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Short Stay Visa for Netherlands Requirements (visum kort verblijf, VKV) - 19 May 2010

Depending on your nationality, you might need an entry visa for the Netherlands. For stays of up to 90 days, this entry visa is called a short stay visa or Schengen visa. These terms may be used interchangeably.

With both a multiple and single entry short stay visa you are allowed to travel in and out of the Netherlands during the validity of your visa. During this period, you are also free to travel through the Schengen countries if the visa is valid for all Schengen countries, which will most likely be the case.

Sometimes the visa might just be valid for one or a few Schengen countries. In that case you can only travel freely through those countries. Bear in mind that once you leave the Schengen area with a single entry visa you are not allowed to travel back in, unless you return first to your home country to apply for a new short stay visa or if you change your single entry visa to a multiple entry visa. This can be done at the IND.

To obtain a visa, you must apply in person to the Netherlands embassy or consulate in your home country (or the country in which you legally reside). The procedure involves completing a standard Schengen application form and presenting all the relevant documents. Processing your application can take between a few days and up to two months if more information is required. Be sure to apply for a visa on time.

Remember: if you are in the Netherlands on a short stay visa, you can in principle never stay longer than three months or be issued a residence permit! If you want to stay longer, you need to follow the procedure for a provisional residence permit. Once in the Netherlands Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens need to register with the Aliens Police.

Documents required when applying for a short stay visa
The following documents are always required upon application:
- A passport, which must be valid for at least 90 days after the expiry date of the visa;
- Documents to prove that you are able to finance your stay: this could be a letter to confirm that your host institution will bear the costs of your stay, or evidence that you have enough money to support yourself;
- Documents to confirm your purpose of stay, for example an invitation or admission letter from your Dutch host institution.
If a work permit is needed (e.g. in case of an internship), the embassy or consulate will need to see a copy of this permit before issuing the visa. Your Dutch employer or host institution is responsible for this work permit and should be able to provide you with a copy.

For an exact list of all required documents, please consult the Dutch embassy in your home country or the country in which you legally reside.

Administration fees for short stay visa
When you apply for a short stay visa, you have to pay a handling fee (administration fee). Applying for a short stay visa costs € 60 *. Paying the fee does not automatically mean that your application for a visa will be granted! The fee must be paid even if your application is turned down.

* For nationals of Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania, Moldavia and Serbia the fee is € 35.


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