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Arabic Courses in Doha for Beginners to Advanced Level

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Loghati Centre, Doha:
We are based in the heart of Doha, Qatar. Loghati Centre provides beginner to advanced level Arabic courses for non-native and native speakers. Our programs are open to students from around the world, and are taught by experienced and qualified professionals.

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           LOGHATI Centre presents a package of linguistic programs that aim at achieving its previously mentioned objectives and materializing them through application of all internationally recognized HR development tools, i.e. positive inspiration and psychological flourishing to make learning favorable to both adults and young in an equipped and fully furnished environment with very carefully selected audiovisual means. This is remarkably appears in implementation of the following programs:

1) seghaar aldhaad Program

Morning program of one school year divided into three semesters for pre-school kids (3-5 years) and aims to:
- Master reading Arabic alphabet and lImage of Arabic Courses in Doha for Beginners to Advanced Levelearn to write their names, and then reading words and simple sentences.
- Ensure development of religious and behavioral values.
- Present sessions in English Language.
- Present episodes of cinema, theater and various activities through using educational means such as playing and recreation.

2) noon Program
Evening program for children aged 3-5 years presented in three levels:
first, second and third by average of 60 hour per level. The program aims to:
- Focus on proficiency of Arabic alphabet; write their names and then reading words and simple sentences.
- Ensure development of religious and behavioral values.
- Present episodes of cinema, theater and various activities
through application of educational means. 
 3)  tamkeen Program:
Evening program for children aged 8 - 15 years old presented in three levels:
(First- Second- third) by average of 36 hour per level, and it aims to:
- Master reading, grammar, principles of dictation and calligraphy with interesting methods.
The above is made through using modern technology means and entertaining competitions.
* There are classes for female students under supervision of specialized female teachers with high expertise and competence.

4) Club of Story and Weekly Tales:

It is a weekly program that continues over the year, every Saturday morning for pupils aged 7-13 years. The program duration is 16 hours per course and it aims to:
- Increase vocabulary knowledge.
- Develop oral expression skills.
- Master the use of standard language in narration and speaking.
- Develop love of reading in interesting and favorable methods.

5) Grammar Lessons and Art of Right Parsing

It is a program for all academic stages over the school year by an average of 20 hour per course. The program aims to:
- Focus on handling weaknesses of pupils in all aspects of Arabic.
- Develop the language skills and handling weaknesses.
- Focus on the pupils needs after passing the level test.

6) Handwriting Improvement Courses:
This course is presented to pupils aged 10-14 years old by an average of 10 hour per course and its purpose is improving the pupils handwriting in riqaa and naskh styles.
7) Creative Writing:

This course is presented to pupils aged 10-14 years old by an average of 10 hour per course. It aims at providing the pupils with the skills of developed thinking and brainstorming of ideas according to the steps of writing through creative means.

8) Art of Oration and Poetry:

It aims at mastering the skills of oration and speaking confidently for pupils aged 10-14 years old by an average of 10 hour per course.

9) Functional Writing and Common Language Mistakes:

This is special course for university staff and students to master the art of functional writing of important official letters and working on addressing common linguistic errors among staff. The course duration is 20 hour.

10) zad al maarefa for Adults:

It is a reading and writing program for adults who missed the chance of learning during their years of life. The number of hours needed is defined after sitting the level test. It varies from one person to another.


This program targets foreign learners of Arabic from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. The program contains special section for Muslim leaners and special section for non-Muslim learners. In addition, the program targets Arab learners who lived abroad with their different age categories. Moreover, the program aims at teaching Arabic, Arab culture and civilization for personal and career interests.
-  Learning Arabic for General Purposes:

The purpose of the program is that learner communicates with Arab speakers in different life situations including situations of looking for accommodation or at restaurants …etc. Therefore, s/he learns the four skills of language (listening, speaking, reading and writing) including grammar, and functional language structures.
This program is presented in levels:
• Beginner level: first- second- third
• Intermediate level: first- second- third
• Advanced level: first- second- third

- Learning Arabic for Specific Purposes:

This program aims at teaching Arabic for definite professionals, i.e. workers, physicians, engineers, nurses, diplomats, etc., to master the skills of Arabic, e.g. listening, conversation, reading and writing, which would break language barriers between them and the working environment in a short period of time.

- Arabic of Mass Media

This program presents Arabic of printed mass media and internet to the student of Arabic who seeking reaching advanced level.

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Address: Mohammed Bin Majah St, Doha, Qatar
Some interested visitors submitting program inquiries to our school up to 2020-12-23 were from:

Kpk charsadda, Pakistan;   Doha, Qatar;   Male', Maldives;   Nairobi, Kenya;   Lagos state, Nigeria;   YALA, Thailand;   DOHA;   New Delhi, India;   Al mamoura, doha;   Lusail;   and more.
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Personalized Arabic courses:
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Group Arabic courses:
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- Arabic conversation classes
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- English Language Test Preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC)
- English for business professionals
- BridgeEnglish

Additional Programs:
- Arabic language classes
- Mathematics
- IT Tutoring
- Personal Development courses
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Located in the heart Doha, we provide beginner to advanced level English courses to students of all ages in Qatar.

UCMAS provides in-center training for individuals as well as administering leading international language tests, including the TOEFL and TOEIC exams.

In addition to our in-center courses, we also provide services on-site at companies across Qatar.
Quality English Language Training Courses:

- Beginner to advanced levels

- General English courses
- English Language Test Preparation (TOEFL ITP, TOEFL Primary , TOEFL Junior , TOEFL IPT, and TOEIC)
- English for Business Professionals
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