a full-service, private, educational academy for children ages two through to six years. We are conveniently located in the New East Side neighborhood in the center of Chicago, close to Millennium Park and the heart of Chicago's downtown loop. Lakefront Children's Academy offers an enhanced curriculum and solid educational programs.

Our academic programs feature computer readiness, foreign language, math & reading readiness, science, library, music, art, cultural appreciation & physical education classes. 95% of our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten graduates who apply for are accepted to private, gifted and classical schools.

Lakefront Children's Academy was recognized as one of the top 100 child care centers in the country by Child Care Business Publication. Lakefront Children's Academy is both City and State Licensed and our staff attend regular training seminars to keep current on the latest issues in Early Childhood Education.

Our low student to teacher ratio ensures each child receives individual attention and care. Within a safe environment, each child will be stimulated to explore, make choices and develop age appropriate skills.
- Academic programs for ages 2-6 years, geared toward stimulating the development of skills and communication, providing a growing awareness of sizes, shapes, and colors, cultivating manipulative skills and increasing physical development.

- Academics / Activities:
* Reading Readiness
* Math Readinesss
* Art
* Earthworks Science Program
* Practical Life
* Musikgarten Music Lessons
* Computer Readiness
* Language
* Piano
* Physical Education
* Field Trips
* Hot Meals
* Summer Camp program
St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School, Chicago
Courses / Programs
Located in Blue Island, a south suburb of Chicago in Cook County, IL, St. Benedict Elementary School is a private, co-educational, Catholic school, serving 178 students in grades PK-8. St. Benedict School fosters a learning climate within our school conducive to academic excellence and spiritual maturity. This helps to develop the children into thinking, problem-solving adults. As a parochial school in the Archdiocese of Chicago, we encourage our students to develop their individual gifts and talents, and we provide the tools to do so though our gifted education curriculum.

This includes a creative hands-on art program and access to a resource room with accelerated reading and math. After school programs such as athletics, band, art club and performing arts are offered to enhance the curriculum. Through the ongoing collaboration of the administrator, educators, parents, clergy and parish, we fulfill our commitment to academic excellence.

Our overall student population consists of 40 Caucasian, 46 Hispanic, 89 African American and 3 others. We cater for families from Blue Island, Calumet Park, Morgan Park, Merrionette Park, Robbins, Dixmoor, Riverdale and surrounding communities.
- Pre-kindergarten program
- Kindergarten program
- Elementary School program
- Middle School through to Grade 8 program

- Gifted Education Curriculum
- Talented and Gifted Program with art, accelerating reading and math
- After school program including athletics, band, art club and performing arts