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Nuffic Certificate (Neso Certificate)

As of 1 June 2010, the certificate formerly known as the Neso Certificate will be issued by Nuffic in the Hague instead of Neso China in Beijing. The Nuffic Certificate (which was known as a Neso Certificate until 1 June 2010) is a document that provides an assessment of your English language proficiency as well as of the educational degrees and diplomas. It ensures that all Chinese students are sufficiently qualified to pursue their studies and will benefit from their stay in the Netherlands. Why is Nuffic Certificate (Neso Certificate) needed? How will this influence your application to study in the Netherlands? And what are the exact steps you have to take? Please read this facts sheet carefully, it will answer all of your questions.

Chinese students in the Netherlands
In 2001, the Netherlands government initiated a pro-active policy to promote educational exchanges between China and the Netherlands. The number of Chinese students studied in the Netherlands has subsequently risen from a few hundred to more than 10000 by the year 2005! With over1000 international programmes and courses taught entirely in English, the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences and the Dutch institutions of higher education very much welcome Chinese students to take part in the Dutch higher education system. Chinese students who wish to enrol in an English-taught programme at a Dutch higher education institution are required to apply for a Nuffic Certificate (which was known as a Neso Certificate until 1 June 2010). Nuffic sends this certificate directly to the relevant Dutch higher education institution once it has been issued. That institution then forwards the certificate to the Dutch immigration authorities when applying for the student's entry visa.
Please note that the application for a Nuffic Certificate does not influence the regular admission procedures of Dutch higher education institutions.

Why is Nuffic Certificate (Neso Certificate) needed?
With the rapid increase in the number of Chinese students as well as in the number of study opportunities in the Netherlands, it is naturally of great importance that you are able to make a choice for an institution and a study programme that is most suitable for you and that meets your expectations and requirements. It is also of importance that you possess the right language skills and educational background in order to be able to follow that programme and conclude it with success. It is the objective of ensuring that you and all other Chinese students going to the Netherlands are sufficiently qualified to pursue your studies. This way you enhance your chances to have a successful and meaningful stay in the Netherlands.

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Nuffic (Neso) Certificate
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