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English Grammar Articles – Definite Article & Indefinite Article

Articles: There are two types of articles in the English language: the definite article (the) and the indefinite article (a, an). Try the following practice exercises on definite and indefinite articles:

Exercise #1  – Pre-Intermediate level

Exercise #2 – Intermediate level

Exercise #3 – Upper Intermediate level

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English language schools & courses: Location
JE Educational College Singapore, Singapore
Rose Mount's Institute of English Language, Dehradun Dehradun, India
Sol Schools Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Eton Institute, Dubai Dubai, UAE
English Language Institute, Paris American Academy Paris, France
Kaplan International Colleges New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand
Private English Teacher, London London, England, UK & England
Kaplan International San Francisco San Francisco, California, USA
Kaplan International Colleges Canada Vancouver, BC, Canada
St Brelade's College, Jersey Saint Helier, Jersey, UK & England
A F International School of Languages, Thousand Oaks Ventura County, California, USA
Language Skills English Center, Boston Boston, Massachusetts, USA
English Language Company, Sydney Sydney, NSW, Australia
Kaplan International San Diego San Diego, California, USA
ABC Languages, New York New York City, New York, USA
Spring College International Singapore, Singapore
Omnicom School of Languages Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Language Works English Courses Singapore, Singapore
Kaplan International Colleges London - Leicester Square London, England, UK & England
Language Skills English Center, Boston Boston, Massachusetts, USA